10 Best Web Development Courses for Beginners in 2020-21

A higher than usual pay, ensuring protection at the job and flexible schedules are the three main reasons you should consider working on the web development industry or already in! To become a successful web developer, you must choose the best web development courses and learn it well.

The field of web development is repeatedly changing as it inherently involves the use of so many technologies. What’s in today can lose its demand in a few years. Therefore, it is imperative that one doesn’t rely overly on a specific technology and continuously looks to keep learning with the tick of time.

The reality is, there was never a better time for a developer, with demand for developer applicants rising year after year. If you are a student wanting to learn web development techniques, then here are 10 best web development courses to enrol for.

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What is meant by Web development?

Web development is the process of designing and maintaining websites; it is the effort of web developers behind the scenes that makes a website look fantastic, work efficiently and perform well with a smooth operating experience.

Web developers, also known as ‘dev’ use different types of coding languages to build and run a website. The choice of language depends on the kinds of activities to be performed and on the operating platforms.

Ideally, it would help if you aimed to become a full-stack web developer. By definition, a full-stack web developer has knowledge and skills across all platforms and technologies. 

In other words, a full-stack web developer should possess 

  • Front end knowledge– Like for example, JavaScript, JQuery, Bootstrap, HTML, CSS, and JavaScript
  • Back end knowledge– Like for example, Python, NodeJS, Ruby on Rails, PHP
  • Databases – Like for example, CouchDB, MySQL, MongoDB, Hadoop, and so on

 And using all these know-hows, a full-stack web developer can create sites and mobile apps right from scratch. That makes full-stack web developers a valuable asset for its respective companies.

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Benefits of becoming a web developer

In this digital era, we are getting everything from food, medicine to shopping online. Besides that, organizations can get the global customer on the online platform. Website is the shop of the online platform. So, the demand for web developer increases as the days go by. 

The reasons to become a web developer

  • Jobs are always available for web development
  • The role is extremely satisfying
  • You can work from anywhere because only a laptop and an internet connexion are required
  • There are lots of freelance opportunities
  • It’s exciting and fun

10 Best Web Development Courses for Beginners 

Now, let’s move over to those 10 best web development courses.

    Full-Stack Web Development Course with React Specialization from COURSERA

This is a top-rated intermediate course that requires students to have basic knowledge about HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. And once this course is complete, students will have in-depth knowledge of Node.js and React Ecosystem.

What’s more, this course consists of 4 distinct modules. 

  • Site UI framework with tools 
  • Website Development with React 
  • App Development with React Native for Multiplatform use 
  • Server-side development using NodeJS, Mongo DB, and Express 

Also, students will get hands-on experience in creating hybrid mobile apps with React Native, RESTful API to access backend services from the front end, along with real-time tests to check their knowledge.

The course duration is 16 weeks, with 8 hours every week. However, for full details, it is best to visit COURSERA’s official website.

    Full-Stack Web Development Course Featuring HTML, CSS, React, and Node from UDEMY

The second in our list of 10 best web development courses is this full-stack course from UDEMY. This course is immersive and incorporates – Bootstrap 4, MongoDB, DOM Manipulation, NPM, Node, REST, HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript Express, ES6, and React!

Besides, students will also find plenty of articles and tutorials (both online as well as downloadable) on the following concepts.

  • Basics of HTML
  • API Backend development with Node and Express
  • Version control and GIT
  • Bootstrap Framework
  • CSS, layouts, and Mobile Responsive Design
  • JavaScript and databases
  • Project – Full-stack website development with React

And so on!

Its duration is 30 hours (in on-demand video format). And the best thing about it is that it is a beginner-friendly course needing no previous knowledge from its respective students.

However, visit UDEMY’s official site for further details.

    Computer Programming Course from KHAN ACADEMY

A top-rated web development course among its respective students, it includes in-depth explanations over specific concepts. Plus, it also contains lots of self-help tutorials, video guidance, and expert audio to learn through each intricate concept.

Also, this course will teach students on the following aspects –

  • Introduction to JS: Drawing & Animation
  • Intro to HTML/CSS: Creating webpages
  • Advanced JS: Games & Visualizations
  • Intro to SQL: Querying and handling data
  • HTML/JS: Creating interactive webpages
  • Advanced JS: Natural Simulations
  • HTML/JS: Making interactive webpages using jQuery

And so on!

Sign up at Khan Academy whenever you see fit. However, if you seek more details about the course, visit its official website without hesitation!

    Introduction to Computer Science & Programming with the Use of Python at edX

Best Web Development Courses
Best Web Development Courses

edX, in collaboration with MIT, offers this online web development course to students with basic programming knowledge. Plus, the course provides a comprehensive introduction to the field of computer science and programming using Python.

Besides that, students also learn the following

  • Basic understanding of computation
  • The Python programming language
  • Some simple algorithms
  • Aspects of testing and debugging
  • And an informal take on algorithmic complexity

But that’s not all. In addition, students also an abundance of online and downloadable tutorials for self-learning on each topic!

Plus, students can ask questions and clear their queries from their course tutors quickly without difficulty.

So, sign up at edX whenever you see fit. However, if you seek more details, visit its official website!

    Web Development Bootcamp Course from UDEMY

This web developer Bootcamp course provides in-depth front-end web development knowledge on JavaScript, JQuery, Bootstrap, HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. But that’s not all. 

Besides, it also provides full-stack web development and vital foundational technologies for web development. 

Plus, the course will also teach students how to make – 

  • Real web apps
  • Browser-based games 
  • And many other advanced concepts on web design and ways to create responsive websites

But that’s not all. Students will even learn these important concepts –

  • Making web applications with cutting-edge tech 
  • Creating a blog application from scratch using MongoDB, Express, and Semantic UI
  • Creating complicated apps from scratch
  • Codey browser-based game
  • Creating static HTML and CSS portfolio sites
  • Making complex HTML forms
  • Building web applications with full authentication
  • Creating good-looking responsive layouts with the help of Bootstrap
  • Implementing responsive navbars on site pages
  • Using JavaScript variables, conditionals, loops, functions, arrays, and objects
  • Writing JavaScript functions, and understanding scope and higher-order functions
  • Creating full-stack web applications from scratch
  • Controlling the DOM using jQuery
  • Manipulating the DOM with vanilla JS
  • Writing JavaScript-based browser game
  • Translating between jQuery and vanillas JS

And so on!

Other USPs of This Course Include –

  • Live coding examples, research assignments, and fun lesson slides for interactive learning
  • In-depth guidance on installing software, its necessary tools, and setting up its environment 
  • Constant support and guidance from tutors along with complete access to 72+ articles, over 85 downloadable resources

However, for more details, visit UDEMY’s official website.

    Programming for Everyone (& Introduction to Python) from COURSERA

Another top web development course from COURSERA is this unique course curriculum. This course needs no previous knowledge from its students and educates them on the fundamentals of programming with the help of Python.

In addition, this course also covers –

  • Fundamentals of Python programming language
  • Installing Python and writing your first program
  • Using variables for storing, retrieving, and calculating crucial data
  • Utilizing core programming tools like for instance, functions and loops

Sign up and learn how to build a responsive website via this online course(s). However, if you want more details on the course, visit COURSERA official site anytime.

    Full-Stack Web Development Nanodegree from UDACITY

Best Web Development Courses
Best Web Development Courses

This also ranks among the 10 best web development online courses for students wanting to make a career in this field. This course will educate students –

  • On creating complex server-side web applications which utilize strong relational databases to store up essential data
  • About UNIX shell, Git, and Github developer tools
  • How to master relational databases using SQL, and leverage Python
  • On creating multi-user web apps with the help of SQLAlchemy, Flask framework, and so on
  • Ways to secure and configure Linux web servers

And so on!

The course duration is four months, with 10 hours each week. However, if you think you need more details about the course before enrolling, visit UDACITY official site.

    Learning All About Web Development from MOZILLA

The creators of the Firefox browser provide an interactive collection of resources for students wanting to learn and master the art of web development. And it covers an array of different topics. 

Right from basic web development concepts to front-end languages and learning to code to everyday vocabulary, optimization, and site performance!

In addition, this course provides in-depth knowledge of the following concepts.

  • Overview on the web
  • HTML- Structuring the web
  • CSS- Styling the web
  • JavaScript- Dynamic client-side shifting
  • Server-side website programming
  • Accessibility- Make the web usable by everyone
  • Tools and Testing
  • React Angular

And so on!

If you wish to sign up for this online course, visit its site. But if you want more details on this course, you can browse through the site and get all the details quickly.

    Full-Stack Web Development Course from WEB FUNDAMENTALS

This in-depth web development course covers all major topics like data structures and algorithms, programming language, and so on. Plus, it even provides a wide assortment of tutorials and items right from beginner to advanced levels.

In addition, students learn about the following –

  • Media and VR
  • Site integration and engagement
  • Base technologies for site development
  • Site development architectural patterns
  • Security
  • Knowledge of design and user experience 
  • Site performance

And so on.

However, for more details, visit the Web Fundamentals website!

    Full-Stack Web Development Course from LINKEDIN LEARNING –LYNDA 

Last in our list of 10 best web development course(s) for beginners is this full-stack course from LinkedIn Learning – Lynda. 

It consists of 9 courses which take 35 hours. And they include as –

  • Programming Foundations: Databases
  • PHP Essential Training
  • Node.js Essential Training
  • PHP with MySQL Essential Training: 1 the Basics
  • Ruby on Rails 5 Essential Training
  • PHP with MySQL Essential Training: 2 Build a CMS
  • Programming Foundations: Web Security
  • Building a Website with Node.js and Express.js
  • React.js Essential Training


However, to enrol for this course, the respective students need to have a basic understanding of HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and Git.

So, there you have it 10 best web development courses to go for. So, what are you waiting for? Visit the respective websites and enrol without hesitation. Build a successful career ahead!