JOB FEED: 10 High Paying Best Jobs for College Students

When you enter into college education, you  are one step away from earning. Sometimes due to various reasons, earning money become essentials for students. In this post, I am discussing about “what are the best jobs for college students?”

As time rolls along and you find yourself attending a college in chase of your dreams, the unthinkable happens.

– Relaxing on the coach on off-days tuning to Netflix, and munching down your favorite instant ramen doesn’t intrigue you      anymore.

– And taking those walks to the park with your mutt, sibling, or girlfriend doesn’t quite fulfill your heart.

So, What Could Be The Problem?

It’s nothing, other than the fact that you’ve grown up now. And that maybe it’s time that you got an actual job. Even statistics point out the obvious.

As per a report from Georgetown University Centre on Education –
“Approximately 75% of college students work (either full time or part-time) as they study. And surprisingly, many even like working and earning money to pay off their college expenses as they move slowly towards their desirable career.”

what are the best part time jobs for college students?

Ideally, the best jobs for college students are those which allow you to advance in your studies. It presents you with a flexible working shift that will enable you to accommodate your classes and secondly allow you some own time.

In simple terms- a full-time job or part-time job that allows you to tackle two birds with one stone is the one you as an on-going college student should aim for.

And to help you find such flexible and good-paying jobs, here are 10 worthy options to check out.

10 Best Jobs for College Students to Manage Their College (& Own) Expenses


Also known as campus representatives, a student brand ambassador acts as a rep of a business brand within an area. The job is to endorse the product or brand through events, merchandising, and incentivized programs.

As the ambassador, students will also have to share feedback on their products, and aptly represent it as the company’s face. Their target audiences are both college-goers as well as other potential customers, be it demographic or beyond.

– As per the US Department of Education – 75%-85% of students actively work as brand ambassadors while going to college at the same time.

According to Indeed, they quickly make $11.50 per hour, which is pretty similar to university or retail jobs on offer.

          ii. BANK TELLERS

Bank teller jobs for college students require them to provide customer service like answering phones, greeting customers, and managing ATMs. Besides, they also have to assist customers with their financial transactions, count cash, deposit files and slips, and balance numbers.

Plus, according to the National Average Salary Reading- Bank tellers earn around $12.29/hour regularly. That is pretty good.

          iii. DOG WALKER

Going for a dog walking job is also an excellent means to work in peace, earn good money, and meet their study responsibilities for on-going college-goers. Being a dog walker requires no cover letter or any such qualifications. However, if one possesses knowledge about animal care and first-aid, they would likely be given first preference.

Besides, the National Average Salary Reading indicates – A Dog walker on an average earns something in-between $25 –$60/hour depending on their location, type or number of dogs, and other relating factors.


The role of administrative assistants is to support events and transportation field operation units aptly. Besides, they actively respond to high-volume calls regarding information on parking protocols and policies.

Moreover, college-goers working as administrative assistants often have to work in a busy, competitive, and fast-paced working environment.

Moreover, according to the National Average Salary Reading – A student working as an administrative assistant earns $ 17.56/hour.

          v. COLLEGE SHOP

Another role that qualifies among the best jobs for college students is working in a coffee shop- like Barista. The primary responsibilities include –

  •  Greeting customers
  •  Taking orders
  •  Preparing orders timely
  •  Cleaning workspace and seating areas
  •  Managing cash registers
  •  Sanitizing utensils and all equipment properly

Furthermore, according to the National Salary Reading – A coffee shop worker earns around $11.88/hour daily.

          vi. TEACHER

Being a tutor is one of the best jobs for college students. And according to the National Salary Reading – They easily make around $24.11/hour.

Their role is simple. They help students with their academic syllabus either at some school, library, or only by visiting their home. They prepare study tasks, conduct lessons, help students with their homework, and even prepare for their upcoming tests.

With the advent of online education becoming popular with every passing phase, college-goers also can go for night and weekend online teaching jobs with flexible schedules for their extra money. They can easily teach students through video calls at a mutually agreeable time.


Another standard job search from college students is a front desk receptionist at a local fitness center or some private school’s gym.

  • Their job role is straightforward.
  • They have to keep an eye on the welcoming area
  • Properly handle correspondences
  •  And make sure that the guests receive all the appropriate training equipment

Plus, according to the National Average Salary Reading – a front desk receptionist earns a minimum wage of $18.60/hour.

          viii. NANNY

Another easy, flexible, and good-pay temp job for current college-goers is the role of a nanny. The primary responsibilities include –

  •  Providing childcare at a client’s house
  •  Feeding, bathing, and putting little kids for their nap
  •  Organizing their activities, overseeing their playtime
  •  Driving kids to their school/extra-curricular activities, even picking them up on time

And so on.

Furthermore, according to the National Average Salary Reading – A nanny earns around $16.72 – $19.27 depending on the number of kids to manage and the number of responsibilities to meet.


As a college student, you can also apply for the temporary role of a research assistant. The essential duties will include as –

  •  Collecting data and preparing all materials for co-senior researchers
  •  Submitting research to granting foundations and organizations
  •  Handling project correspondences
  •  Meeting many other administrative tasks for project heads

And so on.

         x. UBER AND LYFT

Lastly, if you have proper control over the wheels, then the role of an UBER and LYFT driver also ranks among the best jobs for college students. Both of them recruit college students and provide them with appreciative money-making opportunities.

Furthermore, according to the National Average Salary Reading – An Uber/Lyft driver takes home around $60-$70 every day.

So, this is most certainly another good temporary employment option for on-going college students to go for.

[HOLD ON…That’s Not All]

Other possible job options for college students

Besides these 10 best jobs for college students, you can even try out other exciting temp roles with surprisingly high pay/hour. Have a look.

– Becoming A College/University/Institution Campus Tour Guide

– Working As A Freelance Blogger For Several Businesses

– Becoming A Temp Foreign Language Translator On Popular Online Platforms- One Such Being Gengo

– Working As A Restaurant Server

– Applying For The Role Of A Retail Sales Associate

– Working As A Telemarketer And Taking Inbound And Out Bound Customer Calls

– Becoming A Packet Handler

– Applying For The Role Of A Swimming Instructor

– Becoming A Social Media Assistant

– And, Working As A Campus Library Clerk


So, as you can see. The prospects of finding a job and still finding time to meet your study responsibilities are endless. All you need to do is make up your mind about which position you want to do.

And to be fair, most top college fees are high for Bachelor’s degree and even more for Masters and beyond. So, it’s about time to man-up, roll up your sleeves, and take the monetary burden off your parents’ once-and-for-all.

By now, you know that these jobs offer you conveniently flexible working shifts with decent pay per day.

So without procrastinating and for the love of your parents, pick one and start earning. It Is Now or Never…