ONLINE HOMESCHOOL PROGRAMS – The Reason Students Favour It

Online homeschooling programs are fast becoming a popular learning trend for k-12 students worldwide. While some parents still prefer their kids to take the more traditional brick-and-mortar school learning path. The boom of online learning and the conveniences it offers are starting to leave a mark on them.

By the year 1999, most top universities began offering the best online homeschool programs to K-12 students. And ten years later, homeschool options/virtual learning quickly became commonplace for many students worldwide. And with good reasons too!The #1 Reading App For Kids

According to the public word of mouth- online learning offers better quality education than public schools. It gives students the convenience of reviewing information many times whenever necessary.

Along with this, the best online homeschool programs also give students the convenience of learning at their pace! They can choose to complete a 5-week course in 2 weeks or use the entire 5-weeks as per their convenience!

They can access the work anytime and from any place. Plus, it also proves a very convenient mode of learning to students with physical disabilities or health concerns.

A Variety of  Best Online Homeschool Programs Are Available for Modern-day Students

Modern-day students have more options, especially with so many varieties of homeschool educational program(savailable online. Plus, most online education programs deliver all levels of learning. Student(s) enrolled can learn at the comforts of their home-setting through their personal computers and reliable internet connection.

Here’s Looking into Some Clear Reasons Why More Present Day Students and Parents Favour Online Homeschool Programs.

  • Online Homeschooling Allows Students to Find a Balance between School & Their Extracurricular Activities

Students who also like taking part in extracurricular activities can often struggle to find the right balance between school and their other interests. Be it an athlete, artist, or even a stage performer; they need to give sufficient time to practice and travel. But because traditional schools have a rigid learning schedule, they find it challenging to meet both their goals.

Most online public school(s) or virtual private schools come with flexible learning schedules that conveniently fit students’ needs. Due to their flexibility, high school student(s) find it easy to accommodate their other interests, appointments, and even voluntary part-time jobs.

Furthermore, another great perk of best online homeschool programs is students can learn at their speed. Such virtual schooling programs don’t need students to worry or wait for their batch members to catch up. They can go through their study materials whenever they please without rushing into it. And that allows them to be clear on those delicate study materials included in their term.

  • Virtual Homeschooling Programs Guarantees a Comprehensive, All-Inclusive Learning through a Quality Curriculum

Another good reason why homeschooling parents favor virtual learning is that it promises in-depth education. Online homeschool programs come with a proven curriculum for both electives and main subjects.

Students don’t need to look anywhere else to find their relevant study materials whenever necessary. They can go through their all-inclusive curriculum several times until they fully understand their subject lessons.

Even parents of homeschooled students can involve themselves in their kid’s learning. They can motivate them, monitor their progress, and even help them understand their subject matter regularly.

The days of students in grades K-12 can quickly pass. But with virtual schooling, you as a parent, can include yourself in your kid’s learning and watch them progress in their comfortable home environment.

  • Online Homeschool Programs Prove To Be an Academic Lifeline for Students Who Struggle

Most top-rated homeschool programs present students with a unique approach to learning. It offers them all the necessary tools and materials to achieve success. Virtual learning programs also consist of certified teachers ready to help them in their lesson planning.

These quality tutors will personalize daily assignments best suit a student’s learning style and capability. They even present additional study resources (on request) and interact with their students to resolve their course difficulties.

In short, online homeschooling tutors offer individual attention to every student and enables them to learn newer concepts quicker. Plus, it reduces the number of sick leaves as students can study at a convenient time.

  • Online Homeschool Programs Ensures Less Distractions or Time Wastage

Another distinctive advantage of best-in-class homeschool programs is that it ensures fewer distractions from peers, bullying, and other unsettling influences. These online tutors will assign them daily work and will carefully keep track of their learning progress.

By tailoring courses to each student’s comfort and convenience, online homeschooling programs guarantee interrupted, in-depth learning.

  • Online Homeschooling Prepares Young Adults for Higher Level of Learning

Most quality K-12 grade online curriculums prepare students for a higher level of learning when entering a college and university. By adapting to K-12 curriculums, students tend to graduate at a bit older age as to others.

This advanced learning gives them a distinct advantage when venturing out to obtain a higher level of education and access to critical educational developments. They are more adept at tackling difficult learning, and the Department of Education says – they often perform better than the other students.

  • Online Homeschool Programs Even Prepare Students to Join Professional Workforces

In sharp contrast to the usual education system, online k-12 homeschooling aptly prepares students to join professional workforces. Each curriculum provides quality learning on every subject, helping to build the students’ confidence in their field. They can even choose their electives and further hone their skills in whatever specific areas they want.

All best-in-class online homeschool programs give students plenty of time to master their course field. And using this advantage, they can improve their skill competency for whatever respective job industry they choose after the curriculum.

“Most Quality K-12 grade Curriculums Ensure Competitiveness and Progressiveness for Students to Support Their Entire Family in a Tough Economy.”

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  • Quality K-12 Online Learning Programs Present Ample Opportunity For Students To Interact With Their Peers, Teachers, And Socialize.

     This system proves beneficial for introvert students who tend to perform at their best in low-key and quieter study environments.

As all the classes take place online, even quieter students can participate in group discussions without any hesitation or fear. Freely interacting with others around is an essential social skill. And every student needs to master this to work in a professional workspace.

Home education programs understand this and create a virtual school environment whenever everyone can participate in meetings, discussions, and more. This eventually helps students get better at socializing.

  • Online Homeschool Programs Use Different Interactive Modes of Learning.

     And each of these methods is tailored to suit students with different learning capabilities.

A student enrolled for k-12 online curriculums learn through videos, slideshows, online lecture notes, study materials, and even infographic presentations. Plus, their teachers are always available to them through emails, chats, telephones, phone/email videos.

Now That All This Is Clear, Here’s Listing out 5 Best Homeschool Programs In 2020 For Your Little Ones.


K12 online homeschooling offers curriculum for Mathematics, English, Science, Social Studies, and other languages. They also include game-based interactive learning for kids in K-8 -12 grade using their special program STRIDE.

Each course is taught by accredited teachers having years of experience and relevant field knowledge. Students can easily reach them via phone, chat, email, or video calls. Plus, if there is any particular subject they wish to brush up their knowledge, K12 offers a virtual free library. It provides over 17,000 study materials to help improve their reading and learning ability.

Besides this, K12 also presents students with many free camps focussing on other course fields like IT, coding, marketing, and more!

2. Monarch Online

Monarch Online is another proper name offering quality and in-depth K-12 online programs. They provide over 50 different interactive curriculums in standard subjects like Geography, Mathematics, Linguistic arts, History, and more. It also features a specialized study of the Bible for Christian homeschooling students.

Every parent will have full access to their kid’s curriculum schedules and daily assignments. There is no use of textbooks, only online study materials. And parents can also customize their kid’s grade level for each of their subjects.

3. Easy Peasy All-In-One Homeschool 

Easy Peasy strives to make online homeschooling easy, interactive, and useful. It arranges each of its curriculums for all core subjects and even provides regular lesson plans. Students will get a wide range of courses ranging from elementary level, middle-school grade to high-school curriculums.

Easy Peasy also provides many external links for other courses available for purchase from other providers, free of cost.

4. IXL Learning 

The main focus of IXL Learning is to deliver top-quality learning using quality technology. It provides courses on core subjects like Maths, Social Studies, Language Arts, Science, and even other foreign languages.

Each of these courses delivers personalized learning to respective students. And the rates of their classes are also pleasantly low-in-price.

5. edX

Are you looking to prepare your adult teen for college? Another place to sign up is edX.

It consists of over 2500 college –grade courses each taught by quality tutors having doctorates. From language arts to humanities, computer science, STEM fields, and more, students can choose from its impressive variety of courses.

This online educational platform also partners with top global institutions like MIT, Harvard, Oxford, NY University, and even Australian National University.


Statistics show that over 1 Million students (and parents) around the world are favoring such online high school diploma courses.

You can join the group too! Look into some of the best online homeschool programs for your kid’s education that different schools offer. If you wish, you can sign up for these above ones too.