Statistics point out that roughly 200,000 students sit for the GMAT or Graduate Management Admission Test every year to secure admission into a notable graduate business program. So, GMAT is a highly competitive exam. To prepare for this tough competitive entrance exam, one have to take the help of best GMAT prep books.

The Graduate Management Admission Council conducts this mandatory admission test in the form of a computer adaptive test.

To Crack the GMAT Exam, Test Takers Will Have To Possess Sound Know-How On –

  • Quantitative Reasoning
  • Verbal Reasoning
  • Integrated Reasoning
  • And Analytical Reasoning

And their chances of enrolling into their favorable Business College are dependent on whatever GMAT scores they get.

For aspiring test-takers, the key to their GMAT success is sheer hard work, formulating a convenient yet effective study plan, and honing their test skills with the best GMAT prep books around.

You will learn about those top GMAT books to use.

Importance of the GMAT Prep 

But Before That, Let’s Dig Deeper into Why GMAT is Important?

  • The Top Business Schools Highly Value GMAT

That’s right. Like GRE, the GMAT is also a mandatory admission test that all students wanting to enroll in a top business program have to take. Their real GMAT scores are what most graduate business schools pay close attention to.

By carefully reviewing their score in each section of the GMAT, the school council determines whether the candidate possess the skills for their graduate management program.

The higher your score, the more chances of you making through the cut! It’s that simple!

  • The GMAT Assesses Your Aptness and Readiness for the Business Management Program

The GMAT test question(s) test the students in verbal sections, reading comprehension, sentence correction, quantitative reasoning, and integrated reasoning. According to the business school council as well as the GMAT club, each of these skills are crucial for students to have when applying for an MBA or other higher course programs in respective business schools.

  • Securing a Good GMAT Score Will Make Your Application Stand Apart From the Rest

Suppose you successfully secure an impressive GMAT score using relevant study material(s), GMAT strategy guides and prep books with real test mock papers during your GMAT preparation. In that case, your application will stand apart from the other applicants.

Now That You Have A Clear Idea Of Why GMAT Is So Important For Getting Into A Graduate Business Management College; Let’s Move Over To The Main Topic Of Discussion.

Here’s listing out 8 Best GMAT Prep Book(s) for You to Work With

          1. Manhattan Prep

The first name in contention is the Manhattan prep, consisting of 3 hard copy books and a couple of eBooks. You will find the study materials to be up-to-date simply as this came out in 2019.

Many previous test-takers regard this as among the best GMAT prep book(s) around to secure over 700 in the real test.

What Includes In It?

  • You will find 6 online mock tests and over 100 practice questions as per the GMAT syllabus to work with
  • You will also find an abundance of test tips and strategies from the best GMAT tutors across the country
  • Each practice problem and lessons present will help you score in the 99th percentile
  • All problems will come with accurate and easy to follow instructions
  • In addition, this book will also provide access to additional online tools such as a host of interactive video tutorials and Manhattan prep GMAT navigator

         2. The Mometrix GMAT prep book

The Mometrix GMAT prep guide features over 100 practice test questions and 1-full length practice test. What’s more, it will incorporate study resources covering all sections of the GMAT

  • You will also get a host of online learning tools, video tutorials, and other video links to follow in understanding a complicated topic.
  • This book delivers you in-depth explanations to all key questions and answer hints, which you can see after the test to check whether you got it right or wrong in your first attempt.

This is indeed a wonderful resource to freshen up on your GMAT general concepts and prepare to the best of your ability to get the score you desperately want.

         3. The Complete GMAT prep book set by Kaplan

This complete GMAT prep book by Kaplan also rates as among the best GMAT prep book(s) available to test takers.

It Includes the Following –

  • You get 6 full-length practice papers and over 2000 GMAT preparation questions from all sections of the exam
  • The book also gives you access to an online question bank, which encompasses over 500 more questions to work with. This q-bank proves to be the best medium for you to customize and sort out solutions to intricate topics or questions
  • Each practice question will also come with comprehensive explanations to its accurate answers
  • Online resources will also include in the form of interactive lesson tutorials from Kaplan tutors. In fact, for some of these web study resources, you will get 1-year access

          4. The Official GMAT Prep Book Bundle Was Created By the Graduate Management Admission Council (GMAC)

As you well know that the GMAC is the official conductor of the GMAT. However, then the council also aids its appearing students by providing them this info-rich study guide to accomplish their best possible preparation.

What Includes In It?

  • This prep book comes with an online question bank and 3 books
  • You get over 1890 practice questions from previous years’ GMAT along with explanations of answers
  • Although this may not include any full-length practice tests to work with, it more than compensates for it by providing online flashcards and other interactive resources to give them the real taste of the GMAT exam format.
  • So, safe to say, this also hails as among the best GMAT prep book(s) available. And to succeed, this prep book is a must-have!

          5. The Princeton Review GMAT Premium Prep Book

From the prestigious house of Princeton comes this comprehensive GMAT premium prep book. Also rating as the best GMAT prep book(s) in the market, it covers study materials, bullet-chapter summaries, practice questions, and resources on all 4 sections.

Besides these, this prep book also consists of test drills, strategies, and expert tips from notable GMAT tutors to help you prepare smartly for your big day. Furthermore, since this edition of Princeton GMAT review came to be in 2020, you will find all its information to be up-to-date and 100% relevant to the existing GMAT version.

What Else?

  • You will get 6-full length practice exams in CAT – Computer Adaptive Test format
  • You can easily view your score reports online and even get detailed explanations of your unclear questions whenever taking the online mock tests.
  • Moreover, you will also get access to numerous online features like online video tutorials, examples of quality essays, and multi-week study guides to follow as your set study plan.

          6. The GMAT Official Guide Official Prep (2021 Edition)

If you’re looking for the current best GMAT prep books, then don’t look any further than the GMAT official prep 2021 edition. In fact, many GMAT course tutors suggest going for this awesome guide.

In features –

  • Real-like GMAT questions from the previous exams to help improve your GMAT intuition and understanding
  • It covers all crucial GMAT sections and gives you lots of practice questions on critical reasoning, reading comprehension, GMAT verbal, and so on to sharpen your skills and solving abilities
  • In addition to these, this GMAT prep guide also includes online flashcards, over 150 more questions online, and a series of questions from the easiest to the hardest

In short, this guide takes you through all questions and in-depth explanations to their solutions.

         7. Total GMAT Math (Jeff Sackmann)

If your GMAT math foundations are shaky, then this awesome study guide from Sackmann will be your best medium to improve with.

Packed with an abundance of resources to improve your mathematical knowledge, you will find –

  • Extensive coverage of all key topics along with apt refreshers on fundamental math concepts to kick off your GMAT prep
  • Over 300 practice questions and several bonus online resources to work with
  • Insightful exam instructions and advices from the top tutors around

         8. GMAT Advanced Quant (Manhattan Prep)

Do you struggle in your GMAT advanced quant? Fret not. This Manhattan GMAT prep is the perfect medium to boost your overall quant score.

It Features –

  • Over 250 tough questions and effective strategies to score big in the quantitative section
  • The difficulty level of these questions will be higher than the actual GMAT
  • Plus, working with its practice papers will help sharpen your ability to solve problems quickly and more confidently within the set time.

Many believe it to be the best GMAT prep books for improving advanced quant. And so, this is most certainly one that you should think of purchasing.
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While preparing for your upcoming GMAT, you should know one important thing. Using the best GMAT prep books only guarantees you 40-50% success. The other half depends on your devotion to complete the syllabus, improving your areas of weakness, and practicing as much as you want.

While it is a good call to secure the top GMAT prep texts, you must also consider taking course assistance from the top online tutors. Keeping this in mind, you should think of taking up online GMAT course preps from notable online education platforms around- while there is still some time left!

When dealing with a tough exam like the GMAT, self-prep is important. But along with it, the guidance and recommendations of these experienced tutors also come in handy.

So without any more time, procure the best GMAT prep book(s) available and look to take up online GMAT classes from a notable tutor.

It will prove to be your key to success!

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