11 Best Business Degrees with High Salaries for 2020-21

Getting a business degree promises lots of undeniable benefits. With impressive growth, high salaries, and ample opportunities in top sectors, earning a business degree is an excellent choice for your career. But stating the obvious, not every business degree is the same. Each comes with its specific requirements, study path, and skill-set, leading to different career options. If you want to make a name in the business sector, then here are 11 best business degrees with high salaries.

List of best business degrees:

1. Marketing Management

The marketing sector isn’t what it was a decade ago. Present-day companies are now looking to hire new-minded marketing managers with cutting edge knowledge about the industry.

Today, marketing is all about proper branding, using social media platforms to extend its reach and making the most of the top technologies.

Students with a business degree in marketing management need to understand their customers/clients better. And use all available modern technologies to ensure their business brand attains maximum visibility and recognition.

Respective graduates will find lucrative job opportunities in –

  • Public relation firms
  • Consumer package goods enterprises
  • And high-paying marketing positions in top advertisement companies

The average salary for students having a business major or a bachelor’s degree in marketing management is $88,521-$92,312. Plus, market researchers also forecast an impressive growth rate of 14.84% for 2020-21 in all its relevant jobs.

2. Accounting & Finance Study

Accounting is one profession that will always present ample job opportunities for respective students, and doing a degree in accounting is trending among the aspirants. There has been an estimated growth of 8-9% since 2012-2019. And as per top market researchers, the growth prediction for this sector is 10.90% for 2021-25.

Those looking for the best business degree(s) in accounting will find over 110 business schools offering quality programs for this field. And aspiring accounting candidates will need to –

  • Have a proper understanding of financial statements
  • Manage corporate finances and budgets
  •  Navigate finance laws
  • Properly file taxes

They must also have sound analytical skills, be comfortable in crunching numbers, and have profound decision-making abilities.

Ambitious professionals will get lots of jobs in small and large-scale accounting firms or high-paying positions in accounting departments in various multi-national corporations.

The estimated growth rate for this sector is 10.90% for 2020-21 (and beyond). And its average salary for its respective posts will be $76,890-$81, 568.

3. Management Information Systems

MIS stands as another branch of best business degrees for candidates seeking for high-salary jobs. Respective candidates have to assist organizations’ manage equipment investments, services, and even personnel.

Eligible students will need sound knowledge in business concepts, modern technology so that they can work on the company’s computer to resolve all organizational problems,

Popular and high-salary career choices for students with MIS business degree include –Database Administrator and System Analysts. 

Being a highly profitable profession, students will find as many as over 1097 schools offering MIS programs. The growth prediction is also impressive, with a healthy 11.80% growth for 2020-21 (and beyond)! The average salary is $100,055.

4. International Trade/Commerce/Business

This career option deals with commercial transactions that happen between international corporations and governments. Students showing interest in this career option need to have sound cultural habits and foreign language knowledge. Plus, they need to possess a cross-culture perspective when doing business.

Popular jobs include – managing imports and exports, consulting with foreign management, and as an advisor for international currency investment.

The estimated job growth for this sector is 10.80% for 2020-21 (and beyond). And its average salary is $110,718 – $114,389.

5. International Marketing

This career path is pretty similar to general marketing. The only difference is that eligible recruits will be performing marketing and managerial roles for the global market. To be successful, candidates will need to have sound knowledge in foreign languages and handling cultural intricacies.

There is also ample scope for candidates to travel and perform their managerial roles abroad. They can even stay there permanently as the company’s international marketing specialist.

This degree also includes among the best business degrees, which yield a high ROI. And its growth forecast is 19.67% for 2020-21 (and beyond).

The average Salary for the respective professions is $86,360.

6. Credit Management

Credit managers’ role is to make people honestly pay their bills and collect all respective payments on behalf of the financial institution or firm.

Students wanting to pursue a career in credit management will need a business/finance major or bachelor’s degree (in the same). However, they can even opt for other relevant career paths like – credit law, money management, selling practices, etc.

The estimated growth rate shows a healthy 11.93% for 2020-21/22. And its average salary is $65,090-$69,608.

7. Marketing Research

With so many strides taking place in technology, all-scale companies are overflowing with crucial data. And to understand these data, companies need candidates with sound knowledge to translate them into rewarding products, services, and policies.

This is what a market researcher does. They aptly study and examine the existing market condition and advise company heads before launching a new product or service. In this way, they play a major role in protecting companies from making costly blunders or wrong decisions.

Respective candidates will need to have sound communication and work with different software tools and marketing management skills.

One of the best business degrees with high salaries comes with an impressive growth rate of 19.15% for 2020-21/22. The average salary range is $76,715.

8. Operational Management & Supervision

The role of operations or business managers is to ensure the organization functions smoothly and effectively. Students having this degree will need to assess quality, systems efficiency, and product development.

Furthermore, candidates with operational management degrees can further take courses in

  •  Supply chain management
  •  Management analysts
  •  Project management
  •  Decision modeling and analysis
  •  Business ethics and internal business governance
  •  Inventory monitoring
  •  And scheduling control

The Bureau of Labor Statistics points out a 10.23% growth rate for 2020-21. Its median salary of it’s a wide range of professionals is $77,090- $81,511

9. General Finance

For candidates wanting to earn a degree in finance, this branch of business study involves studying financial data and economics. With that, students also learn about risk management, money management, and handle other key finance departments for multi-national corporations.

With this high-paying business degree, students can also consider careers as financial analysts, sales in financial institutions, and even personal financial advisors.

There are over 1100 schools offering programs in this field of study. And as per market research, there is an 11.41% growth forecast for the year 2020-21.

The average salary range is $86,770.

10. Organizational Leadership

This course of study is another new wave of the future. And most organizational heads look for candidates having the know-how in emotional intelligence and getting maximum productivity from their employees.

Earning an organizational leadership management degree guarantees prosperous careers as

  • Human Resource managers
  • Team leaders 
  • And as a staff in the department of organizational training and development of employees

Over 180 business schools offer quality organizational leadership programs, which all lead to high paying jobs. And with a growth forecast of 16.65% for (2020-21), this is surely a good option.

The average salary range is $75,495- $79,945.

11. Entrepreneurship Studies

Most business establishments (both small and large scale) value candidates have a business degree in entrepreneurship studies. The demand for eligible candidates with interest in entrepreneurial thinking is very high.

This also makes it one of those highest paying business degrees in 2020. It even comes with an impressive growth rate of 9.58% in 2020-21.

There are also over 490 quality business administration schools offering entrepreneurship programs. In these courses, students learn how to pen down business plans and come up with elevator pitches.

They also learn how to craft marketing ideas, fundraisers, and other crucial aspects to make a multi-national corporation career.

The average salary  range is $111,690

Last Words 

If you want a career that allows you to earn lots of money, it is business. The completion of a business degree may be a big investment. The trick to optimizing this investment is to know which parts of the business sector pay the highest wages. For students wanting to secure high salary jobs, these best business degrees will prove to be wonderful career options for them. So, depending on your field of interest and skill set, enroll for your degree from a notable school.

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