Lucrative Chemical Engineering Jobs for Job-Seekers to Know

It goes without saying that the field of chemical engineering jobs one of the most lucrative and largest fields at present for job seekers! However, if you sit down and rummage through all the available job prospects, it can end up being one wild and inexact goose-chase!

To sort out suitable chemical engineering jobs, you need to take into consideration your career perspectives and preferences upon graduating.

If you share a fascination towards Mathematics, Physics, and Chemistry, then one career option which could prove good for you is chemical engineering!

But First – Let’s Dig Into the Field Of Chemical Engineering!

Chemical engineers work by applying the key principles of Biology, Physics, Mathematics, and Chemistry to troubleshoot and resolve arising from the use of food, drugs, and other industry-grade products! 

These experts mainly function in labs, specialised offices, industrial plants, refineries, and many other locations. And they have to monitor and direct operations along with solving all occurring on-site issues. 

Typically, chemical engineering jobs differ from location to location. So, safe to say its salary will also vary depending on the candidate’s interpersonal skill, work experience, and their daily tasks! 

According to the BLS or US Bureau of Labor Statistics, the median annual salary for chem engineers ranges from $66,340 to $1 03,899!  

To become a successful chemical engineer, aspiring candidates must have a Bachelor’s degree in chemical engineering or any similar field. 

In addition to this, most recruiters prefer candidates with years of work experience (both in theoretical and practical). 

For that, candidates must also give importance to securing as much experience from respective internships and cooperative chem engineering programs as possible. 

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How to Become a Chemical Engineer?

Firstly, students will have to procure a bachelor’s degree in chemical engineering (or any similar field). It usually takes 4 years to complete and aptly includes classroom lessons, field studies, real-time lab training, and familiarizing. 

As HS students wanting to pursue chemical engineering, they should take up Chemistry, Physics, Mathematics, and Biology. This will benefit them greatly for their higher studies.

However, there are lots of universities that allow students to take up a complete 5-year engineering program. It covers both their bachelor’s and Masters. 

Moreover, those universities also tend to provide quality internships/cooperative chem engineering programs to help students gain practical know-how and expertise in this field.

Typically, the ABET accredits most chem engineering programs involving Chemistry, Biology, Physics, Chemical analysis, and control courses, applying science concepts to designs and performing physical and biological processes. 

A Look at Potential Job Prospects for Chemical Engineers 

There is a forecast of 4-5% increase in demand for skillful and diligent chemical engineers from 2012 – 2022. 

The BLS or US Bureau of Labor Statistics further states –

With 2021 already begun, candidates can expect lots of lucrative positions in fields of manufacturing processes and chemical processes of various products in diverse industries!

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Looking Closer at Some Lucrative Chemical engineering jobs in 2021 For Aspiring Candidates

Chemical Plant System Operator 

The first in our list of lucrative chemical engineer jobs is a chemical plant system operator’s role! 

If you like this field, you will be happy to know that there will be many vacancies in manufacturing companies dealing with coating, pesticides, paint, soaps, sanitizers, body lotions, and antiseptic ointments, and so on!

The key role will include – 

  • Ensuring all lab and plant equipment is functioning optimally as per standards
  • Making tests and instructing all personnel on the proper way to use the equipment 
  • Running tests, troubleshooting arising issues, and even making or recommending specific adjustments for best results 

And so on!

Moreover, if you can handle these daily responsibilities diligently and (not risk blowing up the entire plant), then you can expect an appreciative annual median salary of $52 700!

Manufacturing Production Technician

Next in our list of top chemical engineering jobs for aspiring candidates is a manufacturing production technician’s role. In fact, many believe chemical goods manufacturing companies will offer the most number of jobs for chem-engineering grads!

Chosen candidates will have to work with machinery and equipment to process and manufacture raw materials. 

Some of them commonly include coal, iron, oil, and so on! Besides this, chosen candidates will also need to process the production of clothing, pesticides, medicines, and so on!

Their Daily Responsibilities Will Include –

  • Setting up the equipment and machinery and making sure all its safety regulations and measures are aptly met
  • Running tests to monitor equipment and even tweak its operations whenever necessary
  • Inspecting the quality of all final products and conduction inspections to ensure every customer’s needs are properly met

And so on!

Moreover, if you can meet all these daily responsibilities properly, you most certainly can expect a median annual salary of $61,800!

Food Scientist

The food manufacturing sector is another field that will pursuit diligent chemical engineers. One very popular position is the role off a food scientist

  • Chosen candidates will have to evaluate the overall nutritional content in the food along with its flavour, colour, and so on!
  • Furthermore, candidates will also need to merge their skills in Chemistry, Engineering, and Microbiology to inspect food samples, produce new products and even ensure all end results adhere to the govt and consumer ethics

If successful, the chosen candidates can expect a median annual pay of $50,500 easily!

Health Care & Environmental Engineer 

Moving on in our list of lucrative and respectful chemical engineering jobs for candidates is the position of a health care and environmental engineer!

Much to your delight, you will find lots of NGOs, and environmental consulting and waste management firms looking for promising chem engineers!

So, if you think you have what it takes to bring a noticeable difference in the betterment of your surrounding environment, then you can apply for this post. In most cases, you will find yourself functioning in areas relating to waste treatment, the environment, and pollution reduction!

The Daily Responsibilities Will Include –

  • Working conjointly with environmental/industrial engineers and senior scientists, and other chem engineers to diligently reduce negative impacts on the surrounding environment 
  • At times, you may also find yourself being an integral part in the development of fuel-efficient engines, air-management systems, and other machinery for automobiles 

Also, just so you know, while you work hard being highly motivated, you also make an appreciative median annual salary of $53,900!


The position of a biotechnologist is respectful, high-paying, and growth-guarantying. Besides that, biotechnologists play a pivotal role for various medical research facilities and pharmaceutical firms.

  • Chosen candidates in this biotechnology and medical venture have to come up with new drugs, vaccines, and artificial organs
  • They have to study, research and apply those key human genetic principles to live cells and create antibiotics, hormones, insulin, and so on using specialised biological techniques 

So, if you want to rid any dangers of viruses and disease, you can most certainly make a difference as a biotechnologist.

Moreover, if you can do it properly, you will most certainly be making a median annual salary of $50,300! 

To Sum Up

There you have it. Some top paying chemical engineering jobs for aspiring candidates. However, the path to become a good chemical engineer is never easy. 

Not only do you have to grind through its endless syllabus and practical training! You also need to work hard in developing and honing your –

  • Creativity
  • Analytical skills
  • Ingenuity
  • Interpersonal skills
  • Problem-solving skills
  • Mathematical proficiency
  • And most, importantly; your self-confidence

That said, if you think you have what it takes to succeed and make a good career out of it, then good on you!

You should start preparing for your chem engineering course curriculum from a reputed university. Also, you should think of enlisting help from the top tutoring services to give you the that decisive edge!

So, without procrastinating further, start searching for revered colleges/universities offering quality chemical engineering courses. And once you find it, do work hard and do everything in your power to turn your dream into a reality!

It’s how many before you have succeeded. And it’s how success will come to you as well!