Top 10 Best Online Homeschool Websites in India You Must Know

If you are planning to start homeschooling for your kids then you must know the best online home schools in India. These are the websites that can make your kids’ homeschooling easy and simple task for you. These homeschool websites not only provide you with homeschool resources but they can be the best source of a lot of learning help for your child.

From educational videos to learning activities and from free lessons to games – they have a lot of things for your children so that their homeschooling can be successful for them.
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What is The Best Homeschooling Website?

Homeschooling has become widespread popular among different families in the US and even in other parts of the world, especially after the pandemic happened to the world. People from different backgrounds opt for educating their children independently, and it is growing in numbers through homeschool websites for kids. Technology has played a major role in its expansion, and online homeschooling has taken the experience of home learning to another level.

Families can now easily find fully-developed best online homeschool programs free over the internet along with a wide range of learning apps and self-paced learning tools in order to help their children. Technology is also effective in building a community for homeschooling families by promoting connections with homeschool groups and offering support for the learners and parents.

If you are looking for the best homeschooling website, you will find innumerable options. This post also lists some of the leading names for homeschooling websites. Dissatisfaction for the local schooling institutions and rising interests in the involvement with the overall learning and development of the children has led to the widespread popularity of the homeschooling concept. Some parents opt for free homeschooling websites in order to have great control over how and what their children are taught. They also do so to adequately cater to the aptitudes as well as abilities of the child.

Now let’s fund out the best homeschool websites in India.

List of top 10 homeschool websites in India

1. Khan Academy

Whenever you need free online lessons or interactive exercises for your kids for their homeschooling, you can trust on these home school websites like Khan Academy. All these lessons and learning methods can be a great resource for both students and parents. No matter what subject you choose or if there any particular segment that you want to teach your kids through videos; these resources of this website can help you a lot.

Khan Academy is easy platform to use. One have to go to the Khan Academy website, and then click on the sign up button. Register with an e-mail address. The videos are quick and easy to understand. Long lectures are always not necessary.

The average video takes only 12 minutes and is packed with all that you need to know. Students get the opportunity to learn at their own space. With these well structured lesson  plans, students first fill up their gaps, then start accelerated learning. The courses offered by them include from basic mathematics K-12 to early college level, grammar, science, history, SAT®, and many more. For students and teachers, it’s all free.

2. TED-Ed

If you wish to build a lesson for your homeschooling kids then this website can help you to do the same. It can be done through any TED-Ed resources or TED talk app so that your kids can learn with fun. There are existing lessons as well on this website that can help your children in a wide variety of subjects. This website can provide you with an online home school curriculum that is helpful for the homeschoolers, teachers, parents and students as well. Along with India, it is also considered one of the most popular homeschooling websites in the UK and other countries.

Parents must know that TED-Ed offers short video lectures on a wide variety of subjects. Children might get bored or frustrated when they see videos which are a little too advanced for their age, but the website usually presents wonderful video on complex content in easy and understandable ways.

3. Simple Homeschool

Whenever you are thinking about homeschooling, you must make it simple. Simple homeschool helps you to plan and keep everything in a simple manner so that your children can learn and enjoy their homeschooling.

Simply Homeschool focuses on play and hands-on learning for children. The course plans are very interesting, funny and as close as possible to real life. They try to focus on each individual child’s strength and weaknesses, try to educate the real value of life.

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4. NASA for Students

You can have a wide range of blogs, articles, podcasts, videos and games for your students through this website. There is a free catalogue that can help the students in learning topics related to aeronautics, STEM and space exploration.

Students can learn crafting ideas, science experiments with the help of household items and watch interesting videos with their family. Students also get the opportunity to interact with scientists directly.


No matter whether you need printable lessons, curriculum reviews or articles to get start the home school – you can get everything here. This site can provide great help; especially if you are new in homeschooling. is helping homeschool families for more than 20 years.

The website helps to lighten the curriculum burden through experiencing the homeschool journey. The team always offers outrageously beautiful tools, guides, product reviews, advice, and support to homeschooling families. Since its inception in 1998, is focused on empowering parents in order to create an ideal learning environment for children at home.  The website is dignified for explosive growth, and with the growth that it achieves comes the accountability to embrace the implausible diversity of families.

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6. How to Smile

If you want an endless collection of science and math activities for your children, then How to Smile is the website you must visit. This website provides a lot of free resources to teachers and parents as well. These resources are typically designed for the students who are involved in “out-of-school-learning environment”.

How to smile offers a collection of some of the best educational homeschooling materials over the web. Along with additional learning tools and services, everything is designed especially for school-aged kids learning in non-class settings. The team of SMILE are resource hubs for educational programs that include people from different walks of backgrounds and ages.

Though the website was launched in 2010, but SMILE was a major project since 2007. How to smile is dedicated in bringing science, technology, engineering, and math (also known as STEM) activities developed by informal science organizations in the country. You can consider this as one of the most effective homeschooling websites for middle school.

7. Power my Learning

Thousands of free and standards-aligned videos, games and interactive learning activities in all K–12 subjects are available here. You can easily build classes for your homeschoolers and also set assignments. You can always use this website to encourage your children while they are homeschooling.

Power My Learning has demonstrated a great impact on students’ mastery, improved teacher practice, and increased meaningful family engagement in the overall learning of the students.

The best thing about Power My Learning and that set apart from the others is the power of activating the exponential power that happens with the trio of students, teachers, and families work together on similar learning goals. The website also aims to advance equity to reserve the efficient denial of the country for educational opportunities based on class, race as well as learning differences.

The team collaborates with the districts and schools across the country to activate the trio relationships through effective services and products. The group was founded in 1999 and has a strong team of leadership with excellent experience in the professional development of teachers, education technology, and family engagement.

8. XtraMath

If you wish to get something special for your children’s math lessons while homeschooling them then this is the right website you should visit. This website is a great help for those who wish to have some valuable math homeschool curriculum resources for their kids when they are homeschooling.

XtraMath is an excellent online math fact fluency program that helps students develop quick recall and automatically of basic math facts. Students with a sound foundation will have a comfortable time the moment they opt for solving advanced math such as algebra or fractions. XtraMath works with different classroom tech scenarios. It is also designed to work equally for traditional schools or in the home.

Be it looking for some extra math practice or homeschooling, XtraMath has always been very effective. Parents can have access to the detailed progress reports of the student and can also have an overview of the entire class’s performance.

9. Reading Eggs

This is a subscription website. If you want to make learning fun for your homeschooler then this is the right website you should visit. It is a favourite of many parents and children who are into a homeschooling curriculum.

Reading Eggs have got comprehensive online reading curriculum, and it is based on solid scientific research that comes with personalized and one-on-one lessons to match the ability of the child.

Reading Eggs is headed by expert educators with more than 30 years of experience. Incorporation of Reading Eggs in the daily routine of the child will help to prepare them for structured learning. This will certainly help them to succeed and feel them confident at school.

Reading Eggs continues to help to develop the comprehension, vocabulary, grammar, spelling as well as writing skills of the students. Some of the key features include – English skills, The Library, My Lessons, The Stadium. Each of the features has got unique features.

10. Ambleside Online

If you wish to get your child involved in religious schooling and want to know the names of online Christian homeschool, then you can visit this website. This website covers subjects like geography, Bible studies, foreign language, math, literature, history, science, and poetry.

Ambleside Online mainly uses the classical principle of Charlotte Mason’s to prepare children for a life that gives them rich relationships with everything around them. The website hosts a wide range of collections of unique Charlotte Mason materials available in the digital format made by the volunteers of the organization.

The community also offers a wide range of homeschool resources for homeschooling parents so that they imbibe good qualities in their child while learning at home only. The best thing is that the curriculums are free, and there is no tuition, no dues, or any other donations. All these make it one of the best free homeschooling websites.

There are lots of assistance you can get from these online homeschooling platforms for your children.

Make sure to choose your best home school websites in order to make the most of the opportunity of learning from the comfort of the home.


The concept of homeschooling is not new but has become prevalent in recent times. The concept has several benefits attached to it and has helped parents to take utmost care for the education of their children. Some of the benefits include academic excellence, flexibility, expertise supplementary subjects, giftedness, and a lot more.

Homeschooling has also helped students to become elite athletes, performing artists, overcome bullying, eliminate school phobia, deal with learning challenges, manage traveling families, etc. The concept is getting more and more popular among students and parents as this method enables them to develop a strong and unique learning experience. Make sure to choose the best online homeschooling sites from the list discussed above and ensure a better learn and bright career for your child.

Frequently Asked Questions related to Homeschooling 

What age should you start homeschooling?

There is no fixed age to start homeschooling, but you can start it at the age of 3. Many parents have decided to go for homeschooling from the age of 3 till the child started community college during high school at the age of 16.

How much do parents get paid to homeschool?

Homeschooling the child is a private and personal choice and not at all an employment. Thus, they never get paid to homeschool their children. Th8e ultimate thing they get is the joy of teaching their children and moral values in them.

How many days a week do you homeschool?

Homeschoolers often homeschool between 3-5 days in a week. If needed, they go for more. In order to know the exact number of days, it is best to check with the state homeschooling requirements as it vary from one state to another.

What is a good schedule for homeschooling?

Homeschooling schedule works differently for different families. Some have a strong week of homeschooling, while some have certain intervals. In some cases, parents have weekly schedules similar to conventional school schedules. But the ideal scenario is to have a flexible homeschooling schedule and custom-made for the students. Better to check the available list of homeschool curriculum in your state.