GMAT Score Calculator – How Does It Calculate the Score?

Truth be told; understanding your GMAT – Graduate Management Admission Test can be tricky. This CAT consists of several different sections and each section aptly affects your overall GMAT score. To calculate the final score, the GMAT score calculator is put to use. It throws in a cluster of buzzwords such as adaptive test and scoring algorithm to determine the score.

Understanding this score calculator is confusing to say the least. However, for students worrying about the number of questions to get right in their GMAT exams, this post will explain the GMAT calculator table to predict your total GMAT score and percentile rankings.

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The table here gives you a precise reading of GMAT scores range in different sections as per the GMAT score calculator.

ScoreScore RangeNumber of Questions Featuring in Each Section
Total GMAT Score200 – 800Calculations done on the basis of scaling both verbal and quantitative section
Quantitative Section0 – 6031
Verbal Score0 – 6036
Integrated Reasoning Score1 – 812
Analytical Writing Assessment (AWA) score0 – 61


How the Scaled Quant and Verbal Scores Are Determined Using the GMAT Score Calculator?

In trying to understand the scaled quant and verbal scores – there are usually 3 prime factors to consider.

They Include –

  • The Total Questions You Got Right

(The more you get right, the more marks you get)

  • The Total Questions You Attempted

(For the quantitative section; you need to attempt all 31 questions in a span of 62-mins. And for the verbal section; you need to attempt all 36 questions within 65 minutes. The recommended thing to do is attempt all existing questions to the best of your ability)

  • And The Difficulty Level Of The Questions

(This is however the confusing part. Each GMAT test question will come with a unique difficulty coefficient. And in simple terms, it implies test takers who answer questions off higher difficulty getting benefits)

Furthermore, the GMAT score grid constantly keeps changing the score scale for specific sections. Usually, the questions featuring at the start of a section are weighted upon more than those appearing at the end. As per the psychometricians who use the GMAT score calculator believe the more weighted questions to strongly determine the section score.

In Their Views –

‘If you correctly answer a question at the start of the section; you will get more scope to answer tougher questions remaining in the section.

And by doing that; the potential for a higher score becomes more inevitable!’

Use This Score Data Compiled Using the GMAT Score Calculator to Predict Your Score Range and Percentile

(Table Copied)

To get a better understanding, here’s a table which presents the average score data sourced from several test takers.

Using it; respective students can easily predict ways to properly scale scores for both their quantitative and verbal section- all which will contribute to their overall GMAT score tally

GMAT Score Calculator


However, when referring to this table above, remember, this is only for predicting.  Since the GMAC very rarely releases usable data concerning GMAT scoring algorithms, it can be difficult and confusing to actually gauge your GMAT score total with absolute accuracy.

That said, what you should understand clearly is that your verbal and quant scores are very important- particularly the verbal section.

Another way of putting it is – students who do alright in quant but below-average in their verbal section will get ‘okay’ total score. But students who do well in their verbal and somewhat satisfactory in quant will eventually end up getting a higher GMAT score total!


What this indicates is that, performing well especially in the verbal section is crucial to crunch an impressive GMAT score total.

So, it is important for aspiring test takers to work hard in the verbal section using the top GMAT prep guide and practice test papers.


Furthermore, if you so choose; you can also use the GMAT score calculator to correctly determine exactly how much you need to get in your mathematical and verbal section to procure your desired GMAT total score.

Example –

If you are aiming for the score total of say 700 and keeping that in mind you score 38 in your quant section; then for your verbal section; you will need to get 48 (or more) to have a chance of cracking your GMAT total!

Perhaps that is where the GMAT score calculator comes in real handy. By using it to determine which quant and verbal score hampers your overall GMAT score; you can focus your complete attention on improving them.


The GMAT is always a tough exam to crack. But with the right amount of dedication, hard work and regular practice using GMAT prep books; success is possible.

Plus, you also need to keep in mind that most top business schools emphasize on impressive overall scores based on all sections. And if you have any chance of making the selection cut, then make a proper study plan and look to improve those areas which need improvement.

Moreover, if you feel that you need additional assistance in your GMAT prep, never hesitate to take help from online GMAT tutors you are always ready to help you get your GMAT total score.