3D Product Animation Service – It’s Time to Stand Out & Inspire Action!

Yes, we all know that video content is the KING, and most of the people or prospective buyers prefer watching the video before making a buying decision. And nothing could get better than a 3D product animation service. It is interesting to note that almost 78% of people watch videos once a week, and people watching it every day is 55%. The next figure is even more astonishing because the report suggests that 81% of online marketers prefer using videos in their marketing strategy.

Producing stunning animation of the finished product that looks great and works well is quite a challenging task, but the good thing is that it can be done. With the help of 3D product animation service, you can take the product or the advertising campaign of the product as well as services to another level.

Make sure to hire experienced professionals that offer 3D animation services in USA or from your preferred area across the world. You can find some of the best and leading 3D animators on Fiverr. This post talks about different aspects of the service and will also provide you information about experts offering similar services.

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Why is 3D Product Animation Service in so demand?

While live-action is absolutely great for the products that revolve around aesthetics, it sometimes falls short while portraying items that need an in-depth overview. 3D animation is one such area that can cover the ins and outs of any given product or service, irrespective of its complexity. The service also renders them not only to make them easy to understand but make them quite appealing also.

3D animated videos from a 3D animation services company pave the way to showcase to potential customers how the product works and how they can be benefitted from using it. 3D animation and rendering services also offer ample opportunity to break out the real world and streamline intricate ideas using different settings, graphics, characters, and a lot more.

Different Types of 3D Product Animation Videos

When it comes to 3D animation videos, there are innumerable options that we can see in our daily lives. Intestinally, these videos have become deciding factors that influence our decision to buy a particular product or service. Let’s check out some of the most popular variety of 3D animated videos.

          3D Animation for Storytelling

These videos are made using 3D product animation software to communicate the message to the target audience. The details of the product or services bring to the forefront. This is a precise way to distribute the message without any miscommunication.

          3D Animation for Product Demo Videos

These videos are mostly used by different companies to dictate their story and connect with the potential customer base. Companies offering 3D product animation online use abstract 3D objects as well as icons in place of cartoon characters.

          3D Animation for Explaining Production Services

These videos are intended to connect with the audience emotionally with the power of storytelling. It helps the person connect with the character in the video/screen and thus establish a relationship.

          3D Animation for Commercial Videos

These videos have an animated overlay and help businesses to innovate using the preferred media. With the help of great transitions and balanced compositions, 3D animators facilitate impactful storytelling.

          3D Animation for Medical Devices

As the name suggests, these videos explore the features of medical devices and show the efficacy they have when used in our bodies. It motivates the patient to understand how the device will work inside the body.

Apart from the ones discussed, there are many other video options that are used by businesses in order to drive the attention of potential clients.

Perks of 3D Product Animation Service

          Make Boring Products Appealing

There are certain products that do not have a wow feel and look. But 3D product animation service makes them captivating. The videos are made by keeping the technical parameters intact.

          Excellent Marketing Tool

It remains no doubt that realistic-looking 3D product animations are extremely effective to be used as marketing tools. They easily overlap any limitations of the product and make them look illustrious.

          Saves Time and Money

3D animation product service shows how the product works in detail does, shows features, and also informs how to maintain the same. This way, businesses can save additional investment for the manpower by lowering down the 3D product animation cost, which they need to focus on the said details every time they visit new customers.

          Educate Customers

The maker or the seller of the product knows it in and out, but buyers only buy things when they understand it completely. Here comes the importance of 3D product animation as it helps potential buyers to under   the overall functionalities of the product and its features.

         Reduces time for training

Businesses hold training sessions to train the employees on how to install and use the product. Adding 3D product animation to these training sessions makes it more easy for the employees to understand the product. This way, they can also explain the product’s features to the customers in a better way.

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Top 10 Fiverr 3D Product Animation Service Gigs

In this section, you will find the top 10 gigs available on Fiverr for 3D product animation services. You may choose any one of them from the list as per your requirements.

  1. Category – Realistic 3D Animation for Products

If you have a brand new product and want to promote it, this could be the ultimate option for you. This particular gig will spectacularly introduce your product and make it look stunning. The market is filled with innumerable products, but in order to make your product stand out, you need a high-quality 3D product animation service.

  • Pricing – $516 – $945
  • Specialty – Helped clients to improve customer experience, sales, and click rates.
  • Special features – scriptwriting, 3D modelling, exploded view, X-ray view, background music, storyboard, and many more.
  • Communication – Meticulous and accommodative
  • USP – CGI artists with 15 years of experience, supervisor, and director at an advertising agency.
  • Turnaround time – 10 Days – 30 Days
  • Additional Perks – High-quality presentation assured with great commitment to the work.

  2. Category – 3D Product Explainer Video

Do you want to present your product’s unique qualities attractively? If so, this particular gig promises to give you the design you need or more. Check out more than 100 reviews from trusted buyers who deal with us. You will get realistic 3D results, and everything will be top-notch.

  • Pricing – $ 735 – $ 1312
  • Specialty – Detailed and dedicated on your project to make it stand out from the others.
  • Special features – Full HD Explainer Video – 3D Modelling & Texturing – 3D Animation – 3D Rendering
  • Communication – Quick and clear
  • USP – Professional 3D artists with more than 8 years of experience
  • Turnaround time – 14 Days – 30 Days
  • Additional Perks – You will get 3- 6 revisions without any additional charges

  3. Category – 3D Modelling Including Texture, Rig, Animation and Render

If you are looking for detailed oriented 3D modelling that can address and meet with your specific requirements, you can certainly go for this.

  • Pricing – $ 105 – $ 368
  • Specialty – 3D renders in image formats: JPG, PNG, BMP, TIFF, or any as needed.

Texturing: (Polygon Unwrapping, Coordination and Texture Mapping).

Rigging: Joints, Bones, and IK Handles Creation and Controls Set Up.

Animation: 12 Principles of Animation applied.

Photorealistic and Cartoon Render

  4. Category – High-Quality 3D Medical Animation Video and Modelling

If you are in into the medical industry, to be precise, the medical device industry, you need to exceptional detailing in the videos to drive more attention of the buyers. And nothing can be better than this particular gig. This gig master is specialises in animating the entire surgery procedure, especially during orthopaedic surgeries. The animator is also quite familiar with the modern making and animating with human anatomy.

  • Pricing – $ 315 – $ 2623
  • Specialty – High-quality animation videos of any surgery type and storyboard with the details of the surgery room and equipment.
  • Special features – Customer satisfaction and precision is a must in every video.
  • Communication – Polite and quick turnaround
  • USP – Specialized in 3D max, v-ray, redshift, Sketchup, lumion, photoshop, after effect, adobe premiere and using these programs we can make high-quality 3D interior, 3D exterior, 3D architectural animation, and 3D medical animation
  • Turnaround time – 5 Days – 21 Days
  • Additional Perks – Videos of human anatomy like never before.

  5. Category – Professional 3D Product Animation

If you want to boost your sales, this gig is only for you. The best thing is that ordering this gig is quite easy, and all you need is to send blueprints, measurements, and blueprints of the product, and then you have it. You will have all assistance from this 3D animation video company.

  • Pricing – $ 368 – $861
  • Specialty – Lifetime support and professional quality
  • Special features – Creative concept focused on the product of each of my clients
  • Communication – Quick and transparent
  • USP – Specialised in 3D Motion graphics in product animation with more than 10 years of experience.
  • Turnaround time – 14 Days – 21 – Days
  • Additional Perks – 3- 6 revisions without any additional charges

  6. Category – Professional 3D Product Ad Video

Get stunning graphics for your commercial advertisement and make sure to drive attention from potential buyers. The gig master answers to all your queries and ensure that the results look fascinating. This gig is bought up from many repeated buyers.

  7. Category – Animation 3D of Furniture Bed Sofa Kitchen Video

This gig ensures to highlight the key aspects of all your products in a very simple as well as concise manner. This will make it stand out from your adversaries. You can rest assured of getting an additional competitive edge. The gig master is from Russia and has been a professional architectural visualizer, and is managing a 3D product animation company. The videos you get will be implemented with a full-fledged sales tool that helps you to increase the effectiveness of the client’s products.

  • Pricing – $ 147
  • Specialty – Stunning animation to capture your product in a concise manner
  • Special features – Engage your audience with super realistic effects and jaw-dropping videos.
  • Communication – Objective oriented and friendly
  • USP – Created over 1000 images for Architects, Developers, Furniture factories with 10 years of experience
  • Turnaround time – 5 Days
  • Additional Perks – Improve their visuals and dominate the marketplace

  8. Category – 3D Product Video Animation and Motion Graphics

With this gig, you get a range of 3D product video services, including texturing, 3D modelling, 3D animation, directing, storyboards and editing. The gig master has already delivered and worked on more than 500 projects and has successfully received 400 positive reviews.

  • Pricing – $ 263 – $ 3150
  • Specialty – Consultation on custom 3D videos services
  • Special features – Pre-production, VFX, video editing, 3D/2D animation, colour grading.
  • Communication – Impressive and quick
  • USP – Experienced in commercials, movies, music videos.
  • Turnaround time – 7 Days – 21 Days
  • Additional Perks – Adaptive price as per the need of the project.

  9. Category – HD architectural animation

This is one such gig through which you can add life to your architectural designs. You have great animation of your architectural models. These 3D videos are exceptionally important to drive the attention of the potential buyers as it enable them to foresee the kind of results they will have once the project gets completed.

  10. Category – Commercial 3D Product Pack shot

This gig master from India has worked for many popular brands and has helped them showcase their products in the industry. If you are looking for a 3D product pack shot/animation of your product, then this is the right place for you. Along with the product animation video, you will also get a stunning script as well as background music.

So, now that you have the list of some of the best 3D product animators make sure to choose the best one as per your need to have great results. Please feel free to share your insights with us below in the comment section.

3D Product Animation Service FAQs

    What is 3D animation?

3D product animation is a process through which product animators create three-dimensional moving images in order to explain the product in a better and unique manner. The use of professional product animation videos is very effective, and it also helps in simplifying complex ideas or different processes with the help of 3D characters as well as graphics.

     What is the difference between 2D and 3D animation?

2D animation is actually a flat animation that is created in two-dimensional space in which the animated object has got the height and the width. But on the contrary, 3D animation looks more realistic and lifelike as the animated objects shown have depth. 2d animation are mainly used in websites as well as in explanatory videos, while 3D animations are used extensively for different purposes and industries like gaming, architecture, biotechnology, and aerospace.

     What are some of the advantages of 3D animation?

As we have discussed earlier also, 3D product animation service comes with manifold benefits. Along with the perk of visualizing the most complex product, it also paves the way for verifying product design, recognizes the issues with it, and makes it quite easier to simulate how the final product will look alike. Other benefits that come along with are superior quality animations, visual appeal, and minimum production cost.

     What is included in 3D product animation services?

Based on the particular seller, 3D animators can comprise different services, including texturing, camera animation, music or voiceovers, fluid simulations, text overlay, modelling, storyboarding, specialized colour grading, and a lot more.

     What should I prepare in advance for my 3D product animation?

Before your animator begins, you’ll need to offer either a model or reference images for your project. It’s recommended to come with an idea in mind, what you’ll be using the animation for, and the timeline for your project. The seller will also offer you with precise necessities they have as well.

     How much do 3D product animation services cost?

The overall cost of a 3D product animation service depends on the requirements that you have and, most importantly, the running time of the videos. Do you already have the 3D model? Do you want to avail additional services like storyboard, scriptwriting, or voiceover recording? If yes, then make sure that for every extra equal, the price will also increase, and you need to pay the amount. Thus, it is important to enquire about the pricing from the seller before making the final call.

So, now that you are aware of and have handsome information about 3D product animation, it’s time to check out some of the popular gigs that are available on Fiverr. Before we begin, Fiverr is considered to be one of the most reliable and genuine platforms to find the best 3D product animation seller.

     Why do you choose Fiverr?

Here you can connect with different animators with some extraordinary skills from different parts of the world. All you need is to state your requirements and share with them the desired result you are looking for. You will certainly have a great experience. Make sure to choose the best 3D animator only from Fiverr, as here you will be assured of the best results at affordable rates. Now let’s find out the top 10 3D product animation sellers or gig masters on Fiverr.