List Of 10 Best Kindergarten School Near Me In Kolkata

List Of 10 Best Kindergarten School Near Me In Kolkata

Are you looking for the best kindergarten school in Kolkata for your kids? Do you want to get the best schooling for your little ones from the very beginning?Here we are providing a list of 10 best Kindergarten School near you in Kolkata.

Well, the base must be strong to achieve the goals in life. This is the reason every parent should be careful about selecting the right kindergarten school for their kids from the very beginning.

The kindergarten school you choose for your kids should follow a good curriculum as per the contemporary education trend in India.They ready to offer complete support to prepare your toddler for their next level of education in the primary and then in the high school.

While looking for the best play school near me, you can try these names in Kolkata.

  1. Euro Toddlers

This school is a reputed organisation where your toddlers will receive their first lessons in a friendly ambience. They follow innovative and creative curriculum s to foster a kid’s mental and physical growth in a positive manner. The school is located in Salt Lake, Kolkata.

  1. Prarambha

Your kids will get a chance to spend some active hours in this school while learning so many new things through various indoor and outdoor activities. The school is located at B.T.Road and it offers regular and free health check-ups of the students as well.

  1. Little Scholars

This school provides special training to the students for maths and language to prepare them for their next standards. They try to increase the creativity among the children through various indoor and outdoor programs. This school is located near Sarat Bose Road and Southern Avenue.

  1. Young Learners

The school offers a neat and clean learning ambience to the kids while giving them the lessons of maintaining hygiene. They design their curriculum in such a manner that can offer full support in the complete physical, mental and emotional development of kids of age 2 to 5 years.

  1. Stepping Stones

Being one of the pioneers of pre-school concept in Kolkata, Stepping Stones has the full membership of American Montessori Society or AMC. Thus, the school follows the international curriculums of Montessori and play-school system. It is located in Salt Lake.

  1. Kangaroo Kids

This school is located near Alipore in Kolkata and one of the biggest pre-school networks in Kolkata. They have many other branches all over this state. They follow simple action-based learning which helps the students to be active and smart.

  1. Kidzee

This is another very popular pre-school franchise in India which has many branches in Kolkata. Kidzee Kolkata is a well-known name among the parents who are looking for an effective learning and pre-schooling system for their kids.

  1. Little Millennium

Facilities such as digital classrooms, outdoor play area, shower rooms, music rooms help your toddler to learn new things in an innovative manner. This school is located in Naktala, Kolkata and their teaching procedure is based on TAN or Teaching Aid Nomenclature.

  1. Toddler zee Tulip

With the innovative and creative approach to learning, this school becomes one of the favourites of the parents who are looking for a reliable beginning for their kids. They allow the kids to take part in different types of engaging activities to develop their mind and body simultaneously.

  1. Red Apple Montessori House

With well-trained teachers, dedicated art and music rooms and great ambience for kids, this preschool becomes one of the talks of the town. This preschool is located at Lenin Sarani, Kolkata and offers proper transport facility to the students as well.

Now, when you have an idea of the most popular and trusted preschools in Kolkata, hopefully, you will find the best for your little one.