Top Homeschool Math Curriculum for Students in Need

It comes as no surprise to see students struggling with Mathematics. To understand and perfect its complex topics, most students have to invest a lot of time and effort. But despite all their efforts, they still find the subject too difficult to tackle on their own. Statistics show that – Over 80% of students take longer to grasp mathematical concepts than any other subject. However, to help struggling students, homeschool math curriculum(s) have proven very useful in recent years.

Its unique teaching textbooks come with step-by-step guidance and answers to numerous math lessons. And they help improve a kid’s thinking capability to understand on their own.

How A Proper Homeschool Math Curriculum Helps Struggling Students?

  • A quality homeschool math curriculum helps struggling students understand how math works. It contains all the key answers and directions to essential questions that students learn to apply on their own. Thus math concepts of your child start to grow from the beginning of the school year.
  • These homeschool math programs educate students on those crucial formulas and use them in both their academic equations and real-life.
  • Furthermore, such grade-level maths curriculums do not endorse spoon-feed learning to students. Instead, it helps improve a student’s math skills through reading, understanding, and self-applying those concepts in different equations. This helps foster in-depth learning, which students don’t forget.
  • Most importantly, a quality homeschool math curriculum will feature lots of problem-solving examples, unique illustrations, and video lessons. Each of them will be easy to follow for students and help them excel in their academics.

It’s no secret that every child comes with unique abilities. And the purpose of online homeschool mathematics curriculums is to equip and educate students thoroughly so that they thrive confidently.

This brings to the all-important question – “Are you among those homeschooling moms searching for the best homeschool math curriculum(s)?”

If so, then continue reading below!

Top Homeschool Math Curriculum(s) For Mastery-Based Learning

1. Saxon Math

The Saxon Math curriculum features lots of textbooks for different grade students. And it stands as among the top-most homeschool mathematic curriculums around. It covers K-high school grade curriculums, which most schools tend to use.

In other words, the Saxon Math curriculum will be very similar to most public school lessons. And that is another reason why it will be a perfect option for your homeschooling children.

It Features Lots of Instructional Components and Warm-Up Activities like –

  • Facts practice
  • Mental math
  • Daily lessons
  • Cumulative math practice and tests
  • Problem-solving exams

Besides, Saxon Math Curriculum Also Includes the Following –

  • Arithmetic equations
  • Geometry and measurements
  • Probability and statistics
  • Power and roots
  • Fractions, percents, and decimals
  • Elapsed time
  • Negative numbers

Students will also find a worksheet booklet, test paper samples, and solution-manual to understand all mathematical concepts.

2. Math Mammoth

The Math Mammoth curriculum offers an all-inclusive lessons program for both elementary and middle school homeschooling kids. It bears a resemblance to the Singapore curriculums, except it introduces certain concepts like fractions and decimals at a slightly slower pace.

Example- Math Mammoth curriculum introduces it in its 3rd-grade lesson plan. In contrast to this, the Singapore curriculum includes decimals and fractions in its 1B grade or 2nd-grade lesson plan.

The Math Mammoth Curriculum Covers the Following –

  • All-inclusive math curriculum for grades 1-7
  • Free math placement examinations to assess student’s IQ, and determine which curriculum grade is appropriate for them
  • Access to over 400 free sample pages to check online or download
  • Tropical books for specific topics like Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, Division, Geometry, Decimals, Ratios, Integers, Fractions and more
  • Students also get website links where they will find mathematic games, arithmetical activities and exciting worksheets to practice with

This homeschool math curriculum also ranks as one of the best programs for both students and parents. And if anything, working with it will make your little one fall in love with mathematics in rapid time.

3. Singapore Math

The Singapore Math curriculum consists of K-12 lesson plans for homeschooling children. And its unusual picture approach makes it very easy for kids of all-grades to learn and retain the information quickly.

This specially-designed curriculum offers engaging video lessons, easy problem-solving techniques, and mental math strategies for in-depth understanding. It follows a unique approach to help students achieve mastery in mathematical concepts.

The Singapore Math homeschooling curriculum follows a method of Intentional Sequencing of Concepts. And the main features of this unique approach include –

  • (CPA) –Concrete, Pictorial, Abstract progression
  • Bar modeling
  • Mental math
  • Number bonds

Usually, most math programs include solved equations for students, which they use to solve another problem. They stick to the step-by-step solving instructions and repeat the entire process for equations with different numbers.

But the Singapore Math curriculum makes students think deeper through those concepts and use them in different ways right from the beginning. It mainly focuses on helping kids achieve conceptual depth for each lesson and make them more adept in solving problems.

4. Miquon Math

Miquon Math curriculum offers hands-on lessons program for homeschooling students. It helps young kids learn arithmetical concepts comfortably and uniquely.

Kids will also find lots of helpful resources and sheet-by-sheet instructions to understand their mathematical equations better. The focus here again is to achieve proper conceptual learning, which helps them explore different and even advanced mathematical concepts on their own.

The Miquon Math program consists of 6 different textbooks for different grade students. It also comprises instructional notes, lab-sheet annotations, 1st-grade diary, etc.

In addition to these, the Miquon Math curriculum also allows access to its online forum. Whenever kids need help or guidance, they can connect with other forum users and share their questions.

Even parents can visit their official online forum to consult, share their experiences, and glean on interesting ways to teach math to their little ones.

5. Horizons Math

The Horizons Math curriculum contains lesson programs for K-grade 8 students.

  • Each of its workbooks comes with full-color explanations and examples.
  • And all its handbooks contain step-by-step explanations on every chapter.
  • The activity section comes with easy to locate and follow instructions for kids.

Its last two editions, namely Horizon Math 7th grade and 8th grade, consist of pre-algebra and full-algebra equations.

In addition to all this, Horizons Math curriculum also comes with lots of practice tests to evaluate each student’s skill level. The initial grade curriculums will include lots of unique manipulations to explain concepts clearly.

Plus, every new lesson consists of a recapitulation of the previous experience and instructions of the fresh concept. Making students brush up their previous lessons before starting the new one makes for the perfect spiral curriculum.

6. Life of Fred

Another quality homeschool math curriculum which many parents favor is the Life of Fred math program.

Using this curriculum, your kids will never find math boring. They will appreciate its textbooks appearing in graphic styles and consisting of humorous storylines in each section.

This curriculum explains the life of Fred Gauss and how he took help from mathematics through the course of his life. Kids will learn some fascinating problem-solving methods. And if they do struggle with an equation or section, its prominent examples will help them get back on track.

Another thing which parents and homeschooling kids will love is each of its hardcover texts featuring all study materials, equation hints, proofs, and lots more. And in comparison to traditional classrooms, there will be tons of solved equations with step-by-step explanations.

This interactive math curriculum helps kids’ think and understand concepts themselves. And as they practice, they will learn to integrate appropriate formulas and techniques to solve equations on their own.

Fitures of  Life of Fred 

The Life of Fred math curriculum covers –

  • Beginners reading material
  • Elementary math (1st to 4th grade)
  • Intermediate math (4th to 6th grade)
  • Pre-High School Math (6th to 8th grade)
  • High School Mathematics
  • University Mathematics
  • And unique sets from the Life of Fred Gauss
  • Teaching Textbooks

For any student who hates learning math, Teaching Textbooks will work very well for them. The online lessons come with easy examples and unique step-by-step explanations.

It covers – Geometry, Algebra, Pre-Algebra, Pre-Calculus, Mental Math Equations, and Math Curriculums for Grade 3-7.

Teaching Textbooks also allow homeschooling moms to monitor their kid’s performance regularly. To improve their thinking ability, they can turn off hints/suggestions and monitor their kid’s grades in their online performance tests.

Furthermore, students get access to its eBook, which contains plenty of examples, illustrations, and lucid explanations of different mathematical equations.

All lessons are available in both DVD and text formats.


These above homeschool math curriculum(s) are popular among countless parents, students, and even teachers. They not only deliver conceptual learning to kids struggling with mathematics. But also introduce them to unique problem-solving techniques that they can use to handle different equations by themselves.

So, if your kid is struggling with mathematics, then look into these quality homeschooling curriculums today. It will make them fall in love with the subject the more they practice with it in their homes’ comfort.