Event Management Courses & Certifications Online Is So Famous But Why

Event Management Courses & Certifications Online

Event management course is the structured effort of a program orientation. This is an essential part of project management. The event management companies are organizing huge ceremonies, festivals. They are also arranging weddings, conference, concerts. Sometimes gatherings and formal parties are also managed by them.

This is a course oriented approach. The course involves event concept designing. Then identify the target audience. Technical approach co-ordination also is done before the successful launch of the events.

The event organizers are now well-equipped with a diversified range of event arrangements as they can through a breakfast meeting. Likewise, they can organize international events like Olympic.

Idea’s about Event Management Course

Every staff of the event management team educates themselves through event management course and event planning courses. Now a day different big organization and the charitable agencies are keen to increase their marketing and fund-raising program. They depend upon the organizers for the successful implementation of the events.

The vital part of event management is event planning. That consists of Site selection, budgeting, essential permits, scheduling, entertainment and speakers arrangements. They also have to take care of third-party vendor co-ordination, parking and transportation.

Not only that security, internal decoration, catering, and emergency planning also have to take care of by them. As the natures of different events vary from each other, the planning and execution methods are also different from one another.

An event manager is the heart of the event management troop. This person is responsible for the planning and execution of the event. Along with that, he/ she is also responsible for logistic, creative, and technical aspects of the event.

The management layout includes marketing, brand-building. Also, event designing, communication strategy, scriptwriting, client services are very important. They also take care of logistics, negotiation, budgeting, and production (audio-visual).

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Event management course

There are different types of event management courses. They are,

     ♦Event management certification 

Six months is the duration of this course. Additional to this, an internship program (1 month) is mandatory.

     ♦Event volunteering certification course 

The duration of this course is six months. On job training program is a benefit in this certification. 

     ♦Wedding planning course and event management (Diploma)

The duration of this course is one year. This is a part-time course. Additional to this, an internship program (2 months) is mandatory. Guaranteed placement service is the additional toppings of this program.

     ♦Public relation, wedding planning and event management (Diploma)

This is a full time and a one-year management program. Two months of internship and guaranteed placement are the two major benefits of this diploma course.


Event Planning Ideas

Event planning consists of meeting planning, event planning, and event management. The common aspects covered by the event planning course are,

  • Staff management
  • Cost control
  • Wedding date scheduling
  • Knowledge related to beverages and foods
  • Business meetings and social events
  • Risk management

Types of event planning courses are,

  ⇒ Production and designing

This course helps to enhance the skills of entertainment, material -staff management, and resource management.

 Basics of meeting planning

This part is cover in the introductory courses. This includes the co-ordination and planning of a meeting.

  Social events and weddings

Choosing location, budgeting and planning a social event or a wedding according to the given budget, are the main focal points of this curriculum.

 Catering management

Catering staffs, drivers, food preparation process, and the associated staff management are the main aspects of this course.

  Marketing strategies and promotion

This course will guide the students about the marketing tools which they can use during promotional events.

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Event management career

The career as an event manager is extremely sparkling. Scopes and opportunities are profound in today’s world.

 Duties and tasks

  • Selection of the venue and organize the event according to the host’s requirement.
  • Solve sudden problems arise in the event venue.
  • Extensive research to make the event unique. The research needs to be on lighting, venue selection, food selection, and styling.
  • Staff requirement, briefing them about responsibilities, and supervise the workforce.

Moreover, the event manager needs to have financial management skills and staff-eccentric approach.

 Ways to become the event manager

  • The students need to qualify for the Diploma in Event Management. Other than that, they could pursue Bachelor of Business on Event Management.
  • They could explore sectors like tourism, festival management, event management, and hospitality institutes.


The candidate needs to complete the Diploma in Event Management from a recognized institution.


The employers find the following skills in the candidate.

Online Course

Online courses are beneficial, especially for service holders. People often want to enhance management skills through different short-time online professional courses. This will provide better exposure to the industry and working skills. A few courses offer certificates upon the completion of the course.

This becomes a feather tagging to the resume. Event managers need to apply their marketing and creative skills to organize big events. Experience also a big matter in this field. They must have expertise in budgeting, planning, and scheduling.

The online event planning course gives detailed knowledge and insights about event management but in a short period. This course offers a thorough depth in marketing. Also building up a brand, designing an event can be done.

This course also learns not only that communication strategy, scriptwriting, client services. This course also offered logistics, negotiation, budgeting, and production (audio-visual).

Advantage of Online Course

The advantage of online course includes different practical scenario analysis. This analysis helps to understand the candidate the challenges and the ways to resolve them. The practical situation analysis will help to get actual insight related to important particulars of the field of action.

Different recognized institutions offer online event management courses. They honoured the student with certificates on completion. A student can earn international certification through online courses. Online event management courses focus on organizational and customer dealing skills enhancement.

They can apply such skills at the press conference, team meetings, employee meetings, and board meetings. You can adapt the administrative skills also while pursuing such online courses.

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Events professionally

Managing a live event professionally is the key to become a market player in this industry. You can be the best by the followings,

  ♦ Venue selection

You need to be specific in the selection of the venue. One has to research critically to finalize a venue. You need to keep in mind two things. One is the budget, and the other one is the event purpose. Additional things are accessibility and the carpet area.

  ♦ Networking opportunities

You need to be careful in the welcome of the guest. You should organize the event in such a manner so that the attendees can well- acquainted with each other. Always attend the guest and be active to answer their every query.

  ♦ Having diversified speakers

You should arrange the sequence of the speakers in a creative way. That is required to make the event interesting but informative.


You have to keep a question session ready after each round of discussion. This will make the entire event interactive and interesting.

  Quality content

You need to focus on the quality of the content. The content should be informative, interesting, interactive, and unique. Event management course enhances the above-stated skills of the candidates in a well-structured manner.

Special events

The event management offers necessary guidelines on special event management. These include the organization of a cricket match, international summit, Olympic, car-racing, and many more. These events require more efficiency and greater skills to deal with the huge crowd, security, scheduling, alternative planning, and problem-solving.

Corporate events

Corporate events involve the employee award program. They also manage the launch of new products. They can communicate the change in corporate strategy. The organizational policy structure can be changed. The event management team has efficiency in organizing such events with greater efficiency. They take the responsibility of interior, lighting, catering, staff management, scheduling, and security. Thus the events become a success.

Successful events

The event management team provides the scope to match the planning and scheduling program with implementation. From venue selection to after-event organization, they show greater efficiency and discipline.

Planning certification

Three kinds of certification will help a student in the future. They are,

  • Certification from the university/ reputed institution
  • Online event planning certification
  • Event Planning Association Certification

Professional certification

They are,

  • CQEP (Certified Quality Event Planner)
  • CMP (Certified Meeting Professional)
  • CMM (Certification in Meeting Management)
  • GTP (Global Travel Professional)
  • CEPS (Certified Event Planning Specialist)
  • DES (Digital Event Strategist )
  • CSEP (Certified Special Event Professional)
  • CTSM (Certified Trade Show Marketers)
  • PCM (Professional Certified Marketer)
  • CEM (Certified in Exhibition Management )
  • CPCM (Certified Professionals in Catering and Management )
  • CGMP (Certified Government Meeting Professional)

Certificate program

  • Event and Hospitality Management Certification from Lasell College
  • MBA in Event Management and Tourism from Midway University
  • Event Management Certification from George Washington University
  • Event Management Certificate from San Diego University
  • Online Event Management Certification from The University of Central Florida
  • Master Degree in Creative Event Management from Falmouth University

Event industry

The event industry is growing with time. The host has no hassle to organize the events. They depend on the event management company. The event management company takes care of everything. The event marketing, advertising, product launching, fund-raising, social media promotion and other activities have become events.

That is why the scope of the event management companies increases. This growth of this industry is in booming mode. The career and profit-making opportunities are increasing along with time. The competition is a little tight in this field. To become ‘the survival for the fittest’ in this industry is to follow the trend with efficiency and uniqueness.

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