Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Basic Manners for Toddlers

There is a popular phrase’ charity begins at home’. The schools are the place where the children build and craft their future. In the case of making a better generous person, the two important places are home and school. The basic manners for toddlers could be divided into two broad categories.

One is good manners in school and another one is a good manner at home.

At the infant stage, the adapting and learning capacity is the maximum. They will behave the same what they noticed. That is why the members of the home and schools need to be cautious about that.

Basic manners for toddlers

Basic manners for toddlers

When we see a generous person with pleasant behaviour, the first thing we say that he/she might be from a very cultured family or highly qualified from good institutions. If the person is rude or crude, we just perceived the opposite thinking in our minds.

So, you can understand the importance of school and home in making a good person. The basic manners need to be taught at the early ages of the babies so that they can grow with those good habits naturally.

Sometimes this becomes difficult to teach good manners but whenever you notice that the tiny one does not behave well, don’t punish but make him/her understand what is wrong with that behaviour. This age is extremely delicate both for the parents and the infants.

This responsibility will be taken at home as well as in school.

8 good manners in school

It is a great responsibility for parents to their kids teaching good manners for school. But this is important before sending them to the schools.

#1. Teach your kids the proper meaning and application of ‘sharing and caring’. Say them to share whatever they are having to the surrounding and care for their friends and family. Friends and family are the two most precious things in the world.

#2. Teach your kids the when and where to say “please and sorry“. This is the key to build friendship and good manners.

#3. Teach them to respect and obey their teachers. Teach them to follow the lessons in the school.

#4. Say them that interruption is the worst habit. Teach them to say, ‘excuse me, please’, especially when others are saying something.

#5. Teach them to cover the nose and mouth with hand or napkin at the time of sneezing and cough-cold. Other students could be contaminated with such infections. This becomes the most important habit every toddler must know during COVID pandemic.

#6. Teach them the art of equality that everybody is the same. Please never encourage them to underestimate or disobey others and anything.

#7. It very common in school that few infants are different. Tell them they all are friends and that why do not ever laugh at them.
#8. Tell them to stick to the truth always. Never lie to the teachers and friends.

Teach them to say ‘thank you’ or ‘most welcome’. These are the core and basic etiquette.

This is the basic manners for toddlers in school. They will mix up with others with different backgrounds and cultures. They can adapt so many things from school and their friends.

Please observe that tell your kids which is good or which is bad and how. That will help them to be on the right track and keep them well mannered.

8 good manners at home

Home is the place where the baby gets a family, love, food, nourishment, care, and support. The first learning process of a kid starts here only. It is the most important responsibility of the parents and the other family members to teach the kid only the right things and good habits.

#1. Teach your kids the manners of greetings and wishes. The habit of saying good morning and good night or the best wishes on the special days to their family members is a very good manner. This helps to strengthen the bonding with family.

#2. Teach them that always knock before taking an entry. This will help to understand the kid meaning of privacy. Do not ever encourage them to enter without knocking.

#3. Don’t ever encourage the anger of your kids. Teach them anything can be solved with a pleasant gesture. Anger is the worst thing and that might ruin anything at any point in time.

#4. Teach them to ask before borrowing. Tell them without permission of the owner nothing can be touched or can be borrowed. This will help to respect others emotion and feeling.

#5. Educate children to always inquire, “May I,” before they take something from you or anyone else. Please remind them to be respectful by saying, “Please“.

#6. Teach them kindness. Make the kids that kindness is the main factor of survival.

#7. Teach them to accept the committed mistakes and say ‘sorry’ for that.

#8. Teach children to look beyond attractiveness. Always give the value to

Final Words

These basic manners for toddlers are extremely important. The parents, family members, and teachers need to take the responsibility to make the kids well-mannered and make their future success with good lessons.

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