Top 10 Coding Websites For Kids To Learn Programming In Easy Way

Technology is all over the place. Coding is an important language skill for both children and adults. Code learning, in particular, fosters technical literacy and problem-solving abilities, as well as increasing job opportunities for children in the future. Coding websites for kids allow us to teach kids how to code in a fun and easy way.

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It may be difficult for parents to teach programming to their children who have no prior experience. Learning to code is similar to learning a new language. Young children can learn languages faster than adults because their brains are wired to learn, so they can grasp the coding concept quickly.

Fortunately, many children’s technologies, such as games and coding software, are capable of simple programming and are easily understood by those who are new to coding.

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What is Coding for kids?

Coding for kids refers to a variety of types of coding for children. Children’s coding is usually playful, so code learning is enjoyable for them! This ability has numerous benefits and endless possibilities, particularly for children.

Okay, coding, also known as computer programming, is a fantastic way to tell a machine how to perform a task in their understandable language. Although it is difficult to imagine a young mind learning something so complex, it is true. We should, however, thank other sources, such as coding summer camps, forums, tutors, and toys, for making coding fun and digestible for children.
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What is the code learning age for kids?

Are you perplexed that your children are learning to code at such a young age? Do you wonder if your child is old enough to learn coding and ask the right questions? What is the appropriate age for your children to begin learning to code? Then perhaps there will be answers to these questions.

Children as young as four or five will begin their career exploration by learning basic programming concepts, as code can be played out. Children can begin to learn functional coding by using visual block interfaces, free apps or game sites, or age-appropriate text coding classes.

Coding websites for kids are a popular way for children to learn to code, but which one is best for your child? There are numerous free and paid websites for kids to explore, but we’ve narrowed it down to our favourites.

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Top coding websites for kids in our lists as follow:

Elementary School
Code Combat
Middle School
App Inventor
Code Avengers
High School
Khan Academy – Computer Programming

Coding Websites for Kids of Elementary School 

Code Combat

Age limit: 5-17 years.Code-Combat
Price:        Core level free, higher-level require a monthly subscription.

Code Combat is a Python and JavaScript code-learning computer game that uses text-based coding. Children play at different RPG levels (RPG) and learn to code through Python and JavaScript.

There are numerous examples and levels to investigate in order to encourage children to learn more and face challenges in coding.
The creators of Code Combat will provide you with course guides and a wiki if you are an instructor. You also sell a course in a box of content that can be applied to your curriculum for a semester.

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Kodable app logo

Age limit: 4-11 years.
Price: Basic curriculum free. The advanced program and access to every computer are included in a parent package for a flat fee.

Kodable  aspires to teach fundamental of computer science in child-friendly self-managed classes. Students will create and play adorable roles.

Beginning with kindergarten coding games, the student progresses to JavaScript reading and writing. They create their own characters along the way, set standards, and accept other coders.

Each unit consists of an instructor’s script, an unrelated task, a specific exercise, and a type of test or questionnaire. Kodable is an excellent tool for students transitioning from block programming to real code.


blockly games app

Age limit:  Eight plus
Price:          Free of cost

Blockly discusses the principles of programming. This application uses block-based JavaScript programming methods. You just link code and do not get missing pieces under your sofa. This is like making a puzzle.

The puzzle pieces are displayed on the screen, and the goal is to solve the puzzle to complete the game’s “history.” Every piece of the puzzle, like a paragraph in a novel, is a block of code. Children can create a code sequence by dragging and dropping the pieces into a puzzle. As long as you can read it, your child can learn block code.

Overall, Blockly is a straightforward, simple website for children with no coding experience. Their goal is to prepare children for language learning through traditional text programming.

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Age limit: 8-16 years old.
Price:         Free of cost

Scratch is the method for primary school coding program. It is a free children’s website created by the MIT Media Lab. Scratch consists of snap-in graphic blocks and is a programming language.

Scratch also has a large online community where children can programme and communicate interactive media, such as stories, games, and animations, with people from all over the world. The Scratch platform is specifically for children aged 8 to 16. Scratch-Jr, a simplified version of Scratch for children aged 5 to 7, is also available for young children.

Scratch is in our programming list because it is suitable for young children to improve their ability to solve problems, communicate, and argue. It does not teach actual language coding, but it is a step toward programming computers and languages.

Coding Websites for Kids of Middle School

 Avengers Code

code-avengers logo

Age Limit: 12 plus years of age.
Prices:        A free trial is available for a limited time or a monthly subscription.

Avengers Code is a platform for coding. This programme enables children to use self-paced textual lessons in particular. The course covers Python scripting, design and editing, HTML & CSS, and JavaScript.

In advance, children work with lessons, debug code, and challenges. During your training, Code Avengers will automatically track your child’s progress. You have a Parent Dashboard to track your children’s progress in their classes, plans, and concepts.

If a problem arises, children may be able to obtain technical and online assistance. Many other self-paced programmes can do without this type of live assistance.

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LightBot logo

Age limit: No age restriction.
Price:         Free trial. Later based on the course monthly and yearly fees charged.

LightBot uses coding to solve puzzles for children. It’s a coding puzzle game in which you can programme logic while playing in secret.

Children will learn the sequence, overloading, procedures, recursive loops, and so on without even realising it. The games, like Minecraft, feature a robot and bricks. LightBot was created for first-time coders and is easy to use for beginners.

App Inventor

App Inventor logo

Age Limit:13 plus-year-old.
Price:          Free of charge.

The App Inventor is an IOS device developer’s visual block language. They have videos and lessons in a children’s box on their website.

Google created the App Inventor at first. For Android devices, this coding app can only be configured by device movement. It’s like programming with bricks. The course begins with the creation of an App Inventor and progresses to the development of more complex Android apps. Students learn how to use Device Inventor to create and distribute smartphone applications. It’s educational, simple, and enjoyable.

MIT now hosts the online App Inventor, which is good for us because it is free. They send refined and compiled instruction within a single box containing video and texts for students. Rather than keeping children away from their devices, the Maker Software allows them to reach the phone.

Coding Websites for Kids of Higher Secondary School

Khan Academy – Computer Programming

Khan Academy – Computer Programming

Age Limit: 13 plus.
Price:           Free of charge

Khan Academy provides free online instruction, material and professional services. Khan Academy has a computer programming training session in XML, PHP, Text & CSS, HTML & XML and SQL.

Each of these courses provides an overview of how to develop professional skills. In addition, there are interviews with 11 computer engineers from various industries around the world. There’s a piece called “Meet the Experts.”

Khan Academy’s classes are typically delivered via video, but for its programming courses, it employs “talk-throughs,” which are more immersive than a standard recording. The student can decipher the video and code on the screen by speaking. The code is playable by the player. The issues and projects are tracked step by step through discussions. They’re both coding at the moment. Finally, there is a section where students can share projects, leave comments, and ask questions.

The software region of the group is an open forum. The design of the computer course is ideally suited for high school students and parents, but a professional advisor would potentially work with mentorship.

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pluralsight logo

Age Limit: 14 years and older.
Price:          Subscription monthly.

Pluralsight offers one of the biggest online coding courses available for new and aspiring developers. For more than 50 different expert classes, seven directions are arranged. Through direction requires the fundamentals of an application or subject such as Ruby, JavaScript, HTML & CSS, iOS and databases. While you are involved in your kids, you should also learn about IT, data and cybersecurity.

Every lesson includes a plot that plays on the content of the lessons. Video training is provided and coding tasks are improved. The courses include qualifications and assessments, the standardisation of ideas and an online discussion committee to answer students ‘ questions.


Glitch logo

Age Limit: 13 plus
Price:           Free of cost

Glitch is a simple way to create web applications. They build and simplify software for developers to allow older kids to learn to code. Glitch coding ensures that a vast amount of users will work on Google Docs together in the same period. There is no configuration available and you can see live updates on the web as you write. Students can create their site with simple, but powerful tools and combine languages and frameworks projects.

Children can collaborate on projects or a team. It’s simple and fun to chat in Glitch language. Not just this, they are assisted at any level by a community of developers.
Students do not need to worry about server configuration and fussing. You will now build industry-standard technology from start to finish.

Final Words

If you search for coding websites for kids, you will find a plethora of options. Choose one to continue based on your child’s age and interests. The opportunities are endless! So, what are you holding out for? If you have any questions about code learning, please leave them in the comments section. We will get back to you as soon as possible.

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