Top 10 Chemical Engineering Internships for Respective Aspirants

Chemical engineering is a bright field and one of the main pillars of pure science. Chemicals are everywhere, and our modern life is shaped by our knowledge and the utility we can derive from them. Aspiring students in this field have a great opportunity in the Chemical Engineering Internships program to gain experience.

For centuries, Druids and alchemists in the king’s courts were highly regarded for their mastery over their knowledge. However, they were never genuinely trained and did not receive any formal scientific education, which is available now.


Medical practitioners have to know which element or compound works best and which ones to avoid. It all boils down to the field of chemical engineering and the significant role of chemical engineers. Chemical engineers use the knowledge they gained from universities and labs and translate their education into real-like skills. 

The level of education matters here. If you’re doing it from a well-reputed institution, you know what to expect and where you want to go further when doing a chemical engineering internship. To join any types internship program, one has to make a perfect resume. Make a catchy resume with ATS Friendly Resume Template here!

What does a chemical engineer have to do in an internship?

If companies recruit you as an intern, you are primarily engaged as a train engineer. You will work with teams in real engineering. Naturally, you have to understand, and others have to ask questions to you and help. However, you’re going to be doing real work.

You will gain knowledge of science, technological, and problematic solutions from internships in chemistry engineers. Stages in chemical engineering will promote the mastery of engineering design to analyze processes more straightforwardly and efficiently.

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The range of chemical engineering internships is many, and some require inter-disciplinary knowledge too.

This brings to the important question – Are You Seeking In-Demand Chemical Engineering Internships to Apply this 2021?

List of top 10 Chemical Engineering Internships

If So, Then Below Are The Chemical Engineering Internships For Respective Industries!

  • Biotechnology:

This technology incorporates chemical and Biomolecular processes to create technologies and products that enhance our lives and our planet’s health.

Biotechnology is applying chemical engineering to study living cells and organisms and apply those findings to develop further products. 

The use of Biotechnology comes from genetic engineering from the 1970s. During that time, DNA editing was in a nascent stage. It’s a different story now, where the field has rapidly emerged as a big dominant research and the medical field to work for.

  • Cement Manufacturing:

Concrete is an amazing thing if you happen to be a builder. With forecasts of a boom in real estate properties, the demand for diligent Chem-engineers to meet its daily requirements will be huge.

Cement is a mixture of limestone and clay, which goes through an intense industrial process to become the binding agent to erect structures. However, with improper mixing of elements and inadequate quality checks- all of this can lead to serious catastrophic effects.. Thus, it is a potent place for chemical engineers.

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  • Food and Beverage Industry:

When we go to a market, we can easily buy fresh food and cook and eat it. Unfortunately, it isn’t that simple when you buy packaged food items off the shelf. 

Food science and technology make sure the food we eat when we buy a dry food item is edible maintaining taste. Conveniently, it is a part of chemical engineering as it concerns applying scientific principles to create and maintain edibles in a controlled environment. 

Feeding the world would require chemistry, microbiology, biotechnology, and engineering. This is the kind of field where experience and education have to come together if we are to meet the challenge of mitigating world hunger. 

So, if you think you have what it takes to thrive in this industry as a diligent chemical engineer, then you can certainly apply for chemical engineering internships here!

  • Mining: 

Usually, when we think of mining, we tend to visualize miners who are searching for hidden gold and diamonds. That is passe! Now mining is a big, regulated, and controlled process. It is via this approach that all minerals and rarely occurring stones come to be intrinsic properties. As you’d know, our smartphones contain those rare earth materials which power these devices.

Chemical engineers design and analyze rock compositions, waste, and the layers of Earth. Mines are very labor-intensive operations, and that makes diligent chemical engineers who can lessen the burden; high in demand!

  • Nuclear Engineer: 

Nuclear engineering is the science of dealing with the atoms and molecules of elements. And to succeed, aspiring students will require a high level of education and rigorous training.

Furthermore, chemical engineers also serve usefulness in performing experiments and testing methods of using nuclear materials, reclaiming as well as disposing of nuclear fuels in a nuclear reactor. 

Also, medical imaging devices such as Positron Emission Tomography (PET) require them to be in the frontline of development and research. 

If you have a knack for this, then get chemical engineering internships in this field

  • Oil and Gas Industry:

Oil and gas are clubbed together and referred to as fossil fuels. Today, oil and gas are still the lifeline of the global economy. 

That translates to the field where chemical engineers find, examine, process, purify, and help maintain the standards for fossil fuels distributed across the world. 

Usually, such projects are called ‘Turn-Key Projects’ as it includes various government bodies, enterprises and a host of skillful Chem engineers who know what they’re doing.

It is usually a great place to intern, especially as the culminating experience is often handsomely monetarily rewarding!

  • Paper Manufacturing:

Paper, the ancient Chinese invention, is not going obsolete anytime soon. We all know paper comes from trees. But very few know that it requires ample chemical treatments to achieve the fine white writing paper.

Here’s the catch though, this is a very old industry and chances are there’s not much scope for research as compared with the other industries. 

However, if you like the paper manufacturing industry, then as a chemical engineer, you will get the scope to create the product on which the inks dry off easily! Not only is that fascinating for respective candidates, but it involves a challenge of its own!

  • Pharmaceuticals:

Medicines are evolving at a rapid pace. All this thanks to various labs and testing methodologies which keep improving the quality of treatment and medicine. 

This requires attention to minute details and a strong personality, methodical and analytical approach to chemistry, biology, and life sciences. As a chemical engineer, your job would be on the cutting edge of these subjects where cross knowledge would be highly required. 

This internship program requires students with clear scientific education as their background to design new drugs and ensure explicit approvals and deadlines are consistently being met.

  • Acrylic Colors:

Imagine a life without colours! Hard to think such a thing?

We should be thankful for chemical engineers that the colours we see in nature, we are able to replicate that. 

  • It could be a pink dress which you love
  • Or the colour of our buildings
  • Or just watching a lovely painting dry off by your favorite painter

All this is possible, thanks to chemical engineering. If you apply for an internship in this venture, then you, too, will be able to mimic the colours we see and create them industrially for general use!

A good chemical engineer should be able to intern here if they are naturally attracted to dealing with colours. 

  • Technical Sales:

A good chemical engineer can assist clients and companies. As stated earlier, this is a vast field with a high demand for chemical engineers. In order to produce and create a certain type and kind of product, the engineer should be able to give sound and rational advice when needed. 

That would effectively help clients make the right choice, reduce waste, and advise caution on how to deal and store chemicals to have a longer lifespan. 

This is one position where a chemical engineer can get across many different fields that require technical expertise. 

To Sum Up

Overall, there are many more areas where you can get chemical engineering internships

However, all you have to do is acquire the skill and the will to work in your desired field. With a solid education and training, the internships become a much-deserved learning experience.

That said, this field is by no means easy. And to succeed, you will need to firstly enroll in a reputed college offering courses in Chem-engineering and then secure your course degree. Once you have the course knowledge and practical/technical experience, you can source out internship offers from any of the above industries. 

This field of study will definitely experience a rise in demand for Chem-engineers in the future. And so, for your sake, you better do everything in your power to secure that respectable intern position!

FAQs related Chemical Engineering Internships

How much do chemical engineer interns make?

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the median annual pay for a chemical engineer intern is $104,910 ($50.44 per hour). The number of  chemical engineering internship job is anticipated to rise by 6% over the next decade.

What do I need to get an internship in Chemical Engineering?

When applying for a chemical engineering internship, you’ll want to demonstrate your superior academic performance while also having previous data analysis and forecasting expertise. If you believe you have all of the answers, a chemical engineering internship might be the next step in your professional development and advancement.