15 Best Business Schools in California – A Complete Guide

Enrolling into the best business schools in California or other any place brings lots of benefits. You earn an MBA degree which gives you a decisive edge over the other non-MBA candidates. And those benefits also extend from your profession to your personal life.

Some of Those Benefits Include As Follows –

  • Choosing to enrol into a top business school for your MBA increases your self-confidence. You can easily balance your work and personal life without hassle. Plus, it also gives you a sense of reward for your hard work, along with personal pride.
  • Earning an MBA degree from top business schools establishes your credibility in whichever firm you work.
  • You become more versatile and adept in handling your job responsibilities. It also makes you eligible to a wide range of posts which require leadership, analytical thinking, communication and ingenuity.
  • Completing your MBA degree from a respectable business school helps hone your skill to dig deep into complex analysis. It also allows you to be on top of all the latest developments, trends and technology for that respective industry.
  • Completing your MBA program from a top business school allows you to enter the world of entrepreneurialism. With a rewarding career and high salary; you can easily accomplish the life you always wanted.

So, it is clear that there are numerous benefits of earning an MBA degree from a top business school. And if you are a student searching for the best Graduate & Undergraduate Business Schools in California, then read below!

Best Accredited Business Schools in California According To the National Centre of Education Statistics (NCES)

When it comes to quality undergraduate business program(s), the NCES regulates over 118 public and non-profitable business schools across the state.

Plus around 44 of these colleges and universities come with AACSB (Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business) Accreditation. And though it could be challenging to point out each of them, here’s a list with some of those notable universities and colleges in California.

15 Best Business Schools in California To Enrol

1. University Of California Berkeley (UC Berkeley, CA, Niche Grade: A+)

Students will get the convenience of a beautiful and spacious campus along with many stellar academic courses to choose from.

  •  Its SAT Range is (1320- 1530)
  •  The net fee is close to $18,000
  •  The acceptance rate is 15%

2. Santa Clara University (Santa Clara, CA, Niche Grade: A+)

Santa Clara University offers a variety of in-depth business management courses to its respective students. They have an impressive faculty with many skilful teachers conducting each class.

  •  Its SAT Range is (1270- 1440)
  •  The net fee is $42,000
  •  The acceptance rate is 50%

3. University Of Southern California, Los Angeles (LA, CA, Niche Grade: A+)

On enrolling into the University of Southern California, students will feel the entire school as their second home. With its wide range of business management courses, students will find many interactive athletic and extra-curricular activities to participate.

Plus, they will receive high-quality and comprehensive learning from the best tutors in the region.

  •  Its SAT Range is (1350-1530)
  •  The net fee is over $36,000
  •  The acceptance rate is 13-15%

4. Pepperdine University (Malibu CA, Niche Grade: A+)

The Pepperdine University, ranking among the best business schools in California, is another name for students to trust. Their academic courses cover all critical aspects of business management.

They have knowledgeable tutors conducting each of these courses. Plus, their tutors even devote extra time to helping students with their course questions and difficulties.

  •  Its SAT Range is (1220-1420)
  •  The net fee is $41,000
  •  The acceptance rate is 36%

5. Loyola Marymount University (Los Angeles, CA, Niche Grade: A+)

The Loyola Marymount University strives to make each of their students’ success in their course study. Also rating as one of the best business schools in California, every student gets equal attention from their respective tutors.

Whether its extra notes, after-class tuitions and so on, their teachers will always be willing to help.

  •  Its SAT Range is (1210-1390)
  •  The net fee is $44,000
  •  The acceptance rate is 45-47%

6. California Polytechnic State University (San Luis Obispo CA, Niche Grade: A+)

This business school is very freshmen-orient. And their tutors work hard to deliver the best education to their students. The campus is vibrant and spacious. And all senior students are open to interacting and helping new students adjust to the new environment.

Academic-wise, this quality business school includes a vast number of engaging courses. And if any student needs extra attention, help or guidance, their teachers are open to lending a helping hand.

  •  Its SAT Range is (1240-1440)
  •  The net fee is $20,050
  •  The acceptance rate is 25-30%

7. Chapman University (Orange CA, Niche Grade: A+)

Another excellent option for aspiring MBA students is enrolling into Chapman University. There are over 2000 positive reviews from students. Their professors and faculty members are accommodating. And their on-campus activities are lovely and engaging.

  •  Its SAT Range is (1190-1370)
  •  The net fee is $41,470
  •  The acceptance rate is 50-54%

8. University Of California, San Diego (La Jolla CA, Niche Grade: A+)

Its campus students and faculty members are exceedingly helpful and welcoming to new students. The classroom environment is suitable for quality learning. And there is always healthy competition among class-mates.

This university also promises lots of quality on-campus activities, especially to students showing interests.

  •  Its SAT Range is (1260-1470)
  •  The net fee is $13,460
  •  The acceptance rate is 30%

9. University of California Irvine (Irvine CA, Niche Grade: A+)

UCI or the University of California Irvine promises students with high-quality learning and a wide variety of interactive curricular activities. They have teachers specialising in a variety of business management courses to make learning meaningful and enjoyable.

Plus, their tutors also don’t mind helping students who require extra assistance now and then.

  •  Its SAT Range is (1190-1420)
  •  The net fee is $15,014
  •  The acceptance rate is 28-30%

10. University Of California, Davis ( Davis CA, Niche Grade: A+)

This university always aims for in-depth learning for all students regardless of which year they are in. The teachers always make time to help students with their course difficulties. And the classroom environment promotes sound and active learning.

  •  Its SAT Range is (1160-1400)
  •  The net fee is $15,800
  •  The acceptance rate is 41%

11. University Of San Francisco (San Francisco CA, Niche Grade: A+)

All students receive detailed study materials and top-quality classroom learning from their knowledgeable course professors. Furthermore, their teachers also give extra attention to students finding it tough to adjust or coming to terms with their complex course lessons.

The university has over 2000 positive reviews collectively from both students and parents. And it most certainly is one of the best business schools in the California region.

  •  Its SAT Range is (1130-1330)
  •  The net fee is $34,500
  •  The acceptance rate is 65%

12. San Diego State Business University (San Diego CA, Niche Grade: A+)

Freshmen students will find a comfortable learning environment in the presence of helpful teachers and welcoming class-mates. Whatever business administration course a student chooses; they will get quality, interactive and enjoyable learning from its competent professors. Plus, there’s a host of other fun activities which students can actively participate.

All in all, this is another excellent environment to study and create a path for a lucrative career.

  •  Its SAT Range is (1110-1310)
  •  The net fee is $15,000
  •  The acceptance rate is 35%

13. National University (La Jolla CA, Niche Grade: B+)

The National University also comes with a highly knowledgeable group of tutors who try to make learning as enjoyable as possible. They encourage students to ask questions openly and even take part in classroom discussions concerning a specific course topic.

Plus, they even help students after classes with their questions to ensure they are transparent with everything they learn.

  •  Its SAT Range is (Considered but not required)
  •  The net fee is $23,235
  •  The acceptance rate is 80%

14. Point Loma Nazarene University (San Diego CA, Niche Grade: A+)

Students will love the competitive learning environment. Be it inside classrooms or during extra-curricular activities; there will always be a healthy competition between participants.

The faculty members and course tutors are always happy to provide additional assistance to students whenever necessary. And by delivering them all-inclusive course learning, they ensure every student excels in their academics.

  •  Its SAT Range is (1140-1300)
  •  The net fee is $31,950
  •  The acceptance rate is 69%

15. Westmont College (Santa Barbara CA, Niche Grade: A+)

Last in this list is the Westmont college of Business Management. Students enrolled will experience an enjoyable learning environment. The senior students will be very welcoming and helpful, and the course teachers will always deliver comprehensive learning in each session.

Students needing additional help and tutoring will also receive ample assistance from their professors.

  •  Its SAT Range is (1110-1370)
  •  The net fee is $31,950
  •  The acceptance rate is 62%


That completes our list of 15 of the best business schools in California for students to go for. To know more about the public university, visit their respective websites or use their contact details to speak directly with them.

Hopefully, this post was useful to you. And if you are looking for similar informative posts, keep visiting here!