Types of Bullying in Schools That Parents Must Know

Whenever we hear the term bullying, we only imagine it to be name-calling or physical bullying in schools and even in other places. But in truth, there are other forms of bullying that many are not aware of. In the present scenario, bullying occurs not only in elementary school but also in high schools. Sometimes due to the imbalance of power, bullying occurs in the workplace too. 

It includes everything from; mocking someone’s race or religion, bitching behind one’s back to even emotional intimidation!

Every bully is different. They have their way to impact other students and make them feel unsafe negativelyWhile some come off as mean. Others pick their victims of bullying carefully and attack them in a very cunning manner.

Different types of Bullying in School

To educate you more on this, here are those different types of bullying in schools which you, as a parent, should be aware of!

1. Verbal Bullying 

Verbal bullying is perhaps the most prevalent type of bullying seen in schools. And, individuals who like to verbally say or pen down mean things do it to cause others shame. Not to mention, this puts the child at a higher risk of mental illness. 

Verbal Bullying Mainly Includes the Following –

  • Teasing, abusing or name-calling others in a harmful manner
  • Always making fun of someone- be it the ways/he looks, dresses, talks, walks, eats and so on
  • Not shying away from insulting, jacking jokes or saying a mouthful about someone’s family and loved ones
  • Not holding back away from commenting about their religion, physical disability, gender, body appearance, height, weight, and even culture
  • Even verbally threaten their soft targets and having people follow them around and even taunt sarcastically.

2. Social/Cyber-Bullying

As the name suggests, social or cyber-bullying happens through the internet or when someone hacks into their social media accounts. Their intention is not to cause pain to their target but also to destroy their social stature and relationships.

Some Common Examples of Social/Cyber Bullying Are As Follows –

  • Deliberately leaving or ignoring someone
  • Influencing others not to be friends with that person
  • Ruining whatever positive impression they have over social media with improper messages, comments or sarcasm
  • Repeatedly spreading rumors behind that person’s back
  • Teasing on the grounds on social skills 
  • Sharing inappropriate pictures, information, (even lies) over the internet or their social media profiles to make them a subject of humiliation

The thing about cyber-bullies is that they are often afraid to do such misdeeds in front of the individual. They usually operate from the shadows and keep harassing their targets without them having the first clue of whom and why!

Cyber-bullying does categorize as a cyber-crime and can happen to anyone, anytime and from anywhere. They are downright despicable, invasive, and unending. And its consequences can leave the person experience bullying in a very awkward situation.

3. Physical Bullying

This form of bullying in schools involves physically hurting meek or struggling students. It can also include either damaging their items or robbing them of their belongings.

Some Common Examples of Physical student’s Bullying Include –

  • Spitting, bitting, kicking, slapping, punching, hair-pulling, pinching and touching when the other person feels uncomfortable
  • Showing them awkward finger signs or hand gestures 
  • Imposing superiority on the other person and making them cower in fear
  • And showing every intention of causing severe physical harm

Fortunately, as the damage is more physical, it is a lot easier to identify. And due to this, it receives more attention than any other form of bullying seen in schools.

4. Sexual Bullying

This form of bullying stands as among the most disgraceful forms of humiliation around. And the sad part is, this is not only seen in schools/colleges/Universities but in multi-national corporations too!

Sexual bullying is an ugly sexual assault waiting to happen. And, often pretty young girls/women are the prime targets for such intolerable behavior- both by men and women.

While guys will touch them in places they don’t want to be, girls will pass on crude comments and vulgar names like ‘tramps’ or ‘slags.’ They will even make humiliating comments about their body, their attributes, and also propose sexual invitations. 

5. Relational Bullying

Individuals who indulge in relational bullying in schools often increase their social importance, control, and authority. Relational bullies are insidious, sneaky, and are always up to no good. They take joy in ostracizing their fellow students from their group and shattering their self-confidence.

They even spread rumors behind their back and manipulate situations resulting in their target’s humiliation, exclusion, and physical and emotional intimidation.

Often teachers and parents ignore this type of bullying in schools. But it can severely sabotage the bullied person’s social standing, friends and lead to mental health issues.

Often relational bullying, also known as emotional bullying, is prevalent in middle school. However, studies show they don’t limit to 8-graders and pre-teens. Many corporate sectors consist of bullying seniors or bosses who regularly indulge in emotional bullying situations.

6. Indifferent Bullying

Another commonly seen form of bullying in schools is indifferent bullying. Often it is 1-2 indifferent bullies or a group who torment others without any feelings of empathy. Individuals capable of this kind of bullying come across as empty, unfeeling, and cold-hearted.

Indifferent bullying takes place without any purpose or reason. They ill-treat meek students just because they enjoy watching them suffer and in despair. Individual showing unresponsive bullying behavior can also suffer deep psychological wounds which require professional assistance. And while torturing their fellow students, they feel no shame, attachment, or remorse!

Steps To Prevent Bullying In Schools

Bullying is one social issue which no one should tolerate or support. It is a modern-day evil that only causes pain, misery, and despair to the sufferer.

Fortunately, many schools worldwide try to implement anti-bullying programs to prevent any bullying from taking place in schools.

The Program Entails the Following Measures –

  • Encouraging teachers and staff to create a positive school climate and report incidents whenever they take place
  • Empowering every student to openly speak about their problems- among which also includes bullying
  • Setting a clear set of rules to manifest a positive and welcoming environment for everyone
  • Taking a strict course of action against students reported to be involved in bullying another fellow student. They may even be sent to the Department of Health and Human Services to determine why they bully others
  • Protecting those students reported being bullied repeatedly and ensuring nothing as such happens ever again
  • Including curriculums which teach students about positive communication skills to ensure fewer chances of bullying
  • Setting up weekly/monthly counseling for students who’ve been bullied recently and need help and support
  • Hosting school-wide rallies and events which emphasize on no-tolerance to bullying in schools and ensuring every classroom participates in creating slogans, posters, and signs to stop bullying

Final Say –

The problem of bullying has been around since the dawn of our society. So it will not go away so quickly. However, schools and other educational institutions are coming together to end this social evil and make coming-to-school safer and more enjoyable for all those little kids.