Bullying Prevention Programs- How It Prevent Bullying

Bullying Prevention Programs

Parents often ask their respective school personnel this one significant question-

“How can I protect my child from being bullied at high school and ensure their safety?”

Bullying is one social issue which no one should either tolerate or entertain, especially at school. It can severely impact the education of children and completely shatter the self-confidence from within. Yet, most schools have been unable to deter this rather unacceptable behavior. And because of these schools’ inability to prevent bullying, many parents are even resorting to opt for home education programs. One good way to combat bullying in middle school or elementary school is through quality bullying prevention programs.

    • The few schools which are giving importance to such programs aim to change the school climate and culture.
    • Their focus is on attending the emotional and social needs of children’ in need and takes strict action against those oppressors.
    • Importantly, all their school staff, teachers, admin, and parents fully support the program to end bullying.

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As per stop bullying.Gov

Those who show signs of bullying in more than one occasion will likely do it again in the future. 

Showing an aggressive behavior and tormenting a fellow student becomes more of a habit for them. And the only way to stop such oppressors is to apprehend them, humiliate them and take strict action.”

Take Cues From The Olweus Bullying Prevention Program (OBPP) And Include These Practices Too!

Bullying prevention programs is not a single-day event. It takes time and plenty of support from others to make it successful.
The Dan Olweus bullying prevention program (with 35 years of experience) is the best prevention program for students 5-15 years. And of the words Dan Olweus, including these practices will only make the bullying prevention program more successful.

  • Arranging for assemblies or marches emphasizing on reducing bullying at school
  • Teaching students to be more hospitable towards their fellow juniors or new students
  • Changing the school culture and environment, by properly training staff members in bullying intervention and prevention
  • Working towards promoting a culture of respect, inclusion, and warmth- especially to new or already to struggle, students,
  • All-inclusive supervision and adequate classroom management
  • School teachers or curricular coaches are encouraging interactions about any aggressive behavior. And giving kids the courage and support to immediately report such incidents

In Addition To These 

  • A thorough assessment of the school building to find out those areas where students experience bullying
  • Renewing school’s rules and policies about such intolerable behavior and taking actionable measures whenever coming across an oppressor
  • It is coming up with a list of flexible bullying prevention goals or ideas to stop such aggressive behavior. This list applies to classrooms, school buses, canteens, playgrounds, etc.
  • Immediately responding and reporting bullying incidents and conducting a proper investigation with witnesses!
  • Providing ample support and protection to those on the receiving end of violent behavior or self-degrading taunts/boos from oppressors.
  • Involving the students’ parents/family, even community, and continuing this course of action for a long time.

Other Meaningful Steps for Students More Prone To Bullying Issues 

  • The bullying prevention program(s) should also include a mentoring program involving seniors to help juniors or those more prone to bullying
  • Pairing struggling students with healthy athletes who can help them come out of their shell and indulge in activities more actively
  • Teaching younger students that they can still be cool without bullying others and encouraging them always to make sound choices!
  • Arranging for small student/counselor gatherings every month and working with children wanting to learn more about impulse control, showing empathy and not being stereotyped
  • Empowering bystanders with the courage to report incidents without hesitation or fear of retaliation from the oppressor

Last Words…

For bullying prevention programs to work successfully, the school teachers, staff, senior students, and parents have to work together as one unit. With that, the surrounding school environment should be harmonious, just, and welcoming.

Schools worldwide with the best bullying prevention programs focus on these critical aspects and educate students more on mingling with others. Be it via, leaderships, team projects, and even corporate lunch.

And maybe it is time that others did the same to end such show of violence and aggression towards socially/emotionally struggling students.


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