10 Best Colleges For Biology In The US ~ An Overview

According to the US Department of Labor’s Occupational Outlook Handbook, there are lots of job prospects for biology students. The field of biomedical engineering will grow by 10-12% in the upcoming times faster than the other average occupations. With each of these job prospects having high median salaries, students should enter a biology degree program from the best colleges for biology in the US.

List of 10 the best colleges for biology

To help aspiring students procure whichever degrees in biology (or even an undergraduate degreethey want, here are 10 of the best colleges and universities across the US. 

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   The New York Institute of Technology

Let’s begin with the New York Institute of Technology, which hails as among the US’s best colleges for biology. Aptly living up to its reputation, this institute witnesses over 10,000 students enroll each year to be a part of its seven medical school(s) and colleges. Among them also features the institute’s illustrious Department of Life Sciences and College of Arts and Sciences. 

This notable college offers a BSC degree in Biology requiring 129 credit hours for its respective students to meet. Of all the credits, 34 of them entail for the following course studies. 

  • Cell biology
  • Evolutionary biology
  • Comparative animal physiology
  • Biochemistry
  • And microbiology

In addition to these, respective students will also need to take up four chemistry, two physics, and two mathematic courses. They will also require 16 credit hours of science electives.

If these weren’t excellent prospects themselves, this institution also offers concentrations in molecular biology. And students will need to take up classes for the following electives.

  • Virology
  • Molecular biology
  • Cancer biology
  • Bioinformatics and functional genomics
  • Pharmacology

Besides all this, the institute even presents a student’s scope to participate in fascinating research projects. They work side-by-side with faculty members of ongoing research. And this helps them gather knowledge and real-time experience. These respective students even get the opportunity to exhibit their creative/scholarly research work at the institute’s annual SOURCE – Symposium on University Research and Creative Expression!

With so much scope to showcase one’s skills, knowledge, and create a steady path to a desirable future, this college is most certainly one of the best to enroll in.

   University of Michigan- Flint

Second, our list of 10 best colleges for biology in the US is the University of Michigan – Flint division. This university is a small outpost campus of the main University campus of Michigan, which sees over 8,000 students enrolling each year. 

The Flint campus further divides into five different grad schools and colleges. And its Department of Biology situates in the College of Arts and Sciences. It offers respective students a host of biology-related degree curriculums, among which also includes a BSC in Biology. 

As per the norms, respective students will need 44 credit hours (at least) and five separate core course concentrations including –

  • Cell biology
  • Biology principles 
  • And the study of genetics 

Besides, students will also require two writing courses. They can choose from these following options –

  • Comparative animal physiology
  • Applied environmental microbiology
  • Plant-animal interactions

Its respective students need to procure a C (or above) to consider their chances for majors. 

That’s not all. University candidates can even pick other concentration courses from these options –

  • Pre-medical concentration
  • Pre- physical therapy 
  • Pre-dental concentration
  • Pre-veterinary concentration

 All these concentrations will include set courses to prepare candidates for further study. Students interested in this unique program will need 124 credit hours and 33 credit hours in their upper-stage course studies. 

   Valparaiso University

This esteemed organization consists of historical affiliation with the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America. And it consists of seven grad-schools and colleges, among which includes its Department of Biology and the College of Arts and Sciences.

Valparaiso University easily ranks as one of the best colleges in the US for biology students. Every year, it sees over 4500 candidates enrolling for their respective courses, which are an acceptable testimony of its regional reputation. Aspiring candidates will find flexible and in-depth courses for BSC in Biology. They will need to complete 40 credit hours. But fortunately, their program won’t include any second major or minor. 

That being said, students can also convert their BSC degree to BA in Biology. In doing so, they will only need to meet anything between 28-40 credit hours of their respective course studies. Students will also get a host of course choices. They include as follows –

  • Diversity of life
  • Genome evolution
  • Unity of life

Besides, students will also need to take up ancillary field studies such as mathematics, physics, and chemistry. Or instead, they can take course curriculums in computer science if they think it’s a better option for their careers.

Besides all these, the Valparaiso University also features a unique 33-credit program for students wanting to go for graduate study. It will need candidates to pick a second major. They can choose between environmental science, a science minor, a non-science major, or a minor in any one professional degree programs like teaching certification.

Lastly, the university also offers students the scope to merge their BA in Biology with another desirable study field.

   University Of San Francisco

Quickly hailing as among the best colleges for Biology students in the US, the University of San Francisco sees over 11,000 students enroll every year! And much to their delight, the university offers them over 230 vivid degree curriculums to opt for. 

Also, it’s the Department Of Bio and College Of Arts Of Science offers BSC degrees in biology. Students will need 40 credit hours for their main courses and 28 credits for their complementary courses. The complementary courses will feature the study of chemistry, mathematics, and physics. Plus, students will need to take general biology (both vol. I and II), studying cell physiology, evolution, and genetics!

They can easily opt from upper divisional course curriculums to craft their majors as per their interests and career requirements. The courses which will include in their upper divisional course curriculums are as follows –

  • Biology of Galapagos
  • Human physiology
  • Biology of marine mammals
  • Ornithology
  • Molecular ecology

With all these subjects, its respective students will also need to take up three laboratory courses. And their programs will also include two different concentrations – Molecular biology and Ecology.

What’s more, the University of San Francisco also presents enterprising students with a 4+1 course curriculum. It will include BSC in biology with pro-science master’s in biotechnology. Those having an interest can enroll for this course at their graduation level. 

But that’s not all. Even students of bio majors can enroll for this during their initial years. That being said, those students should have a 3.0 cumulative GPA in all their bio courses and overall to be eligible for this outstanding course curriculum.

   New Jersey Institute of Technology

Another degree school that ranks among the best in the US for biology courses is the New Jersey Institute of Technology. It locates in Newark across the Hudson River flowing from Manhattan. Each year, over 11,000 students enroll. And this college offers them 53 different undergraduate degrees to pick. 

Its federated department of biological science present in both the college of science and liberal arts offer(s) a Bachelor of Science degree and BA degree in Biology!

Students taking up the BSC degree will need to complete 35 credit hours in their respective bio courses. Their choice of options will include the following –

  • Ecology and Evolution
  • Computational biology
  • Functional biology
  • Molecular biology
  • With its laboratory seminars.

Respective students should go for at least one course to get ample understanding of their chosen fields. The classes which they have to take for their course curriculum includes as –

  • Plant ecology
  • Analytical and computational neuroscience 
  • Genetics 
  • Biology of seed plants

Also, students can take up curriculums in chemistry, computer science, mathematics, and physics.

Moving over to the BA degree in biology, most requirements are similar to BSC degree except that students won’t need to include that many additional courses. They will need 38 credit hours, and the concentration options they will get include as follows-

  • Ecology and evolution
  • Neurobiology
  • Cell and molecular biology

   University of Dallas

The University of Dallas, present in Irving TX, sees over 28,000 students enrolling each year. Labeling as among the ten best colleges for biology in the US, it offers both BSC and BA in biology to respective students. 

The University of Dallas also consists of four sub-graduation schools and colleges, including the Constantine College of Liberal Arts, housing the biology department. 

Students enrolling for the BA degree in Biology will require 30 credit hours to feature the respective courses.

  • Biology core
  • Human biology
  • Biotechnology
  • General biology
  • Darwin theory 
  • And, environmental science and labs

Each of its course curriculums will divide into three elaborate fields. And they will feature studies relating to the following –

  • Molecules to cells
  • Cells to organisms
  • And organisms to general populations

Moving to the BSC degree in biology, students having an interest will find similar requirements except for 12 extra credits in their primary subject, of course! Students will also live the flexibility which each course program will provide. They have the freedom to choose from the following course programs.

  • Environmental science is an interdisciplinary course degree that educates students about history, political science, business, and economics and prepares them for various environment protection/betterment careers.
  • Molecular biology – Then course provides real-time expertise on labs and crucial emerging phenomena in molecular biology. Internship options also exist. 
  • Biopsychology – It educates students on pre-health, psychology for careers in neuroscience. 

Respective students for each of these courses will need to sit for an all-inclusive examination during their senior year. Also, candidates will have to display a presentation of their own to qualify. 

   California State University- Easy Bay

The California state university in Easy Bay and its illustrious biological science department offers students BSC and BA in Biology. The BSC concentration is mainly for pupils waning to deep more profoundly into biology, getting into healthcare, and becoming biologists or teachers in educational centers. Plus, respective students get the option of picking between a quarter study system and a semester system.

Furthermore, students of BSC in biology get six concentrations in total to choose from. They include as follows –

  • Cellular and molecular biology
  • Ecology and evolutionary biology
  • Forensic science
  • Biomedical lab sciences
  • Microbiology
  • Physiology

Each of these concentrations will need students to meet 187 units. 

Those who take up a quarter study system for their BA degree in biology will also need to fulfill the concentration options. However, their choices will limit general biology and biology education- each with 120 concentrations to complete. Those who take up the semester study option will only get the bio education option to pick.

   University of Texas – Arlington 

The University of Texas – Arlington situates midway between Fort Worth and Dallas. It is a section of the University of Texas, the largest educational institute in North Texas. Over 41,000 students enroll every year. What’s more, a study shows that the UTA consists of 10 graduate school(s) and colleges, including the College of Science, having a large Department for Biology science. 

The University of Texas consists of numerous BSC and BA in Biology degrees. Their BSC in Biology is for students wanting to do research, impart education in secondary schools, or walk the career path of specific allied health fields.

Aspiring students can pick two different concentrations. They include forensic science and general biology. 

  • The forensic science concentration is for candidates having an interest in fields of DNA testing, PD laboratories, and even biological forensics. However, students will need 42 credit hours in their subject and additional coursework in Mathematics, Chemistry, and Physics.
  • On the other hand, general biology concentration is for students interested in cell physiology, microbiology, evolution, and general zoology. Students will need 42 credit hours in their chosen subject with additional coursework in Mathematics, Chemistry, and Physics.

Furthermore, the BA in Biology will need 36 credit hours in their subject with lesser chem, math, etc. That makes it an apt degree option for those who wish to merge their bio training with some other field (minor or second major). Students taking BA in Biology can also pursue certification in teaching. But for that to happen, they will need a 2.25 GPA (both in bio subjects and overall).

   Dartmouth College 

Dartmouth College is a private Ivy League research institution and ranks as the 9th oldest educational institutes in the US. Hailing as one of the best colleges for Biology (not just in the US but worldwide), this prestigious college also consists of a large department for Biological science. 

However, aspiring students wanting to graduate or significant in their biology field will have to meet these pre-requisites. They include the following –

  • Chem 5
  • Chem 6 
  • And with one quantitative course (at least)

Also, regardless of which concentration candidate pics, Chem 51-52 will include their necessary pre-requisite to meet. Most notable graduate schools need students to take up Chem 51-52 as mandatory. Henceforth, respective biology students here too will have to take up Chem 51-52 courses.

However, the good news here is respective students will find no shortage of course options. Some of their popular ones include as follows –

  • Cell biology
  • Study of Behaviour and Neurobiology
  • Palaeobiology
  • Plant Biology
  • Human Biology
  • And evolutionary biology

Every student wanting to earn their bachelor’s in Biology will also have to take and complete three courses of the five choices. Students will also have seven other courses (of their chosen field) in their course degree.

   University of Georgia 

Last but certainly not the least in our top 10 list of best colleges for Biology degree courses is the University of Georgia. Situated in Athens, GA, this notable institute consists of numerous bachelor degrees in biological science and medicine, including anesthesiology. Besides, this college also offers multiple biology masters for respective field students. 

Furthermore, the University of Georgia consists of a whole biology department incorporating different subdivisions offering vivid programs and biology majors. Some of them include as –

  • Biochemistry
  • Molecular Biology
  • Plant Biology
  • Micro-Biology
  • Cellular Biology
  • Genetics 
  • Marine Biology
  • Organismal Biology

The University of Georgia also features a section for Entomology and the study of Ecology. In total, each of these sections comes with a cohesive BSC and MSC degree in Biology. What’s more, students applying for Biology majors will need 36-hours of coursework along with a C-grade (at least) to be eligible. 

Some of the crucial classes which will require extra attention and dedication from aspiring students include as follows –

  • Biochemistry and molecular biology
  • Evolutionary Biology
  • Genetics Biology
  • Plant Ecology
  • Organismal Biology – that will encompass topics like natural insect history, principles of primate phylogeny, vertebrate natural history, and plant-microbe interaction

Moreover, respective students can take excellent credit hours for the study of biology electives. And with the high number of biological science course degree programs available, they will find no shortages of options to pick from. Aspiring candidates can even opt between two separate fields. They are marine biology and neuroscience. Plus, students also receive 26 credit hours of other subject electives to mirror additionally. 

The University of Georgia also consists of numerous organizations for candidates having an interest in science- issues like –

  • Biology and life science associations
  • Ecology club
  • Neuroscience organization (for undergraduate students)
  • Association for women candidates showing interest in general biology and other science programs 

These attractive prospects make this university a top pick for aspiring students who want to make a career in biology.


There is no doubt that biology stands as one of the popular fields for students wanting to enroll in notable medical schools/colleges. Most bio majors can pursue further education like do a Master’s degree and even a Ph.D. 

Aspiring candidates with a biology degree will find countless exciting job prospects from the career point of view. And with the payoffs, profession respect, and opportunity for growth, students will undoubtedly find it worth their time, dedication, and effort.

Students must enroll only in the best colleges for biology and around the US with so much to gain. Hopefully, the ones published on this site will help you decide which one is appropriate for your learning, budget, and locations

Each of these colleges has an impressive record in churning our skill-full candidates in their chosen field of study for many years. And they continue to do so in their distinctive way.

So, regardless of whether you decide to go with, the education level and the hands-on experience that you will receive will all be beneficial for your future career.