How to Homeschool in Texas? Know A-Z of homeschooling!

Homeschooling is a mode of elective home education. The popularity of homeschooling is growing significantly in Texas. According to the survey, the number of homeschoolers in Texas increased almost thrice compared to the last decade. The growth rate is increased by twenty-four percent with a year. Now the important question is “how to homeschool in Texas?”

Different states amended various homeschooling laws and rules. Few states mandate the parents’ submission of affidavits when withdrawals of their children’s traditional schools’ names. Few states claim the attendance sheet, performance track-report, test scores, and curriculum activity graphs of the homeschooling, which the child will pursue further. This performance evaluation will help to check the child’s future and career security with that homeschool.

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Wondering How To Start Homeschooling-Follow This Complete Guide

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How to start homeschooling in Texas?

Texas is one of the most popular states for homeschoolers as the place is quite low on regulations but at the same offers great opportunities for experimental learning. Apart from hundreds of support groups in the state, there are several educational field trips awaiting for the students to happen.

If you are also looking forward to getting the best suggestions on starting homeschooling in Texas for your child but are clueless about the same, do not worry. Sit back in relax and continue reading the post to know the process of how to homeschool in Texas.

      Enquire about the homeschool laws in Texas

We all know that homeschool laws vary from one state to another. In Texas, there are only a handful of laws that are related to homeschooling, and it is important to note that they are specific to particular circumstances. Usually, the ideal scenario for a homeschool should follow certain criteria –

  • Must use a curriculum that has the combination of workbooks, books as well as other written materials in an electronic or tangible format
  • Should be created and maintained in good faith but not as a sham
  • Should be directed by a parent or the person standing in the parental authority
  • Must fulfill the basic education goals in spelling, reading, math, grammar, and most importantly, good citizenship.

It is also important for you to withdraw your child from the present school if you have already enrolled him/her. All you need to is send a signed, dated note to let the school know that you have decided to homeschool your child. Know about How to Motivate Your Homeschool Kids? A complete Guide

     Consider the future

The prospect of homeschooling your child might change for certain reasons. It is important to consider them before making the decision to homeschool the child. For example, in case you want your child to return to the public school, then they might request to review the home curriculum of the child and will also take tests to assess the ability of the child.

Similarly, the Texas state laws will never award high school homeschooling students with high school diplomas. Though, the state does consider homeschool diplomas earned after completion of proper homeschool education, which is also equivalent to a public school diplomas.

     Choosing the best homeschool curriculum

Before you start with homeschooling the child, it is important to make sure whether you will use only one specific homeschool curriculum in Texas or there will be a combination. The good thing is that in Texas, the choice of homeschool curriculum is completely given to the parents.  You can get in touch with different groups that promote the concept of homeschooling in Texas to get additional opportunities for your child. Theirs is an option for going for a free homeschool curriculum in Texas as well.

     Start your homeschool

Even after you will do everything for the homeschooling of your child as per the recommendations of Texas State Education officials, there are certain practices that you must consider. It is important to consider the options to make it even better.

  • Keep a detailed track of the overall educational progress of the child, followed with homeschool record-keeping habits.
  • The homeschool curriculum might get identical with the public school, or you can also imply your own creativity.
  • If you opt for relaxed online homeschool in Texas environment, make sure to add creative methods to make the education fun.

Following all these will help you with the detailed process on how to homeschool your child in Texas. Initially, the process might seem stressful, but with proper research work and gathering the right information, you will make it easy.

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Know the Texas homeschool law before how to homeschool in Texas

Texas Supreme Court shared the verdict in favor of homeschooling in Texas on 15th June 1994. This verdict came after a long-9-years battle. The judgment ensured that the parents could educate their children staying at home. But they mandate a few laws to pursue homeschooling in Texas. 

To pursue a homeschool in Texas, the parents and students must strictly follow the Texas-home school law. TEA (Texas Education Agency) mandates few rules at the time of switching to the homeschool from the conventional schools,

  • A signed-statement from the qualified students or guardians or parents within ten days of quitting the conventional school of the district 
  • Otherwise, submit a verbal statement from the qualified students or guardians or parents within ten days of quitting the conventional school of the district.
  • An authorized district-representative should validate these statements by their signatures and date.
  • The Supreme Court of Texas considered homeschooling a private entity; they lifted the homeschooling’s attendance compulsion. 
  • Attendance guidelines are mentioned in the education code (sec 25.085) recently.

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The legal requirement of the accredited homeschool program in Texas

The basic requirement are as follows

  • The homeschool should publish authentic instructions.
  • The homeschool should follow the visual curriculum (Such as video monitors, work-books, or books)
  • The homeschools should deliver sessions on mathematics, readings, grammar, good citizenship, and spelling. [Good citizenship is nearly alike with civics.]

If the child is not enrolled in any public school, the parents need not contact the state government or the local school. If you never register your child at the public school, you are free to enroll your child in the accredited homeschool program in Texas. Many local support groups are also there to support you in the homeschooling context in Texas. 

How to legally homeschool in Texas?

When it comes homeschool in Texas legally, there are certain points that you need to keep in mind to make the process hassle-free. The state-level regulates the administration of homeschooling, and potential changes can be made to the relevant laws at any given point of time. It is important to consult with the actual state code in order to have the latest date as well as accurate legal information in respect of homeschooling.

It was a result of an almost nine-year-old judiciary battle when the Texas Supreme Court issue 9-0 decision that guarantees the right of parents in Texas to homeschool their children without worrying about the fear of prosecution. The decision came on 15th June 1994.

The court of law stated that homeschools are exempted from mandatory attendance as they are considered as private schools but not public. As per the Leeper case, the only legal requirements that one must follow to homeschool in Texas are:

  • The curriculum of accredited Texas homeschool programs or the free programs should include five core subjects of spelling, reading, reading, grammar, maths, and good citizenship.
  • It is important to note that good citizenship is identical to civics. Public schools teach only one semester of civics that too in the senior year of the school. Teaching the US and Texas history about the government, the Pledge of Allegiance will also help fulfill the requirement.
  • The curriculum must be in the visualized form, i.e., books, video monitors, workbooks, etc.
  • The instruction given must be bona fide (it shouldn’t be a sham)

Now, there is no need to register or get in touch with the local school or the state government before you begin homeschooling your child. Unless your child is already in public school, you don’t need to go for it. In case your child has never enrolled in any public school, then all you need is to get the curriculum and begin homeschooling.

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Is Texas-home-schooling more liberal than the others?

Texas always encourages homeschooling than any other state or country. They offer more liberal and accessible modes of accredited homeschooling programs.

Where can you get the details of homeschooling laws in Texas?

You can get every detail of homeschooling laws in

What are the subjects you need to add to the homeschool curriculum?

The homeschools should deliver sessions on mathematics, readings, grammar, good citizenship, and spelling. You can follow these subjects to a daily or loop schedule. When you are preparing your child for homeschooling, make a perfect homeschool schedule.

As we all know that homeschool curriculums are the accumulated lessons that parents choose to teach their child at home, it is important to be very careful in choosing the right homeschool curriculum in Texas. Parents can choose from the end number of options – be it secular homeschooling or Christian homeschool curriculum. You might go for choosing a curriculum that has got all the lessons in every subject. You can also have a custom-made homeschool curriculum for your child based on his/her level of interest.

What About the Additional Subjects?

Along with the inclusion of the subjects in the curriculum, additional subjects also play an important role. Here you have the freedom to have any suitable subjects like art, foreign language, music or anything that seems fancy to your child. You can also add locally-offered homeschool programs in Texas to make it even more interesting. The considerations for Texas homeschool graduation requirements might vary.

Which is the best curriculum for your child?

If you are brainstorming on which curriculum to use, it is important to note that the best choice from the parent’s perspective might not be the best choice for the child.  Maybe the child is interested in following different learning styles. Discuss with them whether the child is comfortable in visual, auditory, or kinaesthetic style of learning.

The decision you will make will have a great difference in the curriculum choices. Knowing the preferred way for your child to learn will not help them to get away with the frustration but will also deliver positive results.

What are different methodologies of teaching?

When it comes to teaching options, you have got end number of options. Make enough research to determine the preferred learning style of the child. Out of innumerable options, teaching methodologies are mainly divided into seven categories –

  • Unit studies
  • Classical
  • Montessori
  • Eclectic
  • Universal style
  • Charlotte Mason
  • School at Home

Make enough research to know more the methodologies. Want to become a homeschool teacher, read the details How to Get an Online Education Degree? Simple Guidance for You

Is there any special needs for the curriculum?

Well, when it comes to curriculum, there is no standard curriculum for your child with specific diagnoses. And it comes from the leading authorities that regulate homeschooling in Texas.

Of course, you can get consultation on different types of curriculums available and then choosing the best one that suits the requirement of your child. There are many other institutions that help you to assist throughout the process, such as HSLDA Texas. There are no regulations in choosing any particular homeschool program, and you can make your choice as per your and child’s convenience.

How do you achieve the Good citizens’ requirement? 

TEA mandates Good Citizenship to the homeschool curriculum in Texas. This subject provides guidelines on good behavior, mindset, and character.

How can you keep the records?

TEA does not mandate any record-keeping, but this is good for tracking the activity and progress. The individual student should maintain

  • A work/activity-portfolio of accomplished grades
  • Keep the yearly lesson plans
  • Correspondence documents of the public schools (if any)
  • Test results
  • Attendance of the field trips

How do the high-school students pursue graduation from the homeschool?

TEA recommends 26-credits in high-school-programs. The allocation of credit is as followed,

  • Language Arts or English= 4 credits
  • Mathematics (geometry and algebra I &II)= 4 credits
  • Science (biology, physics, and chemistry)= 4 credits
  • Social studies (world geography and history, US history)= 4 credits; government (0.5 credit) and economics (0.5 credit)
  • Physical Education= 1credit
  • Speech= 0.5 credit
  • Fine arts = 1credit
  • Elective subjects =5.5 credit
  • Foreign language= 2 credits

As the in-charge of homeschooling, the parents need to fulfill the requirements of the homeschool curriculum and help the homeschooler achieve the graduation degree.

How to become a member of the Texas homeschool Coalition?

To become a member of THSC member, you need to go to the dedicated online-homepage of THSC. There you will find the THSC application form. You need to select a preferential membership plan; fill that with your valid information and bank details. Then you need to submit it.


The benefits of becoming a Texas-school coalition member

The Texas-school coalition member can enjoy the following homeschool benefits-

1. Withdrawal support from the public school

2. Planning tools

  • Transcript templates
  • Sample schedule
  • Term average
  • ID cards ( students and teachers)
  • Report cards

3. Starter kits for homeschool

  • Lesson plans (digital)
  • Projects (hands-on)
  • Instructional videos
  • Curriculum discount
  • Nearly 20 per cent discount on the curriculum
  • $200 less on the in-home-dual-credit
  • Leadership program
  • College scholarship
  • Convention attendance for free

4. Legal protection

  • CPS
  • School districts
  • Truant officers
  • Custody

5. Homeschool coaching by the experts

  • Dual credit
  • Preparation of college and high-schools
  • Competitive and updated resources and curriculum
  • Special needs

6. Member advocacy

  • Hiring
  • College administration
  • Testing
  • Government agencies

Choose an accredited homeschool program in Texas

Before selecting the accredited homeschool program in Texas, you need to know the general positive-negative aspects of homeschooling.


  • From the homeschool, you can transfer the child to any public or private school at any time.
  • Boost the confidence level of homeschoolers.
  • The homeschool program keeps and tracks the performance record of the child.
  • After the homeschool, the student will get a diploma degree equivalent to the graduation degree certification.
  • Enhances and sharpen the skill set of the homeschoolers  for K12 and Kindergarten homeschool in Texas.


  • Inappropriate accreditation
  • Inappropriate curriculum selection and become incompetent

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Top accredited homeschool program in Texas

1. K-12 Private Academy:

  • Add stride-K12 curriculum
  • Support team including efficient advisors, academic coaches, teachers and counsellors
  • Specialized and individual instruction opportunities
  • Can start the program any time

2. K-12 Private Academy with Stride Career prep:

  • Stride-Career-Preparation for 6th to 12th grades
  • Career exploration program from 6th grade
  • Efficient teachers
  • Provide wide career-building opportunities
  • Personalized coaching sessions

3. The George Washington University Online High School:

  • Extraordinary preparation guidelines for college
  • Follow the k12 curriculum’s advanced level
  • Personalized and intensive counselling sessions
  • Wide learning opportunities
  • Start date (fall-spring)

4. The Keystone school

  • Flexible education program
  • Customized curriculum structure and instruction sessions
  • More than the hundred and seventy different self-paced courses
  • Anytime enrolment facility

List of free homeschool in Texas

1. Texas Online Preparatory with Stride Career prep

  • Customized learning program
  • Texas-certified faculties
  • Personalized coaching sessions

2. TX Lone Star Online Academy 

  • English support
  • Interactive sessions with advanced curriculum
  • Personalized learning

3. Texas Online Preparatory School

  • Preparation scope for stride career
  • Interactive sessions with advanced curriculum

4. Texas Virtual Academy at Hallsville

  • Honours courses
  • English language assistance
  • Preparation for Stride career for 9th to 12th grade

FAQs reagarding how to homeschool in Texas:

How many days you need to attend the homeschool in Texas?

There is no such compulsion that a student has to attend homeschools. A student can join 2-4 hours a day and 4-5 days a week.

How many hours a day is required for homeschooling in Texas?

To answer how many hours a day is required for homeschooling in Texas, homeschooling takes less time as compared to public school. Having 8 hours every day to homeschool the child is enough. Don’t panic or worry about the homeschool hours by the grader, and there is hardly any correlation between them. All you need to be is flexible enough to create a custom schedule for your child that also works well for the family.

How much does it cost to homeschool in Texas?

The standard home school in Texas cost is around $300 to 500. If you add some extras like video-courses or tutors, it will exceed $500.

Can I homeschool my child for free in Texas?

Texas Education Department provides enormous opportunities for ‘free homeschool in Texas‘ on their website.

There are several options for free homeschool programs in Texas for your child, and you can opt for them as well. The only thing is that in most of the cases, it is available for higher grades like 9-12 or K12 homeschool Texas. The quality of free homeschool in Texas is also good, and it gives the family access to the curriculum.

Parents also get support from certified teachers to be successful. The best thing is that the students also have round-the-clock access to an organized homeschool curriculum for each course. It is also combined with loads of assignments as well as interactive content. Hope the information will help you to know how to homeschool in Texas.

Do you get paid to homeschool your child in Texas?

Homeschooling the child is a private and volunteer choice, and it is indeed not employment. Thus, in any circumstances, parents do not get paid for homeschooling their children. However, in certain states, families receive a tax credit, stipend, or deduction when they choose to homeschool under an umbrella school (just like a charter school). Makes sure to check out the state laws in order to get better support.

How to homeschool a special needs child in Texas?

Homeschooling child with special needs has its own challenges and, at the same time, blessings also. No matter what, homeschooling a child with special needs has been the most affordable and best opportunity. The best thing is that you can customize the child’s learning experience as per his/her abilities.

What are Texas alternative homeschool options?

If you are looking for alternatives to homeschool options in Texas, you have got innumerable options to choose from. Let’s find out some popular alternatives.

  • Charter Schools

Charter schools are regulated under the state-wide testing and accountability mechanism. These schools are subject to fewer state laws compared to other public schools that come with the idea of ensuring fiscal and academic accountability.

Apart from charter schools, you can also consider other Texas alternative homeschool options like private schools, Virtual Schools Network in Texas, Texas Certificate of High School Equivalency, High School Equivalency Program (HSEP), and many others.

You can also look for the option of Texas accredited homeschool or the best homeschool programs in Texas in order to make the right choice for your child.

How to transfer from homeschool to public school in Texas?

The process of transferring your child from homeschool to public school in Texas begins with getting in touch with the school district where you want to transfer your child. Get in touch with the administration for the documentation, transfer procedures as well as the deadline. The transfer process is very easy for elementary students and even for junior high students to some extent. But for the transfer of high school transfer, you should persevere.

It is because the student needs to pass the testing process where one needs to showcase knowledge as well as academic abilities. Keeping all the detailed records and getting wisdom from other parents is very important to ensure a smooth transfer of your child from homeschool to public schools in Texas.

Final Words

This article elaborates the in-depth guidelines on “how to homeschool in Texas?“. The homeschooling platform is gaining popularity in Texas due to the easy legal obligations by TEA. The relevant approach ’empower the family for raising the kids’ enhances the popularity of homeschool in Texas.

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