Top 10 Trending Computer Programming Jobs To Watch Out For

Jobs in the programming sector are in high demand and prospects are increasing day by day. If you work really hard, you will have a stellar career in programming. Although some people say the sector is populated, there are ample career opportunities in computer programming jobs.

Perhaps you have enjoyed solving puzzles or trying to decipher codes. You may know how to learn languages. You are so obsessed with your desktop that you pull the cover off and start tinkering. If so, computer programming jobs may be a perfect career choice for you.

Information technology majors must be capable of thinking analytically, but must still be adequately informative for fixing errors. In order to determine the specifications and share specific knowledge in a clear language, they need to be able to communicate well with other people.

Nevertheless, not all computer programming job is the same. You can continue a good programming career if you are aware of which positions are on demand.

Since it is difficult to land a programming gig, consider concentrating on one of the areas to increase your chances of landing a coding job.

Here is a list of 10 types of highly demanded computer programming jobs.

Coding jobs: The Creation of Software

Software development is a huge field with so many opportunities for a job. While applying for software developer jobs think about seriously these opportunities in mind.

01. Software Engineer

Software engineering is an IT sector that covers software and computer product development and construction. Applications for computing systems consist of applications from database systems and operating systems.

Software engineers are familiar with

  • Programming language and Coding
  • Software application
  • Computer operating systems
  • Apply the concepts of engineering to software creation.
  • The knowledge of languages like C, C#, Python, Java, Ruby, and C++. 

Due to the digitisation, the demand for a software engineer is huge. Lots of investment is going on this sector due to rising dependency on mobile technologies, equity capital-funded start-ups, increasing technical sophistication and developing industries. There appears to be no end to the need for professional software engineers.

Approx Salary:  A software engineer has an average annual salary of $109,342 in the USA and $4,000 in cash bonuses per year.

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02. Cloud Engineer

A cloud engineer is an IT specialist concerned for all cloud-related technological tasks such as design, planning, management, maintenance and support.

The work of the cloud engineer can be divided into many positions as follow

  • Cloud architect
  • Cloud software engineer
  • Cloud security engineer
  • Cloud networking engineer
  • Cloud systems engineer

The programming languages such as Java, Python and Ruby will become common to cloud technicians. Many companies seek experience with Open Stack, Linux, Amazon Web Services, Rack space, Google Compute, Microsoft Azure and Docker for hiring cloud engineers.

Approx Salary: A typical wage of cloud engineers ranges from $104K to $145K and according to Zip Recruiter can be as much as $250K.

03. Database Engineer

Database engineers, who function as software developers or programmers for programs, are usually hired to build and track large databases by information technology firms. They must ensure a database is accessible and that accurate and correct information is given.

A database engineer requires a comprehensive understanding of computer software, database technologies, and programming. Database engineer handles the knowledge flow of a client. They develop and maintain a database which provides informative and pertinent information to other personnel in the organisation. Financial services companies, health providers, and other organisations requiring large amounts of information may hire database engineers.

Approx Salary: Database engineer average salaries may vary from $103,000 to $110,000 annually.

Coding jobs: Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence technology is one of the top paid occupations in computer programming jobs. Anyone can pursue this job. There is a strong workforce, talent-based businesses and a high entry limit. You will be in this field of profession for yourself if you are passionate about the future of technology.


04. Machine learning Engineer

Machine learning includes the scaling of broad data sets of computer analysis algorithms. Data engineers or machine learning engineers also collaborate alongside data scientists. A data scientist determines the laws of participation in a data set and gives feedback to key players.

Machine learning engineers can ensure that the models that data scientists run are always effective, always absorbing huge amounts of real-time data to increase the accuracy of the models. You use programming frameworks and Big Data tools to ensure that the raw data pipelines collected by the company are always ready to work on refined models in the background.

A machine learning engineer must have the following qualities

  • Computer Science Fundamentals and Programming
  • Knowledge of Probability and Statistics
  • The capability of Data Modelling and Evaluation
  • Applying Machine Learning Algorithms and Libraries
  • Knowledge of Software Engineering and System Design

Approx Salary: The annual national wage for machine learning engineer is $114,121.

05. Data Scientist

Data scientists are large-scale data scrambler who accumulate and analyse vast collections of organised and unstructured data. A data scientist combines the knowledge of computer science, statistics and mathematics. Then they analyse and processes the results and model data. Finally, create action plans for businesses and other organisations.

Information scientists are scientific professionals who use their expertise to identify and handle patterns in technology and social science. They use industry knowledge, contextual understanding and doubt to identify solutions for problems.

A data scientist must have the following skills

  • Scheduling
  • Techniques for Machine Learning
  • Visualising and recording the results
  • Review of Threats
  • Mathematical and statistical analysis
  • Communication Effective
  • Skills in information development
  • Cutting, purification and munging details

Approx Salary: Data Scientist on an average earns approximately $118,370 per year.

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06. Deep Learning Engineers

Deep learning engineers are a computer scientist of some kind. Specific computing functions related to artificial intelligence using deep learning frameworks. Their objective is to develop systems to copy the function of the brain. The deep learning systems run devices without human guidance. That is the goal of a deep learning engineer.

Developing system and software architecture plans and deciding how to implement the machinery and systems will require deep learning technology engineers. They are responsible for designing technologies that can effectively move data to guide areas of the neural grid to work properly and write complex computer programming code.

A deep learning engineer must have the following skills

  • Strong analysis skills in systems review
  • Strong communication abilities in oral communication
  • Documented management skills for analysis reporting and report planning
  • Computer expert programming know-how
  • A wide array of programming systems and frameworks, such as Python, Matlab, Ubuntu and C++
  • Strong maths skill and methods for problem-solving

Approx Salary: For these workers, recorded an estimated annual salary of $81,189 in 2020.

07. Computer Hardware Engineer

The design, development and testing of computer components such as motherboards, routers, RAM and memory devices is the responsibility of computer hardware engineers.

Computer hardware engineers need to combine creativity and technical expertise. They will be passionate students who keep up with the changing developments in the field to build hardware that can suit the new programs and applications.

Computer engineering engineers must persevere time and time again to run rigorous device checks and make sure the equipment performs as it should.

Approx Salary: According to BLS, the median income of computer hardware manufacturers is $117,220, and jobs were projected to rise by 6% from 2019 to 2020.

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08. Mobile App Developer:

You already have a smartphone; maybe you have more than one. There are apps, games and operating systems which require programming, whether you have an Android device or an Apple product. Web developers are seeking to follow this criterion.

When you want this computing profession, you will follow lots of routes. For Android or iOS, you can download. You can write productivity programs, games or operating system code. Tablets have become increasingly popular with programmers who can code in these handheld formats. In Java for Android and Swift, web developers code applications for iOS.

Approx Salary: The average salary for All mobile device developers is $107,000 a year. The highest salary for the iOS app developer is $139,000 / year.

09. Web Developer

A software developer is a programmer specialising in or specifically engaged in building global web applications using a client-server model. In programs of HTML, CSS and JavaScript, it is popular in browsers such as PHP, ASP.NET, Python and/or Apache on a host, and in HTTP in communication between the client and the server. Web developer develops and maintains online content and data.

There are mainly two types of web developer

  • Front end web developer
  • Back end web developer

A developer from the front end gives life to web apps. These coders offer the look of a mobile app and its complex capabilities. Thanks to the number of Internet apps that are a part of daily life, Front End Developers are on call. No evidence of slowdown is available. You can expect lots of job opportunities from web developing field.

A back-end developer handles the concept and details for the mobile app. While the front end developer codes the design, layout and interactive features of a web application. Back-end developers consider how a web application communicates with the server and how the client loads the details. It’s the web production technological side.

Every web application needs someone who can script the server code.

Approx Salary: The web developer’s average salary in the USA is $77472 per year.

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10. Computer System Analyst

In order to increase the productivity of the company, computer system analysts examine the information infrastructure of an organisation and propose hardware and software improvements.

Since the job calls for regular communication with managers and employees, IT analysts need great organisational skills. System analysts will be able to advise managers and executives to implement technology strategies for company purposes.

Programs analysts do require the enthusiasm and desire to know constantly to track developments in cutting-edge technology and analysis systems.

In order to understand what is right for the whole company, Machine analysts require market experience. Company analysts or analysts in business processes are related work names. Among all computer programming jobs, analysts job is a little bit different one.

Approx Salary: The median income among Computer Systems Analysts is $90,920 approx.


Such 10 computer programming jobs are widely expected and give the worker limitless opportunity. You can look further into each of these jobs if you are involved in them instantly. Personal involvement will motivate you to become a coding expert.