GMAT vs. GRE – Which Admission Should You Take?

In the past, things were fairly simple. Students looking for MBA programs; only but surely had to submit their GMAT scores! However, in today’s time, many business school admissions are accepting the GRE instead of the GMAT test. Now a days, students are very much confused about “which one is more convenient GMAT vs GRE?”.

In fact, most admissions committee accept the GRE scores as the standardized test for Ph.D./MA programs. That said, if you’re aiming for top business schools, then you will have the choice of taking between GMAT vs GRE. This is because some notable business schools accept both.

Keeping this in mind, you must be wondering which test structure is easier. If you are wondering exactly what the major differences between GMAT vs GRE are, then this post will give you all the key insights you want.

GMAT vs GRE – A Statistical Comparison!

In Terms Of Tests Taken Each Year –

  • Around 532000 candidates take the Graduate Record Examination each year.
  • In comparison to this, the Graduate Management Admissions Test sees approximately 225,600 test-takers each year.

Which Candidates Take These Tests

  • The GRE is taken by candidates who wish to get a Master’s Degree or enroll into notable business graduate schools. In fact, statistical readings reveal that over 1300 universities and business schools accept the GRE. And this number will only rise with the tick of time.
  • Au contraire to this, the GMAT is taken by candidates wanting to get into notable business schools (and nowhere else). And statistical readings indicate, there are over 7000 business programs around 2400 universities worldwide who accept the GMAT.

The Where, How & When

When comparing GMAT vs. GRE are taken all year round. Students get a secure testing exam environment to solve their papers. And they are administered via computer test centers across the sphere.

The only difference between the GRE and GMAT here is that the latter is only via computer, whereas the former is also administered via paper-based tests.

The Overall Costs

  • The cost of the GRE is $205
  • And the cost of the GMAT is $250



Its Unique Verbal and quantitative sectionQuantitative Comparisons, Sentence equivalence, and text completion.Data Sufficiency, Critical Reasoning, and Sentence Rectification.
The Test StructureAnalytical Writing sections: two 30-minute essays; GRE Verbal Reasoning section: two 30-minute sections; Quantitative Reasoning: two 35-minute sections (if taking computer-based GRE); one 30 or 35-minute experimental sectionAnalytical Writing (1 essay): 30 minutes; Integrated Reasoning section: 30 minutes; Quantitative: 62 minutes; GMAT verbal section: 65 minutes
The Test FormatComputer-based Multi-Stage Test (MST) for most candidates (can be taken on paper in some locations)Computer-adaptive test (CAT)
The Total Testing Time3 hours 45 minutes3 hours 7 minutes plus two optional 8-minute breaks
The Scoring SystemAnalytical writing on a scale of 0-6. Quantitative reasoning on a scale of 130-170. And verbal reasoning on a scale of 130- 170.


Integrated reasoning on a scale of 1-8. Analytical writing on a scale of 0-6. Verbal on a scale of 6-51. And the quantitative section on a scale of 6-51.
Its Mathematics QuestionsArithmetic, Algebra, Geometry, Data Interpretation, Word problems.

Besides this, test-takers will get MCQ pattern questions, numeric entry, and quantitative comparisons.

The syllabus is similar to GRE. However, the questions will be way more difficult than the GRE math section.

Furthermore, candidates will find problem-solving questions (i.e., multiple-choice, along with validating data sufficiency).


Use Of CalculatorAlthough the GRE allows you to use the calculator, it is bests to practice with lots of mock test papers without it.The GMAT doesn’t allow the use of a calculator in the Quantitative section. Rather, it compels its test takers to do the basic mathematics in their heads.



If you wish to decide which test to take between GMAT vs GRE, then here are some considerations that will help you come to a decision.

If you are not quite sure about which career path you want to proceed, then you should opt for the GRE. As from the above comparison, you can understand that you can enroll into any college or business school you want. It keeps all your doors open simply as a lot of top business schools accept GRE as well as GMAT.

However, if you don’t consist of an impressive background crunching numbers and working with quantitative analysis, then think of opting for the GMAT. While it is true that both GMAT and GRE comprise similar rudimentary high school mathematics, the quantitative section in GMAT focuses more on word problems instead of direct mathematics. In addition to this, the GMAT integrated reasoning part will evaluate your skills in data interpretation.

Moreover, the GMAT questions generally consist of easier numbers to handle in comparison to the Graduation Record Examination. The fact that the GMAT is a bit more forgiving as to GRE, it will allow you more scope to secure a higher score.

This is again in contrast to the GRE, which requires you to get basically all questions correct. So there is very little margin for error. Not saying that the GMAT test doesn’t involve difficult questions. But simply the fact that there is more provision of securing a higher score even if you get some questions wrong.

Which Exam Is Harder?

Truth be told, the key to finding out which exam is tougher between GMAT vs GRE is to understand both the tests properly. Along with that, you need to determine which test meets your skills and knowledge appropriately.

GRE and GMAT differentiate from each other in many ways. The cost, logistics, test structure, use of every test, and its scoring – all vary.

Some Contradicting Viewpoints Exist.

  • Some students opine that the quantitative section of the GMAT is more difficult. It requires more critical thinking and analysis from its test-takers.
  • However, some other students claim that the GRE verbal section is slightly more challenging. It involves challenging vocabulary and reading passages. And that can make it somewhat difficult for a non- native English test taker. Plus, it tends to have more grammar in comparison to the verbal section of GMAT.

So from a neutral point of view, one can say that both GRE and GMAT are both tough and easy in their own way. Beyond this, there isn’t a simple answer to why GRE is tougher than GMAT or vice-versa.

The best way to consider both of them is competitive exams, which countless universities and business schools accept as the standardized admission test. And depending on the career path you want to take, you have to choose the exam accordingly.


The bottom line is that it all boils down to which test between GMAT vs GRE you are more comfortable with. Ideally, if you wish to enroll in a competitive MBA program, you have to secure the highest eligible percentile in your examination.

It is tough. But by no means impossible. As long as you work with the best practice textbooks, solve several mock papers in real-time to familiarize yourself with the format, and have a sound study plan, you will have a good chance of succeeding with flying colours.

Also, don’t forget to take a diagnostic exam to start your GRE/GMAT prep. It will give you your initial score baseline, point out those areas needing improvement, and make you aware of how much effort you need to put into achieving your target score’s satisfactory improvements.

Special Note For your knowledge, you will find tons of online study resources and practice tests to prepare for your GMAT or GRE. With that, there are several competent tutors out there, offering both in-person classes and off-line course prep to help you secure your target score.

Be sure to take help from them whenever you need it. And keep practicing and polishing up your solving-skills and knowledge about whichever test you choose. That is the key to achieving success and getting into the college you want.