Exploring the Top-Rated Available Courses Of Khan Academy

Are you getting confused while finding courses of Khan Academy for online learning? The khan academy has many resources that you find on the website. The resolution of the team especially describes the benefits of choosing the right career option. Moreover, the khan academy institute also assures several job training at different levels. In this post, look at the available courses of Khan Academy in details.

The resources on the Khan Academy website are becoming more relevant nowadays as it organizes free, world-class online education. There are many community questions discussed in the live chats. Therefore, the students learn about the recent conditions with all updated information on different subjects.

The khan academy is very efficient and effective at its work. Moreover, they provide a system that tracks students and ensures progress in learning. Thus, the team offers several courses that run in any device.

They have a team of professional educators who have experienced teaching for years in the academy. Moreover, they also teach in several languages, so it is easy for the students to understand the concepts. Sometimes, You might have trouble loading external resources. However, you will never have problems in learning courses.

What is Unit Mastery?

Unit Mastery is a system in which you get points on answering several questions. Therefore, there are many types of questions asked, such as multiple-choice questions, MCQs, quizzes, unit tests, course challenges. You get 100 mastery points, which are recorded in your skills column. Therefore, the level of the skills increases as you keep answering correctly.

Mastery is difficult; you need to earn points to get into the highest level. Moreover, the Mastery system is very beneficial as the students enjoy the system of learning to achieve points. Therefore, there are different courses that the Unit Mastery system of learning conducts. Here are some benefits of enabling mastery to the courses of khan academy-

  • You can identify your strategy with the help of mastery points. Moreover, you keep on trying to achieve points to fill your overall fraction, which shows your dedication in studies.
  • You get a percentage which shows that you have done mastery in that course.

What are the courses in khan academy? 

The khan academy enforces different career options. Hence, you get to know about different concepts and theories which are a part of your syllabus. The teachers make the easiest way to explain harder concepts.

The Khan Academy courses give well planned and trustworthy content. Well experienced teachers from different background along with subject matter expert jointly create these contents. Students can very much interact with their peers and teachers about any topics.

The top educators test your knowledge by assigning different assignments, mock tests, practical, and many more developing strategies to recognize the students’ knowledge of the skills. Therefore, let us see the list of courses of khan academy:


This course focuses on the economic conditions of the regions. The concepts of basic economics are economic growth, GDP, Production Possibility Curve, demand and supply, market equilibrium, elasticity, consumer behaviour, consumer theory, forms of competition, factor market.


You get courses in Chemistry, Biology, and Physics. It is your choice to choose which one as per your concern.

In Chemistry, you get to know about several compounds and reactions of chemicals. Different chemistry courses are on Organic chemistry, Chemical reactions and stoichiometry, Chemical bonds, Electronic structure of atoms, Periodic table, Chemical equilibrium, Acids and Bases, Buffers, titrations, and solubility equilibria, and many more.

In Biology, you get to know about living life and the living organisms in this diverse world. They provide courses on the elementary level as well as high school biology. The topics are Chemistry of life, Cell structure and function, cell communication and cell cycle, Heredity, Gene expression and regulation, Ecology, and many more.

In Physics, you learn about the study of force, matter, motion, and energy. The topics in the physics courses are One-dimensional motion, two-dimensional motion, Forces and Newton’s laws of motion, Work power and energy, momentum( linear and angular) and their impact, Oscillations and mechanical waves, Thermodynamics, Electric charge, field, potential and circuit, Magnetic forces, magnetic fields, and Faraday’s law, Special theory relativity, Quantum physics, Optics and many more.


The Humanities are becoming the most prominent subjects in today’s generation. There are many career options if you choose Humanities. They divide the Humanities course into three parts, namely US govt and Civics, US History, and World history.


There is higher education in terms of maths. If you have skills in this course and abilities like instant solving of problems, critical thinking skill, then you must go with maths.

Khan Academy provides both types of math courses topic wise as well as a grade level. Different topic wise math courses are early math, arithmetic, pre-algebra, algebra 1, algebra 2, linear algebra, geometry, statistic & probability, trigonometry, calculus, differential equation etc.

Similarly, grade-wise they provide preschool math, kindergarten math, 1st grade to 8th-grade homeschool math curriculum, high school math and many more.

Final Words

You get a higher level of education in the courses of khan academy, which also comes with certification. Moreover, they ensure development in skills and knowledge of the students and aspirants who are specialized to take training for better job opportunities.

Teachers also get benefit from these courses mentioned above. Student engagement increases very much with these courses. There are many more websites like Khan Academy, who also offer online courses. You can find those courses also in our other posts. So, don’t forget to visit this website again.