Seeking Entry level Data Analyst Jobs in the USA? Top 8 Positions

As per IBM – the total slots for entry level data analyst jobs will increase to 2,720,000 by the year 2020 (and more beyond that).

In this modern age, data analytics and big data are extremely popular fields in the United States. This is especially as technology is reaching greater heights, and more population will get access to the internet.

According to the market research, both full time and entry-level data analyst jobs are high in number and demand knowledgeable professionals who can fill the open positions. This job promises appealing prospects of respectable pay and scope to work in multiple industries. Plus, since the skillset and scope in data science extends way more than digital spaces and technology.

So, it has never been a better time for aspiring candidates to learn data analysis and enter into the workforce as an entry-level analyst.

Explaining the Role of Entry-level Data Analysts

A data analyst’s role is to make proper sense of the huge amount of information that businesses have on their targeted market and customers.

However, a data analyst must wield strong statistical know-how and proficient database building to recognize issues and trends with the existing strategies. With that, they must also recommend a solid path moving forward.

Moreover, a data analyst has to constantly work with numbers, crunch codes, and translate intricate trends insights from data into easy-to-understand information for others to utilize in the present business model.

As most top-level companies consist of so much information, the demand for skilful data analysts is high. And if you choose to walk this career path, you will most likely work for large-scale consumer-facing firms, enterprises, and even financial institutions.

Educational Requirements & Other Key Skills

  • To be successful in the role of entry-level data analyst jobs, you will need to have – Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science, Math, or Statistics.
  • However, upper-level data analyst positions will prefer candidates possessing a Master’s degree Data Analytics Certifications

Besides These Educational Requirements, Some Other Key Skills For Candidates To Have Are As Follows.

  •  Impressive analytical skills
  •  Sound knowledge about Python, SQL – (Structured Query Language), and Data Visualization Skills
  •  High attention to detail
  •  Ability to recognize patterns
  •  Quality communication skills
  •  Should be self-motivated
  •  Should be goal-oriented
  •  Must possess sound statistical analysis skills
  •  Should have good problem-solving abilities

And so on!

Furthermore, if you lack hands-on job experience, then fret not.

Most entry-level data analyst jobs can be tricky and overwhelming initially. But if you possess these below special skills, you should be fine for any entry level position.

  •  Should be sound and fluent in computer programming languages as well as an understanding of databases
  •   Must have practical experience with machine learning, data warehousing, or data mining
  •   Should have a thesis or ready pet project involving either programming, data analysis, or data mining
  •   Plus, should possess other key strengths such as specific programming certifications, prior experience in a sales role, or involvement in relevant conferences or workshops

And so on!

Now That You Have A Clear Idea Of Entry-level Data Analyst Jobs, Its Educational Qualifications & Key Skills, Let’s Move Forward.

Displayed here are job ads that match your query. Take a look!


          1. DATA ANALYST

The role of a data analyst is to analyse the company and industry data and discover value and scope. This profession comes with many job titles like healthcare data analysts, intelligence analysts, and so on.

In sharp contrast to the role of data scientists, these professionals don’t need proper machine learning. However, they do require sound knowledge in SQL, Python, data visualization, etc.

Their median annual salary is around $75,525. In addition, they also get a bonus of $2,500.

          2. DATA ENGINEER

The role of data engineers is –

  •   Focussing on larger databases and using various data analytics processes to optimize the  infrastructural surrounding.
  •    These experts may also have to capture data in order to make acquisition pipelines more adequate.
  •    In addition, a data engineer also has to upgrade the present database infrastructure to achieve faster queries

These top-level professionals often get handsome annual salaries and opportunities to work for the best companies in the States. And their median annual salary will be $90,963.

          3. DATA SCIENTIST

As per the popular employer bids and relevance job alert(s), the role of a data scientist is one of the most profitable entry-level data analyst jobs around.

Their key responsibilities include –

  •   Collecting and analyzing scientific data and communicating them as actionable insights
  •   These specialists understand data from informed perspectives to make forecasts
  •  And to perform their role, they need to have sound machine learning and knowledge based on a combination of data analytics and software like Python and Data Visualization

Often their positions are challenging yet profitable at the same time. And as per the US BLS, the median annual salary for this role is $91,949.


For job seekers looking for entry-level data analyst jobs, this is another highly sought after job role. In most cases, they get employment in financial firms. And their main roles include –

  • Using data analytics to discover potential financial investment opportunities and come up with risk management issues
  • In addition, these professionals even create trading models to determine stock prices, commodity and exchange rates

According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics – the median annual salary of a quantitative analyst is around $82 979.

           5. IT SYSTEM ANALYST

This is again one of the top ranks job ads based on the search terms of job seekers out there.

  • Typically, an IT system analyst needs to design systems that help solve IT problems.
  • At times, these professionals also use available 3rd party tools to test and validate software inside a company while making arrangements for newer proprietary tools

As per the US Bureau of Labor Statistics – the median annual salary of an IT system analyst is around $68,807.


To become a marketing analyst, candidates will need sound knowledge in data analytics. And depending on their interests and complementary skills, they can opt for specific roles in an agency or large-scale data science specializing companies.

Their roles include –

  • Using tools such as Google Analytics, custom tools, and other 3rd party websites to analyze traffic from SM ads and websites accurately
  •  In addition to this, marketing analysts also have to come up with smart decisions to prevent wastage of money on non-traffic driving campaigns and best leverage the existing resources

However, the median annual salary of marketing analysts varies from company to company. That said, you can easily make around $66,751 per year (or more) depending on the position chosen.


The role of an operations analyst is to focus on all internal processes of the respective business. Typically, individuals get the scope to work at large firms with a median annual salary of $67,353. Plus, a cash bonus of $2,000 –$3,000 also includes.

Their main roles include –

  • Conducting internal reporting systems, manufacturing and distribution of products, and streamlining the whole business operation
  • In addition to this, operation analysts also have to use their technical know-how and work with different systems found in large postal services, military services, and even large grocery chains

Besides this, the nature of this particular entry-level data analyst job is very versatile. This means that candidates will find job roles in numerous industries, each with varying salaries.

And all these prospects make this among the top 8 entry-level data analyst jobs to go for.


Last in our list of 8 entry-level data analyst jobs is the role of a transportation logistics expert.

Their role includes –

  • Optimizing transportation of all physical goods from notable shipping companies like UPS, Naval transport companies, AMAZON, City Planning offices and Airlines
  • Looking at large stacks of data to firstly eliminate all potential bottlenecks in transportation and identify the best means of transit either via sea, air, or land

It is one of the popular search terms among job seekers. And those who are successful make around $79,000 per year as their median annual salary.


This completes the list of top 8 entry-level data analyst jobs in the US for job seekers. However, regardless of a part-time or full-time job, this is a highly demanding field that guarantees plenty of growth opportunities by working for some of the top firms in the States.

The median salary will vary from different cities like Denver, Boston, Portland, Miami, etc. But, for your information, these have become the major hotspots for data analytics jobs- be it for entry-level or managerial levels. As years of experience will increase, wages will also start to increase accordingly.

If you have made up your mind to take this career path, then learn all crucial data skills by enrolling for its course learning.

The good news for you is that there are so many online learning sources from which you can take up interactive courses in SQL, Python, and so on!

SO, WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR? Sign up today at any one of these learning sites and give wings to your career!