Top 10 High-Paying Jobs with A Bachelors’ in Psychology

In recent years, there has been a vast diversity in career options for students having a bachelors’ degree in psychology. This opportunity has led to numerous students turning towards high paying jobs with a bachelor’s degree in psychology. The most top paying career annual salary is $165,000 (on average)!

Some career choices might not directly fall into the category of psychology. But, whatever skills students learn in their psychology degrees can be used for a wide range of career paths. Some of those typical jobs include – career counsellor, case manager, rehabilitation expert, psychiatric technician, etc.

Each of these jobs needs the skill set of a bachelor in the field of psychology. To name a few-

  • Evaluating the requirements of their clients
  • Showing compassion and empathy
  • And even managing records accurately.

Even though there are so many prosperous career options, their annual income depends on several variables. Those include – the location, study background, the candidate’s field experience, and the chosen sector.

Here Are Some High-Paying Jobs for Bachelors’ in Psychology 

Below points out some high paying jobs with a bachelor’s in psychology for aspiring candidates! Follow closely!

1. Psychiatrist

The annual salary range for a psychiatrist is $215,000 – $216,960.

This job is among the highest paying career options for clinical psychologists having a graduate degree, a master’s or doctorate. This practice mainly involves the study of psychology majors and their application.

  • To become a psychiatrist, candidates will need to complete eight years of post-under-graduation study.
  • After getting their bachelor’s degree, they will need to earn a graduate degree by enrolling in medical school.
  • They will need to fulfil and a four-year residency immediately after that.

The salary will depend on the field you chose, best-suiting your area of expertise, your responsibilities, and the location.

2. Industrial-Organizational Psychologist

The second in our list of high paying jobs with a bachelor’s in psychology is the role of an industrial-organizational psychologist.

 Annual salary range for a psychiatrist is $100,000 – $149,780.

The role of an industrial-organizational psychologist is mainly to handle on-site problems. With that, they also conduct market research surveys; choose suitable workers for a specific task, and ensure increased productivity.

According to the Bureau of Labour Statistics-

  • Industrial-organizational psychologist(s) for scientific and development sectors make up to $149,700+ per year.
  • Those working at universities, colleges, high schools earn up to $70,000 + each year.
  • The starting salary of a candidate having a doctoral graduate is around $50,000- $55,000. And the base salary for a candidate in masters’ degree in psychology will earn $35,000-$40,000

Furthermore, reports from the Society of Industrial & Organizational Psychology confirm that 5-7% of their employees make $250,000 per annum.

3. Neuropsychologist

The annual salary range for a psychiatrist is $88,550 – $90,460.

To operate in this field, candidates must have a doctorate either in clinical neuropsychology or neuropsychology. This field is the study of cognitive science and the human brain. And the responsibility of a neuropsychologist is to –

  • Run brain scans
  • Conduct cognitive examinations
  • Treat patients with brain damage.
  • And study how drugs hamper the nervous system.

Furthermore, a neuropsychologist can work in these following sectors.

  • Hospitals
  • Research centres
  • Mental health care clinics
  • Pharmaceutical labs
  • Private sectors
  • Colleges & Universities

4. Clinical Psychologist

The annual salary range for a psychiatrist is $80,000 – $81,350 per annum.

The general rule to become a clinical psychologist is to possess a masters’ degree or a doctorate in psychology. With that, candidates should also fulfil 1-2 years of supervised residency and clear their licensing test. Only afterwards can one start practising, be it at a public clinic or in their private setting!

The Key Roles of a Clinical Psychologist Is To –

  • Care for patients
  • Access, diagnose and treat their specific condition
  • Interacting frequently with patients and their families
  • Prevent any further mental illness from happening

A career as a clinical psychologist is another one of the largest fields of employment in psychology. Besides practising privately, a clinical psychologist can also perform in a wide variety of facilities.

They Include As Follows –

  • Mental health clinics
  • Hospitals
  • Pharmaceutical labs

And many more…!

Along with their special education in psychology, experience also plays a significant role in influencing the salaries.

As per reports from the Occupational Outlook Handbook –

Candidates hired

  • for family, or individual care services make $80,000-$81,160 per year.
  • in offices or settings of senior health practitioners make $90,000-$92,150 per annum.
  • with 5 (or more) years of experience earn $50,000- $54,000 annually
  • with 10-15 years of field experience make $90,000-$100,000 per year.

It is another one of those exciting high paying jobs with a bachelor’s in psychology which candidates can go for.

5. Engineering Psychologist

The annual salary range for a psychiatrist is $75,000- $79,820 per annum.

Candidates applying for entry-level posts will need a masters’ degree in psychology. However, those who have a Ph.D. will get better and high salaried jobs.

The responsibilities of an engineering psychologist include the following –

  • Improving the design of equipment and systems to better efficiency
  • Bettering overall productivity
  • Reducing workplace hazards and injuries
  • And ensuring smooth and consistent operations on-site

The level of expertise and the employment field will influence the job salary. However, for your information, aspiring engineering psychologists earn more working in private sectors than in university/research centres.

In Addition To These Top-Paying Jobs, Candidates Can Also Look Into These Career Options.

6. Case Managers (Salary range $62,124 –$70,280)

These professionals are also known as Social & Human Service Assistants. The study involves understanding the nature and behaviour of human beings. The key roles include giving advice and counselling to individuals in need.

Their responsibilities include as the follows –

  • Developing active recovery and treatment plans
  • Properly monitoring every patient’ s/client’s progress over time
  • Communicating with human health service providers

In addition, candidates will need to have a bachelor’s degree in psychology to be both eligible and thriving in the role of case managers. Plus, they should also have a compassionate heart and always care about the well-being of all their clients/patients’.

7. Career Counsellors (Salary range $48,000 –$53,390)

The primary role of a career counsellor is to guide job-seekers and to inspire students to find their true potential.

The Main Responsibilities Include –

  • Helping people self-assess themselves
  • Find a prosperous career for them
  • Help them shift careers smoothly
  • And in vocational rehabilitation

8. Rehabilitation Specialists (Salary range $40,000 –$45,990)

For students wanting to become rehabilitation specialists, they will need either a master’s or bachelors’ degree in psychology. And the chief responsibilities of a rehabilitation specialist include –

  • Help people with their mental illness and physical disabilities
  • Make them self-sufficient to live a life on their own
  • And reintegrate them into society

And much more…!

9. Market Researcher (Salary range $63,920 –$88,660)

A market researcher is another one of those high paying jobs with a bachelor’s in psychology for candidates to think about. More so for those who are skilled and knowledgeable in scientific methods and performing statistical analysis regularly!

Their Main Responsibilities Are As Follows –

  • Accumulate and analyze data
  • Carry out interviews
  • Handle opinion polls
  • And perform all other essential researching tasks daily.

 10. Laboratory Assistant (Salary range $38,660 –$45,590)

Another excellent career option for bachelor degree holders in psychology is to become a laboratory assistant. The job requires individuals to be focussed more on experiment and research psychology.

A Psychological Laboratory Assistance Can Work For These Sectors –

  • Government sectors and Department of criminal justice 
  • Private sector businesses focussed on the study of human behaviour
  • And in University psychology programs

There You Have It

A list of the top 10 high paying jobs with a bachelor’s in psychology for aspiring candidates to focus on!

But other than its impressive salaries, these career options also provide growth. Every day candidates get to learn things and further hone their skills. And eventually, that helps them accomplish a successful name in the field of psychology.

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