Chemical Engineering Degree – Why Need It for A Bright Future in 2021?

Seeking the Right Career Path for A Bright Future in 2021? How About Becoming a Chemical Engineer!

Chemical engineering is quite a lucrative field for career seekers in 2021. More so, if you have an interest in Chemistry, Physics, and Mathematics! 

Yes, this career is not without its challenges. But, if you genuinely pursue this course of education, then you will come across lots of lucrative career choices in 2021 for a bright future!

So, What Is Chemical Engineering?

Simply put, the field of chemical engineering deals with the production and manufacture of chemical products via different chemical processes. 

This field involves designing special plant equipment, refining raw materials for systems, processes, and mixing. Furthermore, it also involves compounding chemicals to accomplish valuable end products!

In addition, chemical engineering holds a special position at the interface level in-between engineering and molecular science. 

The chief chemical engineering subjects include – chemistry, physics, mathematics and biology, and so on. 

Moreover, it also closely collaborates with certain engineering disciplines. They include as – computer science, civil engineering, mechanical engineering, material science, electrical engineering, and so on!

With proper use of all this subject knowledge along with proper on-project training, aspiring chemical engineers will find nonpareil opportunities to accomplish remarkable things in their respective fields. 

Chemical Engineers Spearhead Lots of New Developments In Different Fields!

Chemical engineering usually shares a link with natural gas, fuel combustion, and energy systems. 

Above all, they are most likely to spearhead newer developments in 2021 in ventures like –

  • Microelectronics
  • Biotechnology
  • Medicine
  • Consumer products
  • Manufacturing
  • Advanced materials 
  • Energy
  • Environmental solutions 

And so on! 

But that’s not all. 

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Many newer generations of skillful chemical engineers with entrepreneur training are initiating lots of innovative business. 

In fact, examples reveal many chemical engineers serving as leading business CEOs like the following –

  • General Electric
  • Union Carbide
  • 3M
  • DuPont 
  • Intel
  • Texaco
  • Exxon
  • Gulf

And so on!

What’s more, candidates with UG and a graduate degree in chemical engineering; get opportunities to work in many other fields. 

Besides the aforementioned ones, the other fields in the discussion are –

  • Academic
  • Law
  • Medicine
  • Consulting
  • Finance 

And so on!

You, as an aspiring candidate, can check the AIChE – American Institute of Chemical Engineers. It is mainly an online database that enlists firms and companies seeking prolific chemical engineers to work for them. 

In addition, you can also visit the Chemical Engineers in Action website, which reveals various jobs that skillful chemical engineers need to do!

Using both these resources will most certainly help you make sense of a lot of things. Plus, it may also help you plan the best move forward for your bright career in 2021!

What Does The BLS Say About The Responsibilities Of Chemical Engineers?

As per the BLS or US Bureau of Labor Statistics

Chemical engineers aptly merge the fundamentals of chemistry, biology, physics, and mathematics to resolve issues concerning the use and produce of fuel, drugs, food, chemicals, and so on!

These chem engineers have to function in many different fields. Some of the common ones include – working at a petroleum refinery where crude oil morphs into gasoline, diesel, jet fuel, solvents, lubricating oils, petrochemicals, and so on! 

In addition, they serve at various large-scale fertilizer plants to produce ammonia nitrate or at personal care companies to create shampoos, skin lotions, moisturiser creams, antiseptic lotions, and so on!

If you seek a hands-on career, then the field of chemical engineering will never disappoint. 

To satiate your desire for doing practical work; you will also find lots of prospects in aerospace, military industries, biomedical, and other industries where such experts have to troubleshoot tech products like –

  • Optoelectronic contraptions
  • Biocompatible prosthetic materials
  • Adhesives for vehicles 

And so on!

What’s great about each of these positions is that they all have big salaries and growth prospects! 

2021 will, of course, have lots of positions for skillful chemical engineers in these ventures. The median chemical engineering salary (per annum) ranges from $66,340 to $103899! In fact, even entry-level chemical engineers make $33.09 to $41.49 per hour!


Digging Into Its Educational Requirements 

Simply put, chemical engineering requires in-depth knowledge in chemistry. Plus, it combines it with economic and engineering concepts to troubleshoot and resolve various technological issues. 

You will also require key skills in chemical engineering, which only comes with a sound understanding of mechanical engineering, chemistry, and fluid dynamics. You may also require additional know-how in structural engineering for large-scale firms. 

As a chemical engineer, you will need CAD- computer-aided design systems to help create chemical equipment and plants along with easy tweaking of designs whenever necessary!

Furthermore, as a Bachelor of Chemical Engineering wanting to do Masters in the same; you will need to lots of theoretical and practical work in labs and industrial-grade equipment! Besides that, you will also get the scope to learn a lot about environmental, financial, and ethical problems in relation to the field of chemical engineering. 

Also, if you aim for a minor course with your chemical engineering course degree, you can take up Physics and mathematics. 

Looking Into the Future Prospects of Chemical Engineers

According to the 10-year employment forecast of the BLS –

Employment opportunities for chemical engineers will spike by 4-5% between the years 2012 – 2022! And despite its slow rate of growth in comparison to the other professionals, the BLS establishes that skillful candidates with proper knowledge on the latest tech developments in the field will have lots of lucrative opportunities.

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So… Is Chemical Engineering Worth The Effort?

It most certainly is! Truth be told, chemical engineers will have to spend most of their time working at industrial plants and oil refineries. However, on occasions, chemical engineers even have to travel to both domestic and foreign worksites designing equipment and implementing newer designs.

Another interesting part of being a chemical engineer is that you won’t have regular functioning hours. Depending on specific project deadlines and production targets, you may have to put in long hours. Approximately, a chemical engineer may have to function for a good 40 hours a week.

As for entry-level chem engineers, they will receive lots of initial training both via classrooms and seminars. The course of their training will continue till they earn the right amount of experience and knowledge. Once they’re promoted to function at a higher position, they will receive more independence to carry out their duties. 

Regardless of the hours of work they have to do and the initial training drills which entry-level practitioners get – they will always get an appreciatively high salary.

That is what will make all their effort, dedication, and hard work worth it!

To Sum Up

The field of chemical engineering is indeed a fascinating one! At every turn of your profession, you will come across something new or unique. That said, if that’s precisely the kind of career you want, then you might as well start thinking about procuring a chem engineering Bachelor’s degree from a reputed university!

Above all, the chemical engineer syllabus and curriculum will not be easy. It will require lots of commitment, dedication, and hours of repeated hard work to succeed. Plus, you also need to pay attention to all mandatory safety procedures in labs or when handling industrial equipment to prevent any mishaps or accidents!

Fortunately for you, there are plenty of quality educational facilities known to impart quality learning for chem engineering students. Also, there are lots of online tutoring services that you can use if you need additional assistance!

The future looks bright for all chemical engineering students in 2021. Lots of job prospects exist with good salaries and growth-guarantees. 

It’s all up to you to study hard, get your degree, and apply for the job which you feel most comfortable doing.

So, what are you waiting for? Pick up the slacks and start preparing for your chemical engineering course degree from a revered institution today!