5 PRO TIPS for Using GRE Calculator to Secure A Good GRE Score

The most common question around GRE test-takers is that “Can we use calculator during GRE test?” A GRE calculator can be very beneficial when looking in terms of mathematics. They can help solve complex equations rather easily.

These calculators are also used for making graphs of equations and are overall rather effective in making mathematics easy. They can have both online and offline physical versions. On the longer run, a GRE calculator can be the aid in a lot of different exams and a lot of different areas of maths.

GRE math becomes easy to solve by using a GRE calculator. It helps save a lot of time, and it also helps the candidate perform better on the test day.  There is one prominent version of the GRE calculator, which is the online version. Both have the same features. They have memory buttons, addition subtraction, and mode to calculate the square roots.

To secure best GRE score, start with a proper GRE study plan and follow it regularly.

GRE Calculator

Here are 5 pro tips for GRE Calculator

  • Calculate with online GRE calculator during Practice tests:

Doing practice tests are very important. They help the user understand the different kinds of questions that might come during the GRE exam. Practice tests help the person preparing for the exam understand the nature of the problem.

They also then understand how to use the calculator in ways that can help them solve the problem. Knowing the different kinds of questions that might arise will help the candidate to prepare for the use of the calculator. Furthermore, the day of the GRE test, the candidate will know exactly what kind of questions can arise and the different ways in which they can be dealt with.

  • Practice equations on the calculator:

It is very important to proactive different equations on the calculator. This is because, on the calculator, there are several different ways to help solve the same equation. The candidate must find out which is the best solution to these problems. They must also find out the different ways in which they can help solve the problem using the calculator.

The candidate must understand things like the quantitative reasoning section etc. before they sit to appear for the exam. The memory function and the calculator display are some of the different features that the candidate must understand thoroughly before they sit to give the exam. This helps them save a lot of time.

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  • Learn how to use the GRE calculator:

This is perhaps one of the most important tips. If someone wishes to take maximum advantage of the calculator, they must first sit with it and familiarize themselves with the different features of the calculator. They must understand the way the numeric entry questions work. They must also understand the different techniques in which the same problem can be solved faster. This will help them in the GRE prep.

This is important since it helps the candidate to understand the different ways of using the calculator to aid their performance during the exams. The general test preparations are best when done with the calculator. This is because the candidate then understands how the calculator can be used to ensure that the candidate is completely in touch with the technology that will help them clear the exam well.

  • Improve your speed:

It is also very important to know exactly how to improve your speed. To ensure that the GRE scores are high, the candidate cannot afford not to have a strong speed of solving. Any question left blank will mean that the scores will go low. This is why, within the given time, the candidate must complete the entire exam properly. There are several times that the answer box might display an error message.

Keeping this possibility in mind, it is even more important to have a good speed in order to deal with situations like that.  Having a good speed ensures that the end result is also good. It also ensures that the candidate does not leave any area blank where there is space for any marks to be deducted.

  • Catch up on mental math:

Doing mental maths is also very important in order to use the calculator well. You must not turn to the calculator for small issues. Doing proper mental math can help save you a lot of time. It can also help you use the calculator or the required problem instead of using it for anything and everything.

You must calculate the order of operations in your head beforehand. This helps the candidate perform better during the exam times. Having an account of how exactly the operations are to be placed helps in using the calculator to its maximum capacity.

The transfer display button must also be understood properly, and the different areas where it should be sued and where it shouldn’t be used must also be calculated beforehand. This helps save a lot of time during the day of the test.


The GRE calculator is on-screen, which makes it abnormal to utilize. Furthermore, it doesn’t have a lot of capacities.  At that point, there is consistently the situation of what to ascertain. While a mini-computer won’t make a thoughtless mistake, neither will it gather the way to deal with an exceptionally troublesome issue.

Fundamentally, the GRE math is as yet testing your capacity to deconstruct an issue intelligently. By and large, the test isn’t the math, yet the way to deal with an issue. There are times when the entirety is essentially too hard even to consider multiplying on paper, and the inquiry isn’t posing for a guess.

Sorting out the square foundation of a huge number could be troublesome without an adding machine. This is where the calculator proves to be a gift sent from above. It is important to know how to use the calculator properly in order to make sure that the performance you give during the test is a good one.

It also helps you save time, and it helps you understand mental math better. The calculator can be tricky to use since it is online and not a physical one. Therefore familiarizing yourself with its features is always a good thing to do.