The Chronicles Of Free Scholarship Exams For Higher Studies In The USA

Free Scholarship Exams for Higher studies in the USA?

It is expensive to study abroad, especially in the United States, Canada, UK, and Australia! Scholarships are provided to the students who have academic excellence records. The students, who have outperformed academically, have the eligibility to avail of the scholarships. There are so many exams carries on to get free scholarship exams for higher studies.

Not unusually, any student who wants to study abroad needs scholarships.

A considerable number of students are trying to get the opportunity to have the scholarships to grow their academic careers abroad. Students must know which are the free scholarship exams for higher studies in the USA?

These scholarships could be public or private, and scholarships are available for research abroad. To avail such kinds of scholarship programs, the students can appear for free scholarship examsUSA university scholarships are also open for scholars to pursue their further studies and research programs.

This is a kind of financial aid to the students for pursuing their future education.

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Preparing for Scholarships

Most students spend considerable time planning their GRE, studying universities carefully, and writing persuasive essays.

However, they do not prepare well to submit at an early application, which leads to rejection of applications.

It’s because there are no more scholarships available!

The belief that university admission deadline and borrowing deadline are the same among the most severe mistakes for international students is.

Quite frequently, along with the rest of the document, they qualify for their scholarship.

In some instances, however, the two-time limits vary.

The time limits can vary depending on the school. You have to search out scholarships / financial aid and admittance deadlines specifically. To be eligible, prepare well in advance to ensure that missed deadlines are avoided.

 Criteria for free scholarship exams for higher studies

Different universities have their criteria. Before feeling up the form, please check the criteria on the internet. Whether you are eligible or not. Also, check your career background—the cut-off marks for 10th, 12th classes.

The scholarships are of two types. They are stated below,

Full scholarship program:

This kind of scholarship covers the entire expenses of a student. The study materials, living cost, tuition fees, and other related expenses are taken care of under scholarships.

Partial scholarship program:

This kind of scholarship only covers the tuition fees (sometimes partial) of the students. The student needs to arrange partial funding for additional expenses.

There are many scholarship programs available for Indian students interested in pursuing their studies in the USA. Few of the scholarships are stated below,

Inlaks Shivdasani Foundation Scholarships 

  • This scholarship is provided o the students who are willing to study in Europe or North America.
  • Students are free to choose their field of study under this scholarship.
  • This scholarship does not apply to computer science, engineering, medicine, business studies, fashion design, animation, music, and public health.
  • The maximum scholarship amount is US dollar 100000.
  • This is a partial scholarship. Along with cracking the interview, the students need to prove the entire course fee’s financial eligibility criteria. With the help of this scholarship, students manage their other expenses in a foreign country during education. The interview session takes place in May or June.
  • This scholarship covers the tuition fees, living costs, and one-way travel cost of the students.
  • Official

Stanford Reliance Dhirubhai Fellowships

 The Reliance group, along with the Stanford GSB, offers this scholarship.

  • This provides the students to pursue their business studies at Stanford Graduation School of Business.
  • They offer scholarships for five deserving students per year.
  • The scholarship amount is the maximum US Dollar 150000.
  • This is a full scholarship, including tuition fees and other additional costs during the two year MBA.
  • After completing the MBA course, the students need to go back to India and start their career in Indian organizations.
  • Official

Tata Scholarships for Cornell University

Tata Education Trust provides US Dollar 25 million financial assistance to Cornell University only for the underprivileged Indian students.

  • This is available for the undergraduate program.
  • This scholarship amount will benefit almost 20 students.
  • Official Website:

Here, we are giving lists of few free scholarships below.

●     Rotary Foundation Ambassadorial Scholarship (Amount: US Dollar 30000, website:

●     The Hubert H. Humphrey Fellowship Program


●     American University Emerging Global Leader Scholarship (website:

Such scholarships help to fulfill the dreams for the deserving candidates to study in the USA. The students can get required from the official websites to avail of the scholarships. To get the scholarship, the students need to appear in the free scholarship exam and qualify it.