Top 12 Online Colleges Offering Free Laptops for College Students

Over the past few decades, higher education is changing a lot. Most traditional on-campus education is slowly but eventually morphing into online college and distance studies. Now a day, without a laptop, desktop, iPad, and tablet education are almost incomplete. So we have to find online colleges that offer free laptops for college students.

Why does online college grant free laptops for college students?

21st-century education relies heavily on technology. The introduction of technologies changed the world vastly. Education is also not an exception. Technology has changed the course of education. And ever since this COVID-19 pandemic, the use of laptops and tablets for taking online courses , emails fast accelerating.

For this reason, many top online colleges are offering laptops or even iPods to their respective students. It could be either a discounted laptop or refurbished laptops or a laptop computer free of cost.

Without such gadgets and an internet connection, access to the world becomes limited. Personal gadgets for education is no more a choice; these have become necessities. Compulsion in having a laptop becomes a hurdle for many students to pursue further education in recognized universities.

The trend of distributing free laptops for college students is extremely beneficial for higher education. The colleges provide the best laptops for college students to make them well equipped and updated with the current trend of education.

The colleges take the initiative to give free laptops to the students who will attend their online sessions. In most cases, laptop cost includes in the course fee, or the student can use the laptops on college till the end of the courses.

The students can save such costs by availing the colleges which offer free laptops. If the college, even charges a little for the laptops, then only they are beneficial for the students who could not pursue education only for not having laptops.

What type of laptop is best for online classes?

Nowadays, the classrooms have shifted to the mobile screen instead of schools. It is hard to attend simultaneous classes on mobile, and the students might feel tired of attending classes. But, a stable laptop can make online classes much easier to handle. To initiate a healthy technological environment, the students must have an internet connection, mobile, and a laptop.

Apart from classes, teachers and students also require a laptop for  browsing lessons and check other important details. It is also used to stay updated with the daily information. It is also efficient for attending classes in Zoom and utilizing the tools in Microsoft Office for creating regular assignments and pdf’s. Students can also upload files and create bold presentations. Both students and teachers can do multiple tasks on laptops. Hence, there are online learning accredited online colleges that give laptops.

The students must choose a laptop with impressive attributes, powerful GPU, great battery backup, extensive display, high RAM, and a good storage capacity. The laptop must have advanced features according to the trend. It is much efficient to buy the most affordable laptops available in the online shop. You can shop according to your budget and requirement.

Therefore, students who are going to high school or will pursue a degree program and suffer from immense poverty can join online colleges that offer laptops.

Key Specification of free laptop for student

The laptop is considered a versatile device that deals with various technical works and solves many problems in daily life. It is portable, and you can carry it anywhere. Millions of students are still getting great marks in their results, even in this pandemic condition. This is only because of technology and use devices like laptops, tabs, and mobiles. Here are the key specifications of a free laptop for students:

High processing speeds

The students can prefer MacBook air for higher education. Online education stands as an independent university, where everyone can learn in their ways. To ensure a healthy online school, you must have a high processing laptop due to the internet and faster productivity fulfilling goals. The time and the processor run like anything. The processor of the laptop is much different from the computer processor. It is simple, stylish and small. Normally, laptops have less power, but when it is associated with a great high-power processor, it becomes more mobile.

Large RAM

The speed of the processing becomes much faster if you have a high RAM storage capacity. For online courses, you get a lot of files and pdf’s to store. So it is efficient to buy a laptop and a tablet that has large RAM. When you start a computer program, the processor gives you frequent commands. The laptop retrieves the data. This is performed only because of RAM. Hence, to ensure easy access, it is best to get free laptops with the high ram.

Sufficient ROM

The ROM or the Read-Only Memory is important to instruct proper communication and connection between several hardware components. There are various online schools with financial aid and laptop provide better social services to the students. The students get free laptops with a huge ROM. It is used to read and write on individual peripheral devices. So online students and college students can experience uninterrupted classes on different platforms.

High-resolution webcams

Still, thinking of how to get a free laptop for home school? Well, there are so many schools that offer laptops to their students for financial aid. But it is efficient to get a laptop that has high resolution in the webcams. You must know that the school and college students do classes on a video call to interact with the students. But, if the webcam is not clear, there might be some visual issues. So it is important to have high-resolution webcams for students.

Therefore, if you are eager to study, you must join the online college that gives free laptops. You get a 100% guarantee of getting the best devices.

Reports according to EdTech Magazine-

Some highly generous educational institutes- one such being Seton Hill; even offers iPad Pro and free laptops for college students in their course learning. 

An EdTech Magazine Points Out – More than 45% of online course,  students use their laptops, smartphones or tablets for study and complete their respective curriculum assignments.

And the type of laptop or tablet they get highly depends on the type of course chosen. Some pupils get the option of selecting between both PC and MAC. While others get top-of-the-line iPads for studying graphic designing, social media marketing, digital marketing and so on”.

But that’s not all. A lot of top colleges offering online course curriculums, even provide underprivileged student  financial aid or free laptops to help them study and make a promising career.

So, It Is Safe To Say That For Quality Innovative Education Of The 21st Century, Most Top Rated Online Colleges Will Include Providing Technology As A Standard Protocol. 

List of Online Colleges that Offer Laptops and iPads for college students

And if you wish to know all about those online colleges that offer free laptops to its students, then follow closely!


The first in our list of top online colleges offering iPads and free laptops for college students is the Duke University Global Health Institute. The primary mission of the University to bring knowledge and expertise together and combat all manner of health issues- be it economic, environmental, scientific, medical, social, political and so on!

To help students connect with their courses and carry out their assignments with ease, the University provides free iPads to its respective students.

It is one of the most prestigious colleges in the world known to fund some of the most cutting-edge research in technology degree and medicine.  


Seton Hill University provides its students with free laptops and iPads to help them study more efficiently. Full-time undergrad and Physician’s assistant master’s degree students receive MacBooks and iPads. 

Besides, students doing masters in marriage, family therapy, and orthodontic programs get free iPads. At the same time, students studying art therapy get a free MacBook. Each of these devices will have all the necessary software for students to take classes,  lectures, take part in discussion boards and even complete their curriculum assignments.

If these offerings weren’t enough, the University also provides AppleCare services on-campus.

          3. ST. JOHN’S UNIVERSITY

This is a catholic private university and is located in Queens. NY. St.John’s University offers free laptops to each of its freshmen opting for its program. With these devices, students also get the convenience of free on-campus technical support, pre-installed software adhering to all course requirements and a 4-year warranty.

If the students qualify for their bachelor’s degree, they can keep the laptops with them. US News ranks them 35th as the online business school. They are offering 26 courses. Biology degree and physician’s assistant are their famous courses.

Moreover, respective students have the option of picking anyone from these choices – Apple MacBook, Lenovo ThinkPad L380 Yoga, and Lenovo ThinkPad L380.


The Wake Forest University, which also hails as among the top 10 online colleges offering free laptops for college students, presents a discounted WakeWare device. They also include tech support, repair and replacement costs, free laptop and insurance coverage. 

The set rules clearly state that any student who wants merit scholarships or athletic scholarships can ask for a Technology Grant program and procure the laptop.

The whole reason behind this initiation is to make their fellow freshmen aptly qualified, but without putting any cost burdens on them.

This is a small private college that is a specialist in psychology, economics, and communication. They are also offering specialized sessions on political science, business, communications, and economics. 

Well experienced and caring professors deliver the lectures. The students need to give back the laptops to the University.


The Dakota State University began its WMCI or Wireless Mobile Communications Initiative in the year 2004. According to the initiation, all freshmen will receive free tabs from the University to aid them in their online course curriculums and assignments. 

Besides, the University also provides Fujitsu tab PC for students with free repair and replacement cost and technical support. The whole idea was to ensure paperless classrooms where students can take notes, record audios and complete and deliver assignments without any issues at all.


Among the regional Midwest universities, this is ranked at 86. This is the current ranking. The Northwest Missouri State University always puts the needs of fellow students and working adults first. Keeping this in mind, they offer free laptops to save money and time. Every full-time and part-time undergrad and grad-student gets a quality laptop to help them study.

They are sharing their expertise in communication, business management, and elementary education. The professors are incredibly supportive and helpful to their students.

Plus, the University also bears the tech support and repair costs of the laptop. And reports reveal this result in approximately $7000 savings over its 4-year course tenure!

The graduate of this University could have a net ROI of USD 121000 for 20 years. Their policy is to provide the laptops to the students during the course. After completion of the course, the students need to return their laptops.


Another top online college known to provide free laptops for college students is the Saint Mary’s University of Minnesota. Their online and hybrid programs provide respective students with top-shelf iPads, that too free of charge.  

They believe by providing iPads to its fellow learners, connecting more profoundly to their course curriculums. Plus, it simplifies their tasks considerably, as students can do nearly all their coursework on their iPads. 

Due to its iPad initiative and non-traditional learning, the University is nationally-revered as one of the online education leaders. They strive to bring about a revolutionary change in educating working adults. And that makes it another perfect option for you to check out.


The Full Sail University consists of a technology package that goes way beyond offering laptops and tablets to its fellow students. Full Sail University has made a tie-up with Apple. This University gives its students an updated MacBook Pro laptop with all software required for the study course. Students get Pro access for success in their given course. 

Their students not only get free iPads but software suits and gears too. 


  • Students in Digital Cinematography also get high-quality cameras, lighting equipment, editing software, microphones and so on.  
  • Game design students receive an entire virtual reality set-up, which includes advanced software and headsets too. 

And because of its unique programs, it ranks as one of the best schools for students wanting to learn music and cinematographic video production. This University also provides a fair amount as a scholarship for students keeping their GPA above 1.


The Western Kentucky University is also included in the illustrious list of top online colleges offering free laptops for college students. It maintains healthy tie-ups with notable names like Apple, Dell and offers discounts on MAC and Dell laptops and MS Surface tabs. 

In addition to these offerings, those students who complete an approximate 40-hour community service get a free refurbished MacBook from the University.


The Chatham University is another online college that offers MacBook Air to every incoming newcomer. They allow its students to bring and use those laptops on-campus. And the faculty team uses the advantage of technology to educate them on their respective curriculums. 

Besides, they also include warranty, theft, and damage protection. A laptop backpack with its University emblem and financial aid for buying a laptop also includes free-repair services. What’s more, the University strives to prep students for entrepreneurship, leadership and other services.  

          11. Southern Nazarene University

This is a Christian private university. The rate of acceptance is 100 percent. According to the sources, the net ROI of 20 years of the graduates of this University is US Dollar 217000. They are offering courses like organizational behavior, human development, and business administration.

Their main assets are their skills and caring professors. They provide three options on laptops for the students. The options are MacBook pro 1″, Dell Latitude 3380, 1″, and MacBook pro.

          12. University of Minnesota

They provide laptops to the on-campus students from the first day of the session. They provide HP laptops to their students for assistance in their education. This got the 2nd best position a public school and 36th rank as the Regional Midwest College by US News.

Hence, you must check the colleges that provide laptops for higher education. The students can learn in a new way. They get to know about so many things that are yet unknown to them. They can browse easily and access the data without any hassle. A laptop is expensive, but you can get it through your university or school. You need to apply for the online course and get a laptop free.

The top universities provide laptops that are available in proper condition. The students enjoy their education when they get such facilities. And they are keen to work hard and get great marks in all subjects. So why wait to know more about how to get a free laptop for students.

What are the best college laptops?

Many elements must be considered before choosing a laptop. More than a million people in this world use laptops for their convenience. It is one of the most easily handled devices. The storage capacity of the laptop is the top priority for all. There are laptops with different storage capacities. So you can choose the most amazing one according to your need. Here are some factors that must be considered before buying a laptop.

  • Size – the most markable feature is the size of the laptop. The laptop must have a slim body so that it is convenient to slip down into the laptop bag. The laptop supports portability, and you get devices up to 12 -13.5 inch screens. The overall weight of the laptop must be not more than 1.5 kg.
  • Battery Life – as a customer, you must be concerned about so many things. The battery life is also one of them. You must check the power of the battery before buying a laptop.
  • CPU – The CPU or the Central Processing Unit is known to be the heart of a computer or a laptop. The most commonly used CPU is Intel’s Core range. Nowadays, you will get Core i7, Core i5 or Core i3.
  • USB port – the new laptops must have a USB 3.0 port. It can plug in several peripheral devices such as a mouse, speaker, drives, keyboard, and other external devices.

However, you can buy the preferable laptops from the online shop if you cannot afford a laptop any need to worry about it as you get laptops for low income families.

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There you have it. Top online colleges are offering free laptops and iPods to college-goers for their course curriculums!

It should not be surprising at all. This modern era is known as the age of innovation and technology. And with more colleges introducing technology to help their students connect more in-depth with their subjects and perform their assignments more diligently, this is a sure-fire glimpse of how education will be given to the future generation of learners.

The best thing about each of these universities mentioned above is that they also have excellent faculty members, large campus, lots of extracurricular activities and unique learning opportunities. 


The whole world is moving forward with courtesy such next-generation learning initiatives. It is time you joined in too!

FAQs regarding Free Laptops for College Students

Here are some most frequently asked questions and the answers are also given below:

Do you need a laptop for an online college?

Due to the high cost of the laptop, the students are not able to study online. But a full sail university can make high funds and buy laptops for their students. Most online students cannot perform any tasks without a laptop. A laptop is used to create presentations, projects, and assignments. So there is a high need for laptops for those who are suffering from immense poverty. So if you need a laptop, you can join online schools that offer laptops. So the education will never stop even in this world crisis because everyone stands together to hold the educational system.

What online school gives you a MacBook?

There are several universities like the University of Minnesota, Crookston that provide free laptops to their students. Mostly they prefer MacBook as it has the huge data capacity. It is one of the most stylish and portable devices.

How can I get a free laptop from the government?

To get a free laptop from the government, you must apply for the laptop first and then wait for the response. If they are satisfied with your details, they might accept your application for the laptop.

What type of laptop is best for online classes?

You get several options on the laptop. You can choose the best one according to your need and preferences. Some factors must be considered, such as the RAM, ROM, efficiency of the processor, and many more.

Is it worth buying a gaming laptop for college?

If you love to play games or do a gaming course, you must buy a gaming laptop. It has all the processing like the normal laptops. You can also do your regular online classes in it. So if you want to know how can i get a free laptop? You must apply for a free laptop in the top universities.

Are used laptops good for college Online classes?

Yes, used laptops can also help you to attend your regular online classes. If it is damaged, you must repair it and use it according to its status. You can also get a free laptop for education.