Top 10 Business Degree Jobs for Aspiring Candidates

Having a bachelor’s degree in business can prove very rewarding for career-seekers. It develops lots of essential skills and knowledge about the business world. It also allows them to be successful in any business line of work they choose. Earning prospect of entry-level business degree jobs is quite lucrative than any other field,

Skill-set to have a Business Degree Jobs

A business degree is a career-building path required to work in any major business field. Analyzing the business-related problem and finding the solution to that problem increase the creativity skill and thinking power of business students.

While pursuing a business degree, a business graduate learns to use the implementation of the internet and technology in business. Thus, students develop important skills and knowledge for business management, marketing, human resourcing, accounting, and legal aspects. The knowledge gained helps students to prosper in the private sector to non-profit govt agencies.

List of top 10 Business Degree Jobs

As per the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS)and the current market trends regarding long term jobs for graduates and business majors, here are the top 10 Business Degree Jobs to look into.

1. Financial Accountants

A financial accountant’s role is to assist corporate firms and organizations; finance their operations as per the govt regulations. These professionals tap into their in-depth financial knowledge to make sound decisions to save money and increase their profits.

They also summarise, analyze, and create reports of accounting financial statements concerning a business. These professionals use their communication skills to share business information with colleagues and help them work more proficiently. They also interact with investors to help them make rational investment choices.

Besides these critical responsibilities, a financial accountant also conducts audits, plans taxes, and serves a consultant’s role. Their other main objectives include –

  • Systematic recording of all transactions (via bookkeeping)
  • Preparing profit and loss statements to get a clear idea of business operations over a period
  • Determining the financial position of a business in terms of owned assets and existing liability dues
  • Preparing balance sheet to know about short term liquidity position and long-term solvency position

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), financial accountants earn something between $71,550 to $124,450 per annum. Forecasters even reveal a steady 6% growth in employment rate from 2018 – 2028.

2. Supply Chain Manager

A supply chain manager’s role is to responsibly manage company equipment, hardware, and crucial logistic information.

Their job role includes handling every step of purchasing raw materials and dispatching it to different delivery points. With that, these professionals also make sure the company creates enough of its products to satisfy their customer demand and take the output to the appropriate location, on time!

In Addition To These, A Supply Chain Manager Also –

  • Supervises the import or creation of new raw materials for the company’s use
  • Monitors each of those items throughout all its stages of development and makes sure the supplies are of adequate quantity
  • Come up with a reliable delivery system that guarantees maximum production and optimum shipping to both manufacturers and customers.

According to the BLS, a supply chain manager’s role is one of the country’s top-paying business degree jobs. And their annual salary range is $ 80,790 –$107,480. 

3. Market Research Analysts

A market research analyst helps companies understand which service or product customers prefer and are willing to pay for.

A market research analyst’s role is to evaluate the existing market conditions for any possible sales of a service or product in a broader sense. The main objective is to help market its business offerings properly and maximize their profits.

However, research is only one aspect of a market analyst. Along with that, they also have to present clients with valuable insights into current happenings and up-approaching marketing trends. By doing that, these professionals aim to build relationships with their clients and decipher what they’re looking for.

Plus, a market research analyst also has to draw inferences and surmise according to the consumer data. Along with reporting the percentage of customers who liked a specific product/service, they again try and understand their reasons for doing so.

As per the BLS, a market research analyst’s median annual salary is somewhere between $63 230 – $71,340.

4. Sales Managers

Another profession in the list of top business degree jobs for career seekers is the sales manager.

Their Role Is To –

  • Supervise sales representative staffs
  • Conduct research on sales statistics
  • Come up with ideas to cultivate sales potential
  • Work closely with distributors and dealers and keep a close eye on sales performances
  • Devise ways to improve organizational sales
  • Gather customer knowledge and preference and aim to maximize profit yields
  • Help in the development of newer products

Candidates who wish to become a sales manager will need to procure an associate degree in business management/marketing or administration. That will give them the necessary skill-set, awareness of mind, and the field knowledge to succeed in their role.

The annual salary range of a sales manager is $56,650 – $128,310.

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5. Financial Analysts

Another job role for talented business students is that of a financial analyst. According to BLS, this profession also ranks among the top business jobs with high pay-outs.

The Main Responsibilities of a Financial Analyst Are As Follows –

  • Interpreting financial statements
  • Calculating ratios and other crucial metrics
  • Writing down detailed reports along with including commendations for potential investments
  • Accessing the weaknesses and strengths of their organization and evaluating market trends in different sectors
  • Diligently allocating corporate resources

To become a successful financial analyst, candidates have to take a Business Major from best business school, having coursework in accounting, finance, economics, and mathematics.

The median annual salary range of a financial analyst is $85,660- $167 430. Plus, forecasters believe a 6% – 8 % increase in employment from 2020 -2028!

6. Management Consultants

The role of a management consultant, otherwise known as management analysts, is another one of those high salary business degree jobs for aspiring candidates. 

Management consultants have to use technology to process and present data for their specific clientele in spreadsheets, databases, and other presentation tools. They also use their impressive problem-solving skills to their projects.

Furthermore, they are experts in sourcing information, organizing, and composing reports through their presentation skills.

Besides these, there are many other roles of a management consultant. And that differs among companies.

As per the BLS, a management analyst’s annual salary is $85,620 – $154 310! And the employment rates for the role of market analysts are likely to grow by an impressive 14% from 2020-2028.

7. Financial Managers

Financial managers help provide valuable financial insight, guidance, and support to an organization.

Their Key Responsibilities Include As Follows –

  • Producing accurate reports and research on a company’s financial condition and coming up with its short and long-term goals
  • Demonstrating finance to the senior management and also involving themselves in commercial projects and reviewing systems
  • Monitoring cash flow of the organization, analyzing targets, daily reporting, along with managing and coordinating monthly budgets
  • Providing back-office services like payroll and accounts payable collections

8. Human Resources Managers

In the list of top business degree jobs also includes the role of human resource managers. They are responsible for the following tasks –

  • Properly training, cultivating, recompensing and retaining talented employees in the organization for as long as possible
  • Tactful planning to enhance the overall efficiency and productivity of the organization.
  • Furthermore, these professionals also invite, encourage, instruct, and empower employee morale within the organization.
  • And they are responsible for taking care of the employee’s attendance sheets and incentive programs.

To become a human resource manager, aspiring candidates need to procure an MBA in Human Resources. And according to the BLS – the median annual salary of a human resource manager is $74 840 –$ 128 500.

9. Corporate Attorney

A corporate attorney practices business law and safeguards organizations from bankruptcy, contracts, collections, mergers, incorporations, successions, etc. And considering the competitive nature of this present corporate world, a corporate attorney holds excellent value for any organization.

As per the BLS, the annual salary for a corporate attorney is $59,790 – $122 960! And forecasters predict a 6% increase in their employment rate from 2020-2028.

10. Social Media Manager 

With most businesses and corporate undertakings utilizing social media’s power and reach, candidates can also opt for a social media manager’s role.

The primary job responsibilities will include –

  • Using their marketing communication skills and tech knowledge to create a –prominent business presence on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and even Tumblr!
  • Boosting business activity, aptly endorsing brand recognition and spreading knowledge about the company to a broader spectrum
  • Regularly monitoring the impact of online campaigns, coming up with strategic advertising plans, and developing engaging content.

 There are many other job roles as a social media manager. And that differs from company to company. As per the BLS, their annual median salary range is $50,815 – $67,879!

Final Words-

So, for any student with a business degree, lucrative career prospects galore. And the best part is, each of these job roles guarantees considerable growth.

In my opinion, no, 3, and 7 are the best job for business majors. What is your opinion? Don’t forget to share your opinion in the comment section. 

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