Homeschooling vs Public Schooling: What Should Parents Go for?

Today, the importance of education in this competitive environment has become evident to parents. It is becoming difficult to provide a decent lifestyle with the rapid growth of technology and competition. A big question arises over “homeschooling vs public schooling”, which one is better?

Thousands of families have implemented the idea of homeschooling to deal with problems frequently related to the sending of children to a public school. Today, the school is very dangerous and terrifying. Many of the main causes for homeschooling include suicides, guns, threats and the deterioration of traditional American values.

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To your babies, it’s much safer and healthier. Homeschooling also helps parents to adapt the curriculum and learning speed to the individual needs of every child. All of this leads to one problem in the mind of the parent. If you’re going to home school or public school. It can never be left out of this definition. Whenever the issue of the future of your kid comes up, they get lost.

If you are still one of those puzzled by the same problem, you don’t have to think about that anymore. There are several references to overcome uncertainty.

Since it is a matter of the future of your kid, your decision in “home school versus public school” needs to be very clear. Both have some advantages and disadvantages. Here, in this article, we will address both of these as it is important to consider the details before making the decision.

What is Homeschooling?

Before going into the detailed discussion, first of all, we have to know “What is Homeschooling?”

Homeschooling is the process of educating your child from the comfort of your home. Homeschooling is also known as home education in different parts of the world, including the United Kingdom, the US and others. Discontentment with the curriculum, teaching strategies and moral beliefs are some of the reasons why parents agree that their child will not be sent to public school.

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Advantages of Homeschooling:

Although it is known as an innovative type of training, homeschooling has been one of the world’s oldest forms of education.

Before going into the public education program, students were taught at home by parents or assigned tutors. In these days, public schools and private schools are possibly the rules, but people often prefer homeschooling to the conventional form of education. So, to understand better “homeschooling vs public schooling”, ten explanations are here.

1.Focus on the student

In a public school, a teacher has to manage 20 to 40 students in a class. So, a teacher can’t focus on all children at a time. But in-home schooling, parents or assigned teacher only monitor one child. So, a student can get maximum attention in the homeschooling system.

The teacher or parent has the knowledge and strength of a particular student. So, to guide a student according to his/her need is possible. Also, if a child has time, a home school parent has the right to spend longer on a particular subject.

2.Adaptable scheduling

You have an early alarm every day if your child goes to public school! Every morning you run against time to try to get your kid in time. In all the chaos, breakfast, the most important meal of the day often escapes the boy.

Choose a home school, and the crazy morning routine won’t be enough. Your morning should be more comfortable, and depending on your child’s ease, you can change your study or play schedule.

In the homeschooling system, you must have a regular schedule and seek to obey it to teach discipline to children. Timetables can be modified every week, fortnight or month.

3.Importance on learning, not on grades

Kids in school require strong credentials to progress into higher schools. Competition inspires them to do better and to gain more in the leading universities. When they go to school, that remains their priority. The grade does not always reflect on the knowledge of the student. They may secure a good grade by cheating or help of classmates. Although learning the subject, learning may not be sufficient to know.

The absence of competitiveness in homeschooling promotes learning for the sake of knowledge and implementation by the child and parent.

4.Curriculum management

Well, you can stop wishing and start teaching them what is important to you if you choose your home school. You should apply it to the program, whether it’s social studies, science or basic forms. First of all, decide what the child will learn from a subject and when he will learn it.

You may add more subjects of interest to your child, exclude what you think is wrong or irrelevant to his or her age.  Parents should have the right to choose the beliefs of your culture, which is a public school is not possible.

But, in public school, your child has to grow through a set of fixed subjects and fixed syllabus. You have no choice rather than following the Curriculum.

5.Prevents waste of time

When your kid goes to school, you have to take care of a lot of things from tiffin to school bag. Savings time is very much essential.

Every day, a student spent too much time preparing for classes, going to school and returning, wait for the school bus, etc. Home education saves your time and money. Therefore, reduces the need for homework. You should make the child know and remember that, during the time of learning, it learned to take advantage of other constructive tasks during the rest of the day.

6.The climate of healthy learning

There is nothing wrong with the universe. But bad people can harm your child considerably. The child is at risk in the outside world for bullying, sexual assault, negative influence and mental or physical abuse. Homeschooling allows you to shield your child to a certain degree against negative social factors.

Furthermore, you do not need to worry that on a bad weather day you send your child to school!

7.Less pressure of homework

Projects, jobs, exams and assignments – these are the things a schoolchild normally attacks. Furthermore, you have a depressed kid or teenager who has to complete home tasks on time. Home education is without any red tape and therefore less stressful. Finally, you can teach your child at home using technology. For example, you can use online teaching to teach in mathematics or science about complex topics.

8.Focus on the child’s talents

Public school education focuses to teach lots of subjects and topics. So, a school-going kid may know many things but in a limited way. That is not necessarily the case with homeschooling. In homeschooling, you can focus on one subject or a specific topic that your child is interested in.

9.Strong bonding between parent and child

Homeschooling helps you to spend more time each day with your child and to get better acquainted with each other. Spending quality time with your children helps you to teach your child habits, social or public behaviour, and personal boundaries.

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Homeschooling vs publicschooling

Disadvantages of Homeschooling

Although, homeschooling has some advantage over public schooling system. But it is not same for all cases. Here are the reasons

1 Children become unsocial

When a child is educated at home, he does not interact with other children of his age. Although he does, he can’t experience the same things as children at public school. The college, class trips and plans, lunch with friends, these first crushes and more are not felt!

Not that home school children are not good at socializing but lack fun stuff that the other children enjoy.

2 Lack of quality educators

Parents in the home school do not usually have schooling or skills. Parents still have no first-hand experience in home education, and the subjects are still being taught. Homeschooling, therefore, is always an experience for all. This can prevent the child in public or private schools from receiving quality education which trained and competent teachers can provide.

3 Too much expensive

You will not need to think about tuition fees, housing, food and stationery expenses when you want to live at home. So, compared to public schools, you might think that homeschooling is less expensive.

But, is it? Dream about that.

You (or your spouse) must ignore your career aspirations or ambitions and concentrate on educating the child when you decide to educate your child at home. This means that in the family you have one less earning member and more or less the same costs.

4 Restricted subject scope

The curriculum in public schools introduces your child to several themes, albeit minimally. Your child is familiar with each of these topics from different branches of mathematics, science, humanities, literature and language. Children must study and understand these topics to achieve good qualifications and to enter higher education.

Parents may opt to restrict or even delete the subject from their resume in home school, leaving the child unaware of it. Also, unless specialists, a parent cannot teach complex subjects in topics such as mathematics, physics, chemistry or economics.

5 Sport restricted access

When you are at home, you should teach your child to play a few games and sports. However, they may not be able to regularly play team sports. Homeschooling restricts their chance to compete in competitive team sports, and may also lead them to higher education universities.

The majority of home school parents do not like other parents also enjoy their summer holidays. A good deal of time is spent planning and studying the curriculum for the coming academic year.

In this discussion at “homeschooling vs public schooling”, there are several more points which can affect you one way or the other. By taking all these details into account, you can decide by thinking about the time you should spend and the influence of home school and public education on your child. And if you intend to teach your children at home, study and make an educated decision based on evidence and not just emotion.

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