If you would like  to become doctor, then the MCAT exam is a mandatory medical college admission test which most students have to undergo. But this is not an easy exam to clear, and those who pursue it have to dedicate lots of effort, practice, and hard work to achieve a good score.
Fortunately, to help them in their quest, there are plenty of best-in-coverage MCAT prep books available to make use of.

A good schedule and a determination to pursue makes the difference between an average to high performance. In the beginning, start practising sample practice tests for the MCAT. This will lay the foundation and also identify the strength and weakness that must be addressed as well. Don’t take these practise test lightly, as these tests will access the test condition closely considering the incredibly long duration of 7.5hrs of the MCAT exam.

In this post, we will list out 10 best MCAT prep books that offer proper test preparation and study materials for its students.

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List of 10 Best MCAT prep books –

1. Kaplan MCAT Complete 7-Book Subject Review With Online Materials 

Kaplan MCAT Complete 7-Book Subject Review With Online Materials 

The first in our list of 10 best MCAT prep books for aspiring students is this very popular KAPLAN MCAT Complete 7-book subject review. Students can find the 2020 edition easily, which will feature all study resources and exam relevant content up-to-date as per the current MCAT version.

Hailing as among the best test prep books, students will find –

  • Plenty of full-length MCAT practice tests
  • Hundreds of questions for their practice exams 
  • Proper and lucid concept summarizations
  • 24-page quick sheet highlighting crucial details in proper visual form

In addition to these, students will also get access to online resources for the full year. Respective students can check out its existing instructional videos and their online practice tests whenever they desire. And all these together make this KAPLAN guide extremely handy for appropriate MCAT test preparation.

2. Princeton Review complete 3rd Edition

Princeton Review complete 3rd Edition
Princeton Review complete 3rd Edition

Offering its 3rd Edition of MCAT review books, it features the following –

  • 4 MCAT practise test papers
  • Lots of test-taking strategies and content review
  • A cheat section of crucial formulas, diagrams, charts, and information concepts for respective students to fall back whenever they need aid

Students will get ample resources on all four sections of the MCAT examination so whether you wish to brush up your critical analysis and reasoning skills! Or whether you wish to sharpen your know-how on other MCAT sections, this book will be the perfect and cost-effective option for your study plan.

3. Princeton Review MCAT Complete Box Set

Similar to the KAPLAN and Examkrackers, this Princeton Review MCAT complete set is another apt study resource that students can use. It consists of 3 practice tests and a set of questions at the back of every chapter. This will help students learn and understand every crucial aspect of each chapter. And using the questions at the end, they can properly test the depth of their knowledge.

This Princeton MCAT review also consists of lots of visual aids to further assist students in intricate subjects like Physics or others. The language of the book is also very lucid. And even though this book features fewer questions in comparison to the other best MCAT prep books around, the quantity is enough to prep up students for their big day.

4. Examkrackers Complete Study Package 10th Edition

Examkrackers Complete Study Package 10th Edition
Examkrackers Complete Study Package 10th Edition

The Examkrackers complete MCAT preparation 10th edition offers all the information students need to score big in their test. The study package comes with the following features –

  • Important tips, details, and facts to achieve success
  • Questions intersperse to be more conducive for reinforcing the already existing information
  • Visual appeal and easy-to-follow explanations also prove useful for students to grasp complex topics easily
  • Lots of mock test papers, in-depth study resources, and chapter-end practice questions to refer and hone overall skills

This book has everything one needs during their study schedule. And that makes this MCAT review one of the 10 best MCAT prep books available to students.

5. Barron’s MCAT Flashcards

If you are an aspiring student wanting to score big in your medical school admission test, then surely you must know about the power of flashcards. There are plenty of flashcards that will help brush up on all the existing knowledge. The concepts you will come across will represent what you will find on your MCAT exam. And they will appear in both explanations and questions.

These flashcards prove to be the perfect supplementary study guide to jog your memory. And along with other test prep books around, you should have this one too.

6. Test Prep Books MCAT Study Guide

Test prep books for MCAT also include another among the top review books around. And with good reasons too!

  • It offers comprehensive coverage on all key aspects from all four MCAT categories.
  • Presents plenty of test strategies and practice questions for students
  • Every section comes with lucid explanations for any student to follow. And its practice questions come with answers to assist students in knowing about their mistakes.

With so much quality content, this book is also worth purchasing.

7. Mometrix MCAT Prep by Test Prep Books Review 

The Mometrix MCAT subject review complete Edition comes with lots of perks for its respective students. It features the following

  • Hundreds of practice questions and in-depth explanations for different answers
  • 1 full-length MCAT practice exam
  • A proper review of each MCAT category
  • Effective test-taking strategies
  • And video tutorials to follow

Besides these, another good reason to go for this test prep is all its materials and up-to-date as per the 2020 MCAT version. Just bring this test prep home and use its wonderful content, mock test papers, and other study resources to score big in the crunch time.

8. Kaplan Test Prep MCAT 528- Advanced Prep for Advanced Students

Many would say that this KAPLAN MCAT 528 isn’t as rich in content and practice questions as the other names around. But it’s about perspective! This test prep can still give to a slight edge over an average John.

Students will come across numerous strategies for answering questions. Plus, they will also learn about how to tackle the entire exam smoothly. This book will help hone your already-existing knowledge via its existing review videos and practice tests.

So, in short, despite you possessing other best-in-class MCAT prep books, having this one too does make for an excellent resource choice.

9. Sterling Test Prep Books

Another wonderful test prep book that you can refer to is the Sterling test prep books. The impressive part about them is they make sure to update their study texts each month. And that allows them to stay at par with the latest MCAT version.

This prep book is laden with over 1200 questions on each specific subject. Students can complete their particular topic and test their skills instantly using these test papers. Besides, this book also comes with lots of answer explanations and in-depth coverage at the back.

And if that wasn’t enough! Students can reach out to their support team if they don’t follow some explanations at the back. Their support team, like a personal tutor, will be happy to resolve your doubts and queries.

10. The Official Guide to The MCAT Exam

Last in our list of 10 best MCAT prep books to use is this test prep MCAT guide. For those who don’t know about this complete book is a creation of the AAMC. And it features lots of test-taking strategies, along with full-length practice tests for students to work with.

What’s more, this MCAT study guide also offers plenty of information on each section. It also offers crucial tips for succeeding on the test day.

Be sure to try out this wonderful MCAT exam guide during your study schedule. It will surely prove to be one solid choice for students striving for success.