Top 18 Accredited Online Theology Degree Programs Which You Can Pursue

The SARS-CoV2 pandemic has made all service-related fields shift their offerings on the World Wide Web. Online education  is happening in most parts of the world. All it requires is an internet connection and a PC or a mobile. If you are a student who would like to get an accredited online theology degree, it is easier now more than ever.

Many accredited online theology degree programs from undergraduate to postgraduate levels are available for students to pick. Students who enroll in theology degree would get an analytical understanding of the Bible and the saints and the gospels. 

They will use this knowledge to help aspiring theologists read the Bible and understand it. Once the student passes out from theology, they typically become a padre, religious studies professor, counselor, clergy members, social worker, educator, community leader, and so on! 

In addition, online students who require financial aid can apply to theology programs at accredited schools. Theology students typically seek to serve pastors for their hands-on training. 

Moreover, theology programs and all schools that provide these courses ideally offer volunteers in their communities to groom the students near the end of the program for real-life exposure. This type of experience is what can help certificate holders require to get proper jobs/professions. 

We have published on this site a list of the most popular accredited online theology degree offered by various schools. 

However, it is better to look up school ranking resource guides to suit your specific requirements. The purpose is to have editorially independent information published so that students can make an informed decision for themselves using common sense. 

So… if you want to know about those top schools offering theology degrees, dig in below!

What is Theology degree?

Theology degree is worthwhile studying, but many have the career options of a degree in theology to justify. Fortunately, theology educates several crucial lessons, which help to make theology students successful in several careers, religious as well as secular.

Theology study includes research into the subjects of metaphysics, religion, and philosophy. This gives the opportunity to build in a variety of professions for theology students.

Classes of theology teach critical thinking skills, composition, abstract reasoning and analytical reasoning. These classes teach adaptability and imagination that important for jobs.

The List Of Schools Where Students Are Most Interested In Learning Theology degree.

Barclay College:

Year of foundation – 1917 

Location – Haviland, Kansas 

About – Barclays College merges excellence and academics for their students’ spiritual growth. All evangelical faiths are welcome here. In addition, the core courses are mated to learners with tradition and technology.

Courses offered – Certification is provided in Biblical Studies, Christian Ministry Leadership, Business Management, Psychology, General Studies. Bachelor’s degrees are provided for the same programs through online courses. 

Appalachian Bible College:

Year of foundation – 1950

Location – Mount Hope, West Virginia 

About – The online school for Appalachian Bible College is ABC Connect. The word of God can be learned from high school itself, and that is why there is a provision for dual enrollment. Moreover, you can either choose a one-year online degree program on Bible study or go for a four-year course. 

Courses offered – There are 15 courses available. They include  Bible study methods, practical Christian service, Christology (the study of Christ), Women in ministries, Christian leadership, and so on!

Toccoa Falls College: 

Year of foundation – 1907 

Location – Northeast Georgia 

About – Most schools that compensate for a lack of online presence usually are located in prime scenic locations. TFC has both. In addition, a big campus near a railroad beside an impressive natural landmark that is hard to miss. Their course offerings are a mix of associate and bachelor’s degrees for online students. 

Courses offered – Toccoa Falls College offers nine bachelor’s degree courses online in these areas: Bible Studies, General Studies, Youth ministries, Psychology counselling, Ministry Leadership, Business Leadership, Sports Management, Business Administration, Non-profit Business administration. Associate programs are there for Cross-cultural studies, Bible studies, Criminal Justice, and Business Administration. 

University of Mary: 

Year of foundation – 1959

Location – Bismarck, North Dakota 

About – the University of Mary is the only private Catholic university in North Dakota. Furthermore, 95% of the students who graduate either have employment or pursue post-graduate degrees. 

Courses offered – Though none of the majors are Theology, there is a minor for Catholic Studies to all undergraduates. 

Besides, there are other graduate degrees in Business Administration and Business Management, psychology, criminal justice, Information technology, accounting, etc. The master’s programs included are Project Management, Business Administration, Public Administration, and so on!

North Greenville University: 

Year of foundation – 1892 

Location – Tigerville, South Carolina 

About – NGU is a ranking for its quality and excellence in online publications that do rankings for universities. It had several name changes in the past, and today, it is a four-year institute for Christian teaching. 

Courses offered – The undergraduate students have a small variety of majors, which includes Christian ministries. 

Above all, the school search finder will show Elementary Educational Studies, General Studies, Psychology, Criminal Justice, Business Administration, and so on!

Lee University:  

Location – Cleveland, Tennessee 

About – It started off as a small Bible institute with 12 students. Despite the changes and evolution, they still stay true to their religious roots. Furthermore, it has grown and seen changes with the times and technology! They offer distance learning for adults and non-traditional students. 

Courses offered – Bachelor’s degree programs are available online for Bible, Theology, Christian Studies, Ministry Leadership, Liberal Studies, and so on!

Similarly, certificate degree programs are available online for Intercultural Studies, Church History, Christian Education, Christian Leadership, Pastoral Studies, and so on! Master’s in Business Administration is another program along with theological Ministry Studies and Marriage and Family Studies. 

Calvary University: 

Year of foundation – 1961

Location – Kansas City 

About – Calvary University came to be vias the merger of Kansas City Bible College, Citadel Bible College, and Midwest Bible College. 

Moreover, they are one of the big providers of accredited online theology degree to more than 300 students who have found their calling in religion. If you are located in the Midwest and want a positive atmosphere for learning Theology, you should be able to use a search finder or match with your requirement. 

Courses offered – The courses are partially online or some completely online. They explain which ones are partial and which ones are complete with colour coded lists and schedules listed on their website. 

To know more, it would be better if you contact the Calvary university administration. The course offerings are a large array for undergraduate degrees in Advanced Biblical Studies, Children’s Ministry, Biblical Counselling, Pastoral Ministry, Music, Youth Ministry, and  so on.

Besides these, you can major in Theology and Bible, or you have the option to choose a professional major. The master’s programs are done through the seminary school for an  M.A. in Bible and Theology, Master of Divinity, or M.A. in Biblical Counselling. 

Clarks Summit University: 

Year of foundation – 1932

Location – Clarks Summit, Pennsylvania 

About – Under the foothills of the endless mountains of Pennsylvania exists this university that is both a traditional university as well as an online Christian University. 

Courses offered – Clarks Summit University offers both undergrad and graduate degrees online. The undergraduate degrees are in Christian missionaries, Counselling, counselling ministries, and so on.

Furthermore, for M.A. degrees online, you can choose from Literature, Bible, Psychological counselling, and Organisational leadership (featured or trusted partner with Pilgrimage Educational Resources), and so on. 

Besides these, you also find a Master of Science in Counselling, Master of Education, and Master of Arts in Literature. Overall a very strong focus on the Master’s program and anyone looking for that specifically online, this would be a suitable choice. 

Freed Hardeman University: 

Year of foundation – 1908

Location – Henderson, Tennessee 

About – The university was previously named National Teachers’ Normal and Business College. In 1919 the name was changed to Freed-Hardeman College to honour the original founders. All the courses they provide are broadcast and recorded for later viewings for distance-based learning students.

Courses offered – The university has reputable offerings for a master’s in the Old Testament, new testament.  Besides the usual, their M.A. courses are in Divinity, Counselling, Pastoral Studies, and so on.

Furthermore, this accredited online theology degree is done through the Memphis campus, from where the theology courses have their faculty situated. 

Maranatha Baptist University: 

Year of foundation – 1968

Location – Watertown, Wisconsin 

About – It began as a small university for Christian studies in Wisconsin by Rev. B. Myron Cedarholm and his Mrs. Thelma. Maranatha is an Aramaic phrase for ‘Lo, He cometh.’ The school has now grown from 150 students in 1969 to over 1000 and is continuously expanding with their online offerings. 

Courses offered – Maranatha Baptist University has offerings in bachelor’s and master’s for Bible and ministry studies. One year seminary programs are there for an online master’s degree in King James’s Bible. Those having an interest in business management can get a bachelor’s degree. In addition to this option, there are other associated and interdisciplinary studies for online classes as well.

Grace College and Theological Seminary:  

Year of foundation – 1937

Location –  Winona Lake, Indiana 

About – Founded by Alva McCain, today Grace college and theological seminary offers a standard for excellence in higher education. 

Courses offered – Several online programs in Business administration, management,  Humanities, and Bachelors of Science in three fields. Masters are there for ministry studies and Mental health counselling. With the pandemic still raging on, mental health counselors are highly sought after as there exists a huge skill gap and requirement is more than supply. MBA and MSc is also available. 

Lincoln Christian University: 

Year of foundation – 1944

Location – Lincoln, Illinois 

About – The Bible institute of Lincoln was renamed to the Lincoln Christian University. It was built to guide and educate Christian workers, teachers, and preachers for the service of Churches in Illinois. Now LCU Prepares students for excellence and performance in higher education and supporting them in their faith.

Courses offered – There are seven different programs to choose from—an associate of Arts in Bible, Bachelor of Arts, Christian Ministry, Psychology, and Business Administration. The online courses for master’s are Organizational Leadership, Intercultural Studies, and  Theology.  

Faith Baptist Bible College and Theological Seminary: 

Year of foundation – 1921

Location – Ankeny, Iowa 

About – The original name was Omaha Bible Institute. It had several other name changes before finally settling for Faith Baptist Bible College, adding the seminary in 1980. 

Courses offered – Online college courses can begin as early as the summer before a student’s junior year in high school. The online courses are Introduction to Bible, Old Testament, and New Testament. The courses can be taken as non-degree courses for those who wish to learn more about the Bible but are not full-time students at Faith Baptist Bible College and Theological Seminary. 

For students who want to learn more about the word of God, they can take the Hybrid master’s degree in Master of Arts in Religion,  M.A. in Biblical Studies, and M.A. in Theological Studies. There are guides or other editorially provided materials for Sunday school teachers, deacons, community group leaders.

Belhaven University: 

Year of foundation – 1883

Location – Jackson, Mississippi

About – Belhaven University has the distinction of having the science curriculum recognized by the STEM initiative by the White House. It is one of the two Christian colleges to be recognized. The university is also part of the 36 universities nationally accredited in each of the four major arts. 

Courses offered – The compensation does not influence it’s online offerings for religious studies. There are certificate programs for Biblical Studies. Associate degree programs available are Associate of Arts, Associate of Arts in Biblical Studies, and Associate of Arts in Business. Bachelor’s degree programs available online are Bachelor of Arts in Biblical Studies. Interdisciplinary Studies, Applied Psychology, Management, Nursing, Health Administration, Business Administration, and Accounting are also offered.  

Columbia International University: 

Year of foundation – 1923

Location – Columbia, South Carolina 

About – The motto of the school is ‘To Know Him and to Make Him Known.’ It is a private Christian university along the Broad River in South Carolina. Their aim is to prepare for professional careers in ministry and missionaries. 

Courses offered – There are several accredited online theology degree, master’s degree programs available online at Columbia International University. You can choose an M.A.  in Theological Studies, Bible Exposition, Muslim Studies; Intercultural Studies, and  so on. A Master of Education is also offered for concentration in Educational Administration and learning. The results are for schools with concentrations on Ministry Studies, Bible Exposition, Muslim Studies, Global Studies, and so on!

Grace Bible College: 

Year of foundation – 1953

Location – Grand Rapids, Michigan 

About – Grace Bible College was called the Milwaukee Bible Institute, founded in 1939. It was a facility for Sunday school teachers and laymen. 

By 1953 the school grew, and the name was changed to Milwaukee Bible College to match their syllabus. Furthermore, in 1961, the name was changed to Grace Bible College. 

Courses offered – Two bachelor’s degrees are provided by GBC; one is a Bachelor of Science in Leadership & Ministry and Bachelor of Business Administration. Life of Christ, Ministry studies, Knowing God, Biblical Theology of Leadership, and so on are the core classes for online students.

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Moody Bible Institute: 

Year of foundation – 1886

Location – Chicago, Illinois 

About – The Chicago Evangelization Society came  to be by D.L. Moody in Illinois. In 2000, it was the first to offer a B.S. in Biblical Studies entirely online to distance students. 

Courses offered – There are two formats of 8 weeks and 16 weeks. Firstly, there is an associate in bachelor’s degree available in Biblical Studies through Moody Bible Institute. Secondly, there are other programs for bachelor degrees in Theological Studies, Theology and Cultural Engagement; Ministry Leadership, and so on.

MBI has trusted partner programs that guide students on their self-paced courses. 

Lancaster Bible College: 

Year of foundation – 1933

Location – Lancaster, Pennsylvania 

About – It is a small, private school for Christian students. LBC assures a caring and technologically progressive learning environment for students to strive and cultivate their  talents. 

Courses offered – At the moment, they have online courses for undergraduate courses and adults who have a busy schedule. A certificate program is there for Bible courses. It is perfect for those who like to learn more about the Bible, but don’t have enough time. The associate’s and bachelor’s degrees are for Biblical studies. They also offer Bachelor’s in Business Administration. 

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Bob Jones University: 

Year of foundation – 1927

Location Greenville, South Carolina 

About – Being at the last on the list doesn’t mean it has a negative influence on our school rankings. There are a number of people who have graduated from Bob Jones University and have highly successful careers worked out for them. The most famous of them is Billy Graham, now 98. 

Courses offered – As early as their junior year in high school, students started earning credits from the online courses offered by Bob Jones University. Undergraduate subjects are Bible courses. 

However, the bachelor’s degree courses include – Biblical Studies, Systematic Theology, Old Testament Interpretation, New Testament Interpretation, Church Ministries, Professional Ministry, Homiletics Studies, Professional Education, Music Education, and so on!

To Sum Up-

So, there you have it – Best colleges/universities offering accredited online theology degree courses for aspiring students. This field of study is not without fascination. And to be successful in this field of study, you will need to work both hard and smart!

Above all, you will also need to enlist help from respective tutors offering prep classes on theology along with mock papers to get in the proper amount and quality of practice.

So, if you think that theology is your orbit, feel free to check out the names above. If you need more specific information, like course fees and syllabus, you can visit their official website and check it.