How to Become a Home School Teacher- A Complete Guide

With Covid-19 taking a toll, there has been a spurt in home school teachers across the world. It is further accentuated by uncertainties parents feel about when school will reopen. Home school is a choice that you can make, shunning the traditional education system – a review of the rules of trade in this profession and what it takes to be successful. It makes your child self-aware and alert and can be a long- term education target. Want to know how to become a home school teacher?

Home Schooling helps to foster better parent and children relationships. The flexibility of the schedule makes working easier. Learning becomes fun, fast, and easy. Moreover, it helps your child to provide him with that extra necessary attention. As a parent, there are several websites like Khan Academy available if you want to home school your child.The #1 Reading App For Kids

Qualification needed to become a homeschool teacher

The educational requirements for a home school teacher are a High School Diploma. Moreover, for doing some jobs possessing a State license or teaching certificate is essential. Employers also want to hire tutors who have got prior teaching experience. In case you are freelancing, having a specialized knowledge of your subject too becomes equally important.

Pls check out what is legal

Before appointing a homeschool teacher, find out the legal requirements. Home school laws vary from country to country and even from state to state within the US. The first thing is to decide what is permitted by your State law.

In some states, certified homeschool teachers are eligible to teach homeschool children. While in other states, there is no specific law in this regard. You have a lot of options as a homeschooling parent for your child’s individualized education.

As a teacher, you must know the homeschool laws before going into these professions.

Work Rules of a homeschool teacher

A homeschool teacher’s varied duties lie in developing a homeschool curriculum and course syllabus for every subject satisfying regulatory standard.

  •  They need to plan assignments, correct them, and arrange regular sessions of talk around them.
  • As for the curriculum reviewing a set of subjects to improve skill sets is what you must focus on.
  • You must a portfolio of corrected assignments.
  • We should assess students based on class performance and marks that they get for assignments.
  • We should generate Reports based on learning outcomes. They may assign the same teacher to a particular group of students year after year, provided they increase his skill set with time.

As a home school teacher working in a non-traditional set up is becoming more common. Thus, they hire home School teachers for specific subjects where parents lack the expertise to teach. Technology, foreign languages are some of the areas in which parents hire tutors rather than teach them themselves.

How much can you earn as a homeschool teacher?

While discussing “how to become a home school teacher?” you must know the earning prospect. The salary of a professional can well range near what K-12 school teachers might be getting. In the US, New York teachers get the highest, whereas North Carolina teachers get the lowest.

According to, homeschool teacher can earn $30 approximately hourly in the U.S.

A Home School teacher can always set his rate, but for doing so, the following areas need to be taken care of-

  • You first need to find out whether your students are at junior or are high school students.
  • The rates that you are fixing per hour is reasonable for you as well for the tutee
  • You need to check how much you are earning per month

Advantages of being a homeschool teacher

The advantages of this method of schooling are as follows

· They teach students on a one-to-one basis, the attention of the teacher is more focused, and it helps in nurturing better student-teacher relationship.

· Scheduling is flexible, making the system user friendly for teachers and students.

· Attendance does not become an issue like a private school or public school.

· Teachers do not have to check several assignments, and with fewer students, they spend more time teaching than grading students.

· There is no dress code making the environment relaxed and friendly.

· Teachers are not burdened with the responsibilities of working in Committees or are not engaged in functioning as administrators.

Social Media and You

If you want to work full time and know-how to become a home school teacher, you must make an effort to launch yourself. You must be particularly active in the online platform. Moreover, constantly updating your skills and, at the same time, removing any old details about yourself should be your education target.

There are some particular areas in all subjects about which students can have doubts, and they look up for assistance. In Maths, solid Geometry is one such area. Therefore, we can create teaching advertisements using social media platforms like Facebook and LinkedIn. Build a creative lesson plan and promote these educational plans among the homeschool group through social sharings.

You must be very active and plan a proper schedule. According to the requirement of the education course of students, we must maintain the teaching hours. Teaching hours may vary depending on the grade levels.

It must be remembered that starting as a Home School Teacher requires proper planning. Building a good reputation should be anybody’s priority rather than finding students. Creating an engaging home education environment is also important. You need not rush out; taking careful steps along the right path will help you achieve your goal. 

Final words-

There are many steps involved in becoming a teacher, and it will require a lot of hard work and creative networking to get to your goal. But once you do, you won’t even think about the mental satisfaction.

The cost of teaching is high, but the rewards are equally high. Teaching is one of the hardest and most challenging things you may ever do, but I can attest that it can also be one of the most fulfilling things you ever do.