Digital Learning The New Trend Is The Future Of Online Education

The digital learning is an software based learning system that offers learners, instructors, parents and administrators access not only within the classroom but outside also. Digital learning includes common communication tools, knowledge and services that helps immensely in instructional practice.

This includes mixed learning, flipped learning, personalised learning and other strategies that rely on small or large-scale digital learning tools. When used correctly, it can significantly minimise IT and administration costs, reduce the workload of teachers, and enhance learning and teaching experience.

Printed textbooks have been used for years but today, certain publishers have made intensive efforts to shift their digital educational platforms from printed study material to digital tools. As a result of this change, content becomes more interactive, engaging, and lively with obvious advantages.

It comprises customised learning technologies integrated into a digital textbook. This also can be individualised to meet the requirements of a particular class by a teacher. They can be easily used on any computer and usually include problems, games and tests to keep students engaged and active.

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Digital learning: an appropriate methodology

One of the greatest advantages of digital learning is its ability to give the classroom a livelihood with many features that benefit not only students but also the teachers.

These platforms not only work well with students in mastering content, but they also prepare them for future courses and jobs with technical knowledge and skills.

There are many advantages to innovative technology and personalised learning integrated within these platforms.

9 essential advantages of digital learning platforms

These platforms continue to grow across a broad range of educational institutions, from primary schools to universities.

1 Improved contact and intelligence organisation

It can help a school ensure that each student, parent, teacher, and administrator can access whenever they need information.

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2 More involvement of parents

Through this, parents may become better informed about their child’s progress and school updates, and eventually, the student receives more help in their parents to continue their education.

3 More personal learning opportunities

The use of these platforms leads to a greater range of learning resources so that independent learners get more support and motivation.

4 Improving educational quality and diversity

Online learning platforms enable teachers to add or replace the textbook with a variety of learning and educational resources both in the classroom and online.

5 Greater interaction and collaboration opportunities

The integration of skills and resources and increased communication between students and schools and teachers are some of the most remarkable benefits of this network.

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6 Using the time of teachers to produce successful outcomes

Digital learning systems provide administrators and teachers with multiple advantages by automating activities that they need to do regularly. As a result, schools have more time to focus on their core activities.

7 Smoothing strategic leadership and teaching organisational development

The education sector will benefit from quicker and clearer communication among all those involved in education with the assistance of modern digital learning platforms.

8 Enhanced student performance and behaviour monitoring

Attendance of students in the classroom starts to increase. Students involve themselves more in digital learning. This induces more positive behaviour among the students.

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9 Develop the identity of the school and community

These platforms help to enhance school democracy and provide their students with a voice that usually leads to a convincing sense of school community.

Digital learning vs traditional learning

Although the idea of digital learning is a common one in the West, other countries are also  gradually taking big forward steps. These countries are slowly developing high quality digital platforms that enable students and professionals to achieve their academic goals.

Generally, traditional education refers to Customary or conventional education. The main aim of traditional education is to teach the necessary values, skills and social practice to the next generation. The students learn the customs and the tradition of the society in which they live. Students get traditional learning only through oral recitation.

Nonetheless, there are still concerns. Are these interactive learning tools enough for a student to learn? Will technology erase an educator’s physical touch? Is it really difficult for them to shift the conventional learning method to a digital platform?

Two of the most renowned digital learning platform are Idaho Digital Learning Alliance and Indiana Digital Learning School.

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Current Scenario

As people’s needs change, the education system must also change. Education had to grow as the needs grew. If education did not develop, it would be difficult to meet today’s needs. The only thing that has changed with the era is people’s need. The things that were a luxury at that time have now formed the fundamental needs. So, we have to think about moving towards digital learning.

Which one is better?

Modern education is essential to keep in touch with the whole world and to see what is going on in the world. Western education is also connected to our society. Everyone should know their traditions, culture and religious stories and beliefs. It is equally important to catch up with the world in terms of the current modern developments. The traditional was good in its time and modern education in its time is fine. It depends on the guy.


What is better learning process? This is difficult to answer. Both forms have their own meaning. The traditional education is the legacy of conventional education. Due to modern education, we tend to neglect traditional learning.  This would lead to the loss of our culture. In short, digital learning places all the power in the students’ hands.  In post Covid era, slowly digital learning will take the position of traditional learning.

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