Career After B Com Top 10 Opportunities In 2020 ~ Do Not Miss Out

Are you a student of B.Com and solving the last question on your answer sheet of the last paper of B. Com the final year? You must be wondering about your career after b com. Several plans are playing within your mind like enjoying parties, sleeping and travelling. Here we are discussing career after b com top 10 opportunities.

But after all these planning and enjoying, you need to plan for the academic future. There are lots of opportunities are waiting for you. You need to select the course based on your career preference. There are short term courses for commerce graduates also available. These courses are good in terms of career value.

Now a day, simple graduates have limited career options and limited knowledge. To acquire a more remarkable career and knowledge depth, you need to select an accurate post-graduation course. After completion of your B.Com degree, you will generally pursue a career in accounting. Besides accounting for post-graduation, other options are available also. The following stated career list might guide you to select a better career in post-graduation.

Top 10 career opportunities after b com 

The options are as follows :

1.   M.Com

The first thing that comes first in mind after completing B.Com is You need to pursue this course from recognized institutions and universities. M.Com is a structured course that focuses on business studies, accountingeconomics, finance, management, taxation, statistics, and marketing. The duration of the course is two years. The minimum ability to take entry in the course is the completion of a B.Com degree. The postgraduates will get an annual salary of Rs. 300000 to 500000.

2.   Chartered Accountancy

ICAI organizes the entrance exam, and the students need to clear at least one exam like Final CA, CPT or IPCC. The entrance eligibility for the student is to clear the graduation and a minimum of two and a half year’s working experience. The course duration is three years. The students will earn Rs. 7, 00,000 to 20, 00,000.

3.   Certified Management Accountant

Institute of Management Accountant, ICMA and USA offers this CMA course. ICMA reviews the content of the course regularly. CMA will help the students to sharpen their expertise in financial planning, decision making, controlling, analysis, professional ethics, and support. The duration of this course is around six months. The entrance ability for this course is the completion of graduation and working experience for two years. The students will get a minimum salary of Rs. 5, 00,000 to 8, 00,000.

4.   MBA in Finance

Before taking the entry in the MBA course, you need to check the credibility of the B-School. If you are a student of IIM, success will follow you. You need to qualify for the CAT exam, to step into the MBA course. The minimum eligibility is graduation. The duration of this course is two years. The minimum annual salary package will be Rs. 6, 00,000 to 10, 00,000.

5.   Financial Risk Manager 

This is a certified international certification. After completion of this course, the job potential is much higher. The minimum criterion for this 9-months course is graduation. The minimum annual salary package is Rs. 10 to 18 lakhs.

6.   Business Accounting and Taxation

To get a job, B.Com graduates commonly face a problem. That is job experience. Otherwise, they need to continue their careers in BPOs. This is the best possible solution for B.Com graduates. This course design provides detailed knowledge of taxation, compliance, accounting, and reporting. The duration of this course is 8 to 12 weeks based on the course curriculum. The student will enjoy an annual salary package of Rs. 3, 00,000 to 10, 00,000.

7.   Financial modelling 

This a few weeks structured programs. For the financial industry, this course is beneficial, and for that reason, the job opportunity is dense. This course will help to structure business solution and financial statements. The duration of this course is 8 to 19 weeks. The students will get an annual salary package of Rs. 5, 00,000 to 12, 00,000.

8.   Digital marketing 

The introduction of digital marketing revolutionized the operation of different industries. This has become an essential approach for an institution and drive to sustain in a tight competition. The scope of opportunity is increasing every day. This could be one of the best career selections after B.Com. This is a 6 to 19 weeks course. The student can earn Rs. 4, 50,000 to 8, 00,000 annually.

9.   Chartered Financial Analyst 

All the investment industries recognize this course on a global basis. If you are interested in setting up the career abroad, this is one of the best courses. It would help if you had a graduation degree. Along with the graduation degree, two years of working experience is essential. This is for two years and six months. The student will enjoy the annual salary of Rs. 6, 50,000 to 18, 00,000 after completion of this course.

10.   Investment banking 

This is a perfect career option after graduation. It would help if you pursued the CFA (level I) and financial modelling for a better understanding of the financial industry and the mode of operations. There are considerable opportunity and career growth in investment banking. There is no limitation of earning. Based on your performances, the earning will vary.

Top MNCs are waiting to absorb the educated and talented candidates. Tremendous academic and career opportunities are there after graduation. You need to select based on your preferences. Also, you have to be comfortable with your chosen field.