How to Motivate Your Homeschool Kids? A complete Guide

Are you worried with your kids homeschooling? You find your homeschool kids less energetic and enthusiastic during the home-school sessions? It’s a prevalent challenge faced by almost all home-schooling parents.
It’s like a situation of a coach and a runner. While the coach prepares the runner well-trained and equipped to run in the race, but the runner feels reluctant to give his/her best effort to take part or win the race.
Likewise, the homeschool parents select the most-suited homeschool and homeschooling curriculum. They also provide all the required accessories to their kids pursuing the home-schooling. But the kids become less energetic, enthusiastic, and motivated for home-schooling.The #1 Reading App For Kids

Why do homeschool kids lose motivation about home-schooling?

To assess that, you need to go through an analysis and compare the different popular homeschooling methods. The traditional schools follow pre-determined schedules and processes. Here all the students have to attend the classes and learn all the lessons taught in the classes. This teaching-learning process becomes inefficient when some of the students feel less-motivated and interested in those lessons.

The typical test result evaluates the merits of all students. Lower marks determine the weak students. But no teacher urges to make the teaching process efficient and customized to enhance the weak students’ learning process. This is also not possible as a considerable number of students are there in the class.

Unfortunately, few parents impose the same environment in the home-schooling curriculum. The only difference is the number of students. They loaded a tight curriculum on the home-schoolers’ shoulders. The kids need to complete all the tasks within a given time, whether they are learning the lessons or not. Thus the home-schooling becomes ineffective and inefficient. The home-schooling efficiency depends on how to home-school kids and how you set the curriculum.

As a homeschool parent, you need to design the home-schooling curriculum by focusing on your child’s capacity. The home-schooling schedule should be innovative, engaging, and full of activities. So the home-kids never feel bored and their motivation level keeps up for home-schooling.

How to home-school your kids?

The success story of home-schooling lies in the curriculum and how can you homeschool kids. Few steps need to follow the home-schooling in the following manner,

  • When you feel interested in home-schooling for your kids, you need to research different home-school options to select the best-fitted one.
  • Gather almost all the information about the State’s home-schooling requirement.
  • Be a member of the homeschooling-group. Thus you can gather necessary information about the home-school.
  • The most challenging part of home-schooling is curriculum crafting. Keep the Kid on priority, and according to your convenience, you can build the home-schooling curriculum. Make the curriculum in such a way that the Kid never feels less-enthusiastic in home-schooling.
  • Select a good space for home-schooling for your child. Select a calm and silent equipped with required gadgets and high-speed internet connection so that the child can get an uninterrupted and effective home-schooling session.
  • Set achievable, realistic, and practical goals for the home-schoolers. Don’t set such goals so that your kids feel monotonous, ineffective, and less-motivated to join the sessions.
  • Chalk out an effective homeschooling curriculum and schedule. Keep that in mind that the curriculum never lets your Kid’s motivation low.

Challenges-of-home-schooling your Kid’s to face

Though enormous challenges are there in the homeschooling for the kids, only a few are mentioned in the following,

  • Inefficient sleeping habit
  • Disorganization
  • The unnecessary feeling of overwhelming
  • Homesickness
  • Interrupted connectivity
  • Higher fees
  • Low-level of socialization
  • Ineffective thinking and problem-solving skills
  • Study intensity, not up-to-the-mark
  • Time wasting tendency
  • Tendency to skip classes and tutorials

10 Ways to motivate your homeschool kids to overcome these Challenges 

Keep calm: 

You have to be patient while dealing with the homeschoolers. The homeschool parents often face difficulties and obstacles during the homeschoolers’ learning process. If you can’t control your temperament during that phase, the kids might become scared, and the learning process becomes inefficient. You have to friendly during the home-schoolers’ learning process.

Show empathy: 

Instead of becoming angry or losing cool, show the utmost empathy to the Kid during learning sessions. If they can’t follow the lessons or curriculum, console them and support them in the learning process. That will help a lot to homeschool kids.

Stay always positive: 

The learning process and atmosphere sometimes become negative. If the Kid can’t follow the curriculum or can’t achieve the desired performance level, the parents might feel negative. Instead of being negative, you can alter or bring few changes to the regular curriculum and activities. Parents’ positivity will enhance the efficiency of the kids’ learning process.

 Let the home-schoolers say about their home-school curriculum and home-tasks: 

Don’t burden the home-tasks on the home-schoolers by reminding them. Let them talk about the home-school curriculum and home-tasks. This will increase their concentration, urge to learn, and motivation level. These will make the home-school experience exciting and enriched.


Break is essential to keep the motivation on. The continuous discipline, schedule, and home-tasks will create monotony. The break is the only way to get rid of the monotony. Use the break time for pursuing the Kid’s favourite activities, hobbies, and games. This will freshen up your Kids and your minds fresh and active.

Offer rewards: 

You can offer small rewards upon achieving the home-schoolers to their goals. Do not bribe them to reach the goal. The reward program enhances the motivation level incline of the home-schoolers. They will experience the feeling of success, and thus it will help to build their confidence.

Review the progress: 

The students will get the ultimate motivation when parents review their progress and applaud. They will get the motivation to achieve the next level of success. Don’t scold or abuse them on their unaccomplished goals. You have to gear up and encourage them for further success. 


If you found that the child is standing at the bottom of the progress list, do not scold them. If you scold them, this will create a significant depression. Your kid’s feel of un-accomplishment on the home-schooler. They will further show more and more degradation in their performance. At this stage, stand with them and encourage them to outperform.

Subject shuffling: 

The exact-same schedule of the home-schooling curriculum creates monotony. The parents need to shuffle the subjects or to break the monotony.

Arrange a group study session for the home-schoolers: 

These joint-study sessions increase the motivation, competition, compatibility, accuracy. This will enhance their socialization skills along with the learning process. Thus home-schooling performance will improve!

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Final Words… 

On the one hand, home-school selection and curriculum crafting are the two significant aspects for the parents. But, the parents need to be careful about following that curriculum. The parents should monitor the motivation aspect of the Kid during the home-school sessions. The curriculum is the base of the learning process. If the Kid can follow that with intense interest and motivation, only the curriculum proves effective, efficient, and successive.