List of Top 21 Courses after 12th Commerce Your Way To Success

It has been noticed that student after passing class 12 exam faces great difficulties while choosing a right career option. Before going into the discussion about, top 21 courses after 12th Commerce, have a look.

What is Commerce?

Business-related study means Commerce. It covers the economical part, the legal part, the social element. A commerce student knows the trade and trade-related fundamentals. 

Business activities include interchange of goods and services, commodities on a larger scale. Commerce is a vast field of research after class 12 and has excellent career opportunities.

After class 12, many possibilities await you. Commerce provides the best courses after 12th Commerce. Commerce offers a variety of career options, particularly for students interested in business-related fields. If your child is interested in doing business, trade is the best study area.

A few of the best courses after 12th Commerce are listed and described below


B.Com is the short form of Bachelor of Commerce. The most popular course pursued by the students who passed class 12 with Commerce. There are so many reasons to pursue B.Com.

The primary reason is the simplicity of the course. This course is not difficult to understand and pursue it. The other reason for the popularity of this course is the future opportunity. This degree could be considered as the gateway to the full possibility of higher studies.

Different private and government institutes are offering this B.Com course. The duration of this course is three years. The job opportunities are vast enough both for the individual and government sectors.

The students can pursue the B.Com in mathematics, economics, entrepreneurship, marketing, income tax. (I.T.) and computer application, corporate accounting, business regulatory framework, business communications, company law, business environment, statistics, management accounting, auditing, insurance and banking, H.R.M., etc.

C.A. (Chartered Accountancy)

The C.A.’s responsibility is to balance between the company or the business affairs with the Govt. laws. Their primary responsibilities are to prepare financial reports, auditing, and managing tax affairs.

After passing out the class 12 exam, the students need to qualify C.P.T. held by ICAI. C.A.’s major subjects are corporate law, tax law, accounting, business communication, economics, tax laws, business laws, taxation, and financial management.


Previously the minimum eligibility for pursuing L.L.B. was graduation. Now with improvising of the new law, a class 12 pass out also can continue the L.L.B. They need to seek integrated courses of law.

These courses are combined with the degree course and conventional law courses. Without law, nothing can be regulated. So, the job opportunity is increasing with the progress of the nation.

The major law subjects are banking law, Constitutional law, property law, environmental law, family law, consumer protection law, international public law, industry, labor law, administrative law, and human rights. Numbers of Mot Court Sessions are mandatory with the theory papers.


Bachelor of Business Administration is a three years course. To get a managerial post in the recognized organizations, this is the most suitable course. Other than that, many M.N.C.s are also hiring large numbers of B.B.A. fresher’s in respectable positions.

The primary subjects of B.B.A. are statistics, financial management, H.R.M., accounting, entrepreneurship skills, marketing, business communication, and economics.

Bachelor of Economics

This field is an excellent course, especially to get a dignified job in both private and govt. Sectors. The primary subjects of Bachelor of Economics are banking economics, regional economics, agricultural economics, industrial economics; international trade; macroeconomics, principles of economics, Indian economics, and public finance.

C.S. (Company Secretary) course

The company needs to have C.S. continue the business activities in the direction and accordance with the govt Implemented laws. The entrance and the course curriculum are regulated by ICSI or the Institute of Company Secretaries of India. Executive, foundation, and professional programs are the primary curriculum of this course.

Hospitality Diploma courses

For pursuing this course, the minimum eligibility criteria are class 10. This course is precisely job-focused. The major routes are accounting, food processing, communication skills, H.R.M., travel management, maintenance, and house-keeping, and front office operations.

Journalism and Mass Communication

The tenure of this course is one to three years based on the curriculum. This course has both the formats of degree and diploma. The job opportunity is widely diversified in digital and print media. This course’s primary subjects are mass communication, editing, translation and languages, reporting, print media, communication skills, electronic media, and media ethics.

Animation and Multimedia Courses

The duration of this course varies from six months to three years. The job opportunities are limited, but the competent performer can get a vast career exposure in this field. Now a day, the career opportunity is growing with the successful release of animated movies and series.

Event Management course

The duration of this course differs from one to three years. The career options are still growing in this sector. Large numbers of institutions are offering the course to pursue. This course’s major subjects are planning, business law, public relations, advertisement and marketing, accounting, and detailed study on the main events.

Fashion Design and Technology

This field of study provides vast career opportunities. The key to success in such an area is to be creative and fond of fashion. The design includes accessories, designing, apparel designing, and many more.

Diploma and degree certification are available for this course. Depending on the course curriculum, the duration of the course differs from one year to four years. After completing the course, the student can start a career in any private fashion house or start their fashion outlet.

Hotel Management

Hotel management is a job-focused fabulous course. This degree provides vast job opportunities. In this field of study, degree certification is more valuable than diploma certification. The duration of hotel management is four years. Job opportunities are available both in Govt. and Pvt. Sectors.

The main courses are foreign languages, communication skills, accounting, management, front office operation, food production, food science and nutrition, front office operation and marketing, and public management.

Actuarial Science 

This study is a combination of statistics and mathematics. This course is used to identify the associated risks in the finance and insurance sectors. Institute of Actuaries of India organizes every particular related to the class. The students need to clear the entrance exam (ACET).

Then the students will be considered eligible for pursuing the course. The course comprises of 4 different stages. They are core technical, core technical (specialized), core application, and core application (dedicated). The duration is not limited, like the C.A. course.

Bachelor of Statistics

Bachelor of Statistics might be the best option for people fascinated by mathematics and want to establish their careers in mathematics. Indian Statistical Institute will allow the entrance exam and job-related matter. Permutation, probability, combination method, and statistical methods come under the bachelor of statistics.


BID, a degree course, stands for Bachelor of Interior Designing. The duration of this design course is 3-years. The main three things to pursue B.I.D. are creativity, passion, and a sense of designing. Any class 12 can continue this interior design. This course provides a vast future opportunity and good earning.


Certified Management Accountant comprises of 3 different levels. They are,

[mks_icon icon=”fa-arrow-right” color=”#000000″ type=”fa”]Foundation

[mks_icon icon=”fa-arrow-right” color=”#000000″ type=”fa”]Intermediate

[mks_icon icon=”fa-arrow-right” color=”#000000″ type=”fa”]Final

This course duration is two to three years. The job future for this course is excellent. During this course, the focus remains on the practical sessions.


Bachelor of Computer Application is a three years regular course. Several Pvt. and Govt. institutions offer a B.C.A. course. This course’s primary focus is on the I.T. system, O.S., computer software, hardware, web development, and networking. This course gives ample opportunities for jobs.


Bachelor of Vocation is technically a training course of vocation. Students mainly enhanced their skill development, which is domain or industry-specific. The duration of this course is three years. The entry and exit of this course are quite flexible.

The Special Education Courses

The commerce students after their class 12 can pursue a unique education program like D.Ed. And B.Ed. This course will guide them to become a teacher with their specialized subjects.


Bachelor of Management Studies is an education program of management. You would get the administrative or managerial jobs in different corporate sectors.

I.T.I. Courses after 12th Commerce

The full form of I.T.I. is an industrial training institute. These courses are organized by the DGET – Directorate General of Employment and Training. I.T.I. Courses are vocational training courses. The main aim is to encourage students in small scale business. Also, students become job-ready after completing the course.

These course durations are from six months to two years. One can get jobs in Govt sectors as well as public areas. Course fees are also not too much (ranging from Rs10,000 to Rs16,000 approx).

Final Words

There are lots of career opportunities are waiting for you after qualifying class 12 with Commerce. The articles listed and described a few of the best courses after 12th Commerce. If one has the desire for success, one can pursue anyone’s courses mentioned above.

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