Top 50 Free Online College Courses in the US You’ll Ever Read

Top 50 Free Online College Courses in the US

Have you fulfilled your dream? Don’t be happy with how your life is going? Do you want to enhance your skill and knowledge? Online courses not only allow you to learn but also acquire additional up to date training. Here we are discussing “top 50 Free online college courses in the US”.

Every year international news reports publish its ranking of top universities in the US.

These schools are well known for the quality of education they provide and the rigorous academic and research program and best faculties in the world. It’s not easy, and nor are they affordable to attend?

With the advent of the online education revolution, we have seen that more and more students are getting interested in online courses.

Students are showing interest in the online courses and being offered for free to students online.

World Class Free Online College Courses  

There are sites like Coursera and edX are helping to increase access to the best quality education for everyone. They offer free and low priced courses. Instructors from the best educational institutes and universities around the world teach these online courses.

Everyone can pursue their professional goal. Anyone achieve education and personal interest. Through Coursera and EDx, you get access to course materials and follow along with the class as it progresses.

You can receive a verified certificate through free online college courses with an extra $40 to $160 (depending on the course ) on Edx that you can put in your resume or on your LinkedIn profile.

Coursera courses include tests, assignments, and final grades and costs $29 to $99 per session.

Coursera and Edx both offer in-depth specializations that require some more engagement to develop the professional skills that are very much industry-oriented and in demand.

Certification helps you validate your skills and knowledge and makes your resume healthy and attractive to the recruiters. A free course lets you learn from experts in the industry without spending a single penny.

Top 50 Free Online College Courses 

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The major MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses) platform (Udacity, Coursera, and Edx) have brought some changes in their process. Although the course is free. But, certification is chargeable. There are a lot of free courses from reputed education providers that are free and offer certificates but not every course covers the course content in-depth or industry-oriented course content.

A few years ago, you would not have been imagined to easily take classes from this top-ranked school. But now you can. In this article, we have systematically gathered the Coursera and Edx courses from each of the top schools of the US so that you can directly skip to your favorite university.

#1. Bitcoin and cryptocurrency technologies- this course is for 4 weeks

#2. Effective altruism –this course is 15 hours

#3. Computer architecture – this course is for 5 weeks

#4. Imagining other earth – this is 24 weeks course

#5. Making government work in hard places, -this course for 8 weeks

#6. The art of structural engineering: bridges- it’s 8 weeks

( the above-mentioned courses offered by Princeton University )

Harvard University#7. Science and cooking: from haute cuisine to soft matter science – this course are for 6 weeks.

#8. Computer science for business professionals –this course is also for 6 weeks.

#9. Masterpieces of world literature a 12 weeks online course,

#10. Data science: course available online for 4 weeks, contract law is an 8 weeks course available online.

(above-mentioned courses offered by Harvard University)

#11. Modeling climate change this course available for 8 weeks,

#12. Critical issues in Urban education course is for 12 weeks,

#13. Understanding the brain: the neurobiology of everyday life is 10 weeks course.

#14. Internet giants are 9 weeks.

(above-mentioned courses offered by University of Chicago)

#15. Introduction to Negotiation, this course is for 5 weeks.

#16. Weeks course on The Global Financial Crisis.

#17. 3 weeks course on  A law student’s tool kit.

#18. 5 weeks course on Essentials Of Global Health

#19. Financial markets course is for 7 weeks,

#20. A six-week course on the Science of Well-Being

( Above mentioned courses offered by Yale University)

#21. Construction Management Specialisation is a 6 months course.

#22. A 19 weeks course on The age of sustainable development

#23. 8 weeks course on Financial Engineering and risk Financial Engineering part –I

#24. 5 weeks course on Statistical Thinking for Data Science and Analytics.

#25. 12 weeks course on Machine learning for data science and analytics, demand, and supply analytics artificial intelligence.

( the above-mentioned courses offered by Columbia University)

#26. A 9 weeks course on Introduction to computational thinking and Data Science.

#27. Just Money: Banking as if Society Mattered is a 16-week online course.

#28. Introduction to Computer Science and Programming Using Python is a 9 weeks course

#29. Supply Chain Analytics, the course duration is 13 weeks.

#30. 6 weeks of the online course in Design Thinking for Leading and Learning.

#31. 5 Weeks of the online course in Circuits and Electronics 1: Basic Circuit Analysis.

  ( the above courses offered by MIT)

#32. 4 months online course Algorithms Specialisation

#33. 4 Weeks course on Organisational Analysis

#34. 11 weeks course on International Women’s Health and Human Rights,

#35. Child Nutrition and Cooking with 8 hours course duration.

#36. Stanford Introduction to Food and Health, the course duration is 5 weeks.

#37. 5 weeks course on Social and Economic Networks: Models and Analysis.

  ( above courses  offered by Stanford University )

#38. Business Analytics Specialisation- the course duration is 3 months

#39. Business Foundations Specialisation- this subject offers 6 courses

#40. 4 months course Foundations of Positive Psychology Specialisation

#41. Viral Marketing and How to Craft Contagious Content course duration is 6 hours.

#42. 6 weeks course on Design: Creation of Artifacts in Society.43

#43. weeks course on Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR): A Strategic Approach.

#44. 6 weeks course on Intellectual Property Law and Policy: Part 1

#45. 4 weeks course on Programming for the Web with JavaScript

#46. Robotics: Fundamentals, 12 weeks course is available online.

#47. 4 weeks course on Hollywood: History, Industry, Art.

  (courses offered by University of Pennsylvania)

#48. Online course on Drugs and the Brain.

#49. 7 weeks course on The Science of the Solar System.

#50. 57 weeks course on The Evolving Universe.

  ( courses offered by Caltech)

So friends try for these best free online college courses in the US. If you like this article please visit us again to my website Online Tutors Helpline.

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