Top Five 1-Year Master’s Degree Programs Online In The USA

The Internet gives us a great deal of amazing stuff, Education is also not out of that. It will enhance higher education tremendously. Working people wishing to improve technical and communication capabilities don’t have to go to evening courses for years of their lives. The fastest online Masters degree will be achieved in less than a year. Few universities around the world offer 1-year master degree programs online. In this article, we are discussing that.

Need for 1-year master degree programs online

The professionals can’t give a long time to pursue a course. They want to complete the courses with a short time with an enriched and effective curriculum. The traditional master’s degree courses took two or three years to complete. A professional can’t give this much time to pursue them any courses but sometimes a professional need to pursue certain courses for climbing the corporate ladder.

Thus they can pursue online relevant courses. The universities follow certain structures and approaches to carry on the courses or course-related activities in an effective way. The full time, dedicated students can earn their degree in sports administration, accounting, education, business, information technologies, and other important fields of studies.

Such courses open the gates for better positions and salaries in the corporate sectors. Such courses improve the professional, communication, and knowledge-based skills of an employee. If the employee gets bored with the same positions for years, that individual needs to pursue such courses. These courses will not only improve the salary and designation in the office but also he/she can enjoy better employee skills. They can be updated with current trends of employee skills and corporate cultures.

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Methods: Selection of the best 1-year master degree programs online

Here we are selecting the rank in a different way than normal. Instead of looking reputation of college or universities, we give priority to the courses. Those courses which promote accelerated learning and feature curriculums that can be easily completed in twelve or fewer months have given preferences. After doing some research work, we have shortlisted the following courses

  1. Accounting
  2. Supply chain and logistic management
  3. Education
  4. Sport administration
  5. Information Technology

1.Master degree in online accounting

For a few courses earning a master’s degree are not mandatory to climb the corporate ladder or to get the desired job. In the case of the field of accounting, some courses are important for getting designated positions in the corporate industries. The courses give essential value after pursuing a master’s degree.

The courses are

  • CPA (Certified Public Accountant),
  • CIA (Certified Internal Auditor),
  • CFP (Certified Financial Planner),
  • CFE (Certified Financial Examiner),
  • CMA (Certified Management Accountant)

In this field, you will get better designations with a better education. Higher the degree you have, the higher the designation you will get.

To pursue such 1-year master’s degree programs online, you need to have eighty per cent of marks in the bachelor’s degree. The top-notch institutions are offering online programs of the online master’s degree program with affordable sessions and accredited curricula.

Auburn University

They offer 1-year master’s degree programs online in accounting. The applicants need to have the qualifying criteria to enrol the names for this course.

There are different courses available in accountancy such as

  • Assurance services and Advanced auditing,
  • Tax research (federal),
  • Business law (advanced).

After completion of the bachelor’s degree, the applicants need to sit for the entrance exam called Uniform CPA. Auburn University offers these courses which are accredited by advanced Collegiate Business School.

Stetson university

They offer full-time online courses in accounting. These courses take a year for completion. The applicants need to present the GRE or GMAT scores to take the entry. They need to pursue data analytics, business, accounting, and other elective subjects.

They offer curriculum on

  • Fraud examination and Forensic accounting,
  • Individual taxation (federal),
  • Accounting theory (advanced).

All the programs are accredited by Advanced Collegiate Business School. After completion of this one-year online course, the applicant can go for CPA examination (Florida).

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2. Master degree in supply chain and logistics management (online program)

Southern Mississippi University

According to the survey, it is found that nearly about fifteen thousand students are pursuing this course. The aspirant wants to have careers in supply chain and logistics management. These courses are focused on trade and transportation policy, strategic tasks and planning, and system analysis.

They offer courses such as

  • Supply chain analysis and Modelling,
  • Economic Development and Entrepreneurship (technology-based),
  • Logistic distribution.

Students may also take internships in or near the Gulf Coast.

Wright University

The university of US serves fifteen thousand undergraduates and graduates in the 1-year master’s degree programs online. They sharpen the skills of the candidates with decision making,  inventory management, and procurement management. They offer courses like

  • Supply chain control and operation,
  • Quality management and process of lean supply,
  • Transformation of supply chain and Performance measurement.

The courses completed with a project called the capstone project. The new sessions start in the fall.

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3. Master degree of Education (online)

Anderson University

This is affiliated by Baptist. They offer the courses to the applicant who want to complete the master’s degree in a year. The condition to enrol these courses is the candidates need to be the licensed teaching professionals. These courses are focused on practical activities for improving the skills in student learning and classroom instruction.

They offer courses such as

  • Education in public schools,
  • Needs and The nature of talented and gifted student
  • The constructivist teachers.

The enrolment sessions are summer, traditional fall, and spring.

Wilmington University

The university is located in Wilmington, DE. They have a student strength of almost twenty thousand. They offer courses such as

  • The shared version of Community and Schools,
  • Principal-ship,
  • Fiscal resources and Operation.

These programs are accredited by the Accreditation Council for Educator Preparation. After completing the degree program, students can conduct a doctoral program on education.

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4. Master degree in the administration of sports (online)

Carolina (Western) University

They conduct a master’s, bachelor, and a doctorate in sports administration. These courses focus on project management and sports business certification. These include thirty semesters and the sessions are hourly based. The internships of the offered courses are crafted for 200-hours.

A 30-month graduate programme includes subjects such as

  • Sports administration and Governance
  • Strategic events management
  • Sports business preparation
  • Risk and contracts and competition on the global market along with sports management internship.

The applicants need to present their GMAT and GRE scores for the enrolment.

Lasell college

They do not require the GRE and GMAT scores for the enrolment. They need the scores of GPA (3.0) or the experience for 3 years.

Their offered courses are

  • Sports-recreation-tourism,
  • Sports management (international),
  • The principles and law of athletics.

The students can take their elective subjects such as athletic administration, sports leadership, hospitality management, and sports tourism and recreation, and parks.

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5. Master’s degree in IT (online)

Texas University in Austin

They provide online IT education to a large number of students (almost 50000). This degree focuses on technology commercialization, business, innovation, and technology intersection. These courses are based on the questions of business and decision making in accordance. They offer courses like

  • The creation of new ventures,
  • Innovative and Creative management,
  • Transfer of technology within the Global Economy.

Students can participate in live classes or online on every alternate weekend.

Washington (Central) university

They are conducting these courses with a student strength of 12000. This is crafted to link IT and administration management. They took the sessions on financial analysis for administrative management and IT, statistical analysis and research of data, managerial global communications.

They also offer courses like

  • IT,
  • Cybersecurity Management,
  • An analytical Data Structure,
  • Administrative Management.

These courses are ideal for the manager of IT. This learning process is crafted based on performances.

How much will cost 1-Year Online Master Degree Programs?

The costs for a 1-year Online Master Degree Program will vary considerably on the basis of the school and the chosen degree course. For a reference, the price for non-state college students is high with a standard diploma, in comparison in-state students. Nevertheless, for any degree regardless of their country of residence and outside country, the cost of a yearly online Master Degree Program per credit hour is still the same.

Will it make a difference in earning after completing 1-Year Master Degree Programs Online?

Taking into account The US Bureau of Employment Statistics that, master degree holders earn about 18 per cent more than bachelor degree workers. It is very clear that more and more professionals want to seek their graduation in no time at all as a means to advance their careers. However, many professional workers can’t afford to give up pay to attend classes during the day. So, 1-year online master degree options are becoming popular day by day.

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Above-stated top five 1-year master’s degree programs online are beneficial for the applicants who can’t spend more time for pursuing such courses. Applicants get significant corporate benefits after completion of these courses. These courses are accredited from reputed universities.

They follow structured and systematic approaches to complete with greater efficiencies. There is a wide variety of online offering of course curriculum by a large number of online platforms. You need to check thoroughly before enrolment. These courses will provide you with the desired designation with a healthy salary.