Wondering How To Start Homeschooling-Follow This Complete Guide

As a parent, you will not miss a single opportunity to educate your child more smartly. If you are confused about How To Start Homeschooling, then this guide is perfect for homeschooling parents.The #1 Reading App For Kids

Reasons Why Parents Homeschool Their Children

For the past few years, homeschooling is on the rise all around the globe, and it is increasing day by day. But why do parents homeschool their kids? Educated parents understand the importance of education very well. Right education not only leads your child towards success, but it also helps them in becoming a good human being. Moreover, different people come up with different opinions and views on home education.

  • Homeschooling journey is a change from a negative school environment

Every child inherits some unique talent. But for some children, school is not the right place to showcase their talents. Every year millions of children become prey to bullying in private schools or local schools. Whereas some children are shy and incompetent; hence, they are usually attacked by the negative school environment. Stealing of money and food, physical harm, teasing, and usage of abusive language are some incidents that happen at school with many children.

These incidents often go unnoticed and unreported by the teachers at schools. Therefore, for such children homeschooling community is the best option. It is best because homeschooling removes the physical and psychological torment for your children. The child of a local homeschool shows greater improvement in academic reports than school children.


  • Homeschool curriculum leads to a higher quality education

This is a generation where we cannot solely depend on our best academic performance. The same thing goes for your child. The school environment sets certain limitations and time-bound. Many children need special care and attention when it comes to learning aspects. Teachers at schools do not or cannot give enough time and take special care of an individual.

Hence, children with minimum learning ability cannot cope up with the school’s learning styles. Hence, homeschooling methods are great for these children. Personalized instructions, supplementing child’s learning with add-on lessons, and approved curriculum are some of the greatest perks of Homeschooling. Also, your children are getting enough time on the subjects which they want to focus more.


  • Homeschooling is excellent to improve children’s social interaction

Social interaction is a common problem among many children. Some children want less exposure to peer pressure and bullying hence, public schools aren’t a great fit for such children. Most of the day, school children spend their school hours listening to teachers’ lectures, solving exercises, etc.

Whereas children who are given proper homeschooling involve in many learning activities such as exploring places like museums, historical sites, parks. They can also take part in community service on a daily learning basis. Such a homeschooling environment shows a great developmental impact on your child’s psychological and emotional improvement.


  • Homeschooling is a great option for learning disabled child

Handicapped children or children having learning disabilities often thrive in public schools. Such a child needs additional support, time, and special attention which is not possible in public schools. Since public schools come with limited resources and time; thus, less privileged children face difficulty in following up with the specialized instructions.

But with homeschooling, every disabled child can get an equal amount of amenities and privileges. Homeschooling offers specialized educational tools that can help your children to acquire the knowledge and skills they require. Apart from that, homeschooling provides services for speech therapy, remedial classes, dyslexia, music and art, and a lot more.

Tips for the homeschooling mom

A child’s bright future is the contribution of both father and mother. But when it comes to extra care, moms are always a pivotal character here. Raising a child is the most challenging task a mom ever deal with. Not because she has to work a lot, but she has to take all the right decisions for her children.

  • As a mom, your primary job is to spend enough time with your children and finding out their interests.
  • Do not force them to do to what they don’t like or appreciate. Keep it simple. All children are not born to fetch excellent grades but to do more unique things.
  • Read stories, at least one story every day, and ask them to read with you as well. This not only improves your child’s reading skills, but your child starts taking an interest in learning and exploring things that are unknown to them.

‘Let your child be extraordinary, not outstanding’.

Guide about How to Start Homeschooling

There are stepwise guides to know how to start homeschooling. Let’s have a look at them.

        1. Know All about state homeschooling laws

Today homeschooling is a mainstream alternative to traditional education. When you think about starting homeschooling to your children, you get an overwhelming choice and guide as well. But like the traditional education system, there are state laws for homeschooling too. As a parent, you need to know about these laws before starting the process of homeschooling.

These laws make homeschooling education acceptable at the point of life. All state has its own regulations, and if your state has don’t, then you can follow national guidelines listing state homeschool regulations. Af this point you should know that most of the states expect college degrees or high school diplomas from homeschooling parents.


       2. Decide what type(s) of homeschooling you need

You should decide the type of homeschooling which fits your family and their lifestyle. It is an essential part as every family is unique and therefore you may end up with your unique style of homeschooling. In deciding the type and preparing schedule and curriculum may take some time. It may be a difficult and harder schedule in the beginning, but as time lapses, it becomes more flexible and relaxed in nature.

In the same manner, every child is unique, and therefore, the schedule and curriculum should make the whole process of education exciting and learning to your child. Single parent or in the case where both parents are working, it should be made in coherence with the dynamic of the family. It may be different from other homeschool families. If you have a child who needs special attention or if he or she is extraordinary, then homeschooling is the most beneficial system of education for them. You need to choose the style and prepare the schedule and curriculum accordingly.

Some states are doing extraordinary work by extending their help to homeschooling families. You can check about these help through the state education department when you are searching for how to start homeschooling. There are several homeschool support groups from which you can seek help or suggestion.

       3. Search Homeschooling Support Groups

There are experiences of several homeschooling families with different styles in any support group. They assist you with information, resources, and suggestions. It is always advisable to seek the help of local support groups, and they experience in the similar condition you are living. These support groups help you in understanding the state laws.

The best part about joining the group is that you can engage with other homeschoolers, and you get to benefit from their experiences. Joining a support group is also beneficial for your child as these groups organize classes and field trips together so that your child can learn and socialize too. It breaks the myths about homeschooling that this education system makes the child unsocial.

       4. Go to some homeschool conventions

It is beneficial in the early days when you are researching how to start homeschooling. In these types of conventions, you get opportunities to connect with other homeschoolers. You can also explore the method of making a schedule, different curriculum, and help in these types of conventions.

These conventions comprise speaker sessions and curriculum vendor hall. The former gives you the complete guide about homeschooling and answer all the question comes in your mind while searching for homeschooling. And the later allows you to explore diverse curriculum for your child.

How to decide the types of homeschooling for your child

  • Make a careful assessment of your priorities like an academic, special needs, athletics, spiritual, etc.
  • Assess the routine of the housing member, especially parents. And think about how to adjust the timing of homeschooling. If both the parents are working, then you can give homeschooling to your child at night with extra time at the weekend.
  • If your child has special needs, you can check with the state department or local support groups.
  • You can also try different methods and combinations too.

As a well-cultured parent, your decision to homeschool should adhere to the proper establishment of homeschooling. You must understand the importance of your child’s learning style before you start thinking about How To Start Homeschooling?

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