How to Increase Energy and Motivation for a Student

Do you want to know how to increase energy and motivation for a student?

The 9-way method” definitely give you the solution to this problem.

Energy and motivation are two things that we all want to have, but they easily evade us. On Sunday night you try to gear yourself up for that 6 am work out. You put your water bottle in your gym bag and then get your shoes ready in front of the door.

You even write out your work out plan and schedule before bed. But all turns in vain when morning times rolls around you put your alarm off and go back to sleep. We all struggle to stay motivated and energized while trying to reach our goals.

Now the question arises how to stay motivated and energized? The answer is by practising. It is human nature to find the most straightforward goal-achieving way, which sometimes makes the process even more challenging.

The 9-way method to increase energy and motivation for a student

The following steps for increasing and maintaining your energy are guaranteed to give you the enthusiasm that you’ve been needing.

1. Find a good reason

At first sight, not all task have good reason to do them. Suppose a few minutes of analysis will easily spot something good. We sometimes do many jobs which do not need any reasoning at all- we keep doing them for so long that they feel so natural to us.

If you are ever stuck with tasks you hate, and there seems to be absolutely no motivation, you need to find the right reasons.

There need to be reasons behinds every goal you set. They may not be evident all the time but stick to it until you find some.

Staying motivated to your goal will help you to finish the work.

As a student, you can measure the right reason in terms of a material rewards, personal gain a feeling of accomplishment, a step closer to your bigger goal.

2. Make it fun

Different people have opposite feelings towards the same task. Some may love it, and some dislike it. Why do you think this happens? Some find ways to make the lesson interesting and fun to do, and others fail to do so.

Suppose going to local gym every day for half an hour may seem quite dull and uninteresting to many, but some people love that idea. They do exercise not because they find a good reason behind it, but also it is fun for them.

The possible questions that you may ask yourself are a straightforward approach.

  • How can I enjoy this task?
  • How will I turn my day the best?
  • How can I make it fun for me and possibly for others?

Depending on how you look at it, you can have just fun while studying! Just look for ways of having fun, and you’ll find them!

However, most tasks have a great potential of being enjoyable, so it is a good habit of looking for ways to have fun while studying. Then you start to feel good about the task. If you shift your study towards e-Learning, you will start to enjoy it more.

3. Think of the End

It is beneficial to imagine the outcome when you struggle with any project, and how you consider it once you have completed it. You may consider placing an illustration of the job on your project file or on the wall, as this can be a great way to stay focused and energized when coping with challenges, inhibitions and challenges. In long terms, you can complete the more tough project efficiently in this way.

4. Find out a way of getting started

Next time when you have a piece of work, first find out what is the most straightforward action you need to do to start the task. How will you read the first line of the book after opening the first page?

It may seem the most straightforward task, but often it is the most challenging part and once you’ve done that you likely keep going. It will help you to stay energized and motivated.

5.Nap it up

If you are feeling tired and least energized don’t push yourself to start your work. Instead, you can take a power nap. A power nap before 5 pm will energize your level of strength and make you more focused.

A short, intense power nap in between 10 and 30 minutes is right for you. Power nap for a short period can clear your mind and freshens it up.

6. Watch some uplifting video on YouTube 

If you are in a flat mood, you can set a plan to watch a short inspirational video on youtube but don’t spend hours watching inspirational videos on youtube. It might be an excellent way to have the right mindset to get a productive session of study.

7. See the bigger picture 

Often we lack motivation in what we are doing before you make any engagement you can ask yourself

  • why am I doing this?
  • where will I want to be in 5 years time

answering these questions can give you a clear picture and focus your energy.

If you can answer these questions correctly to yourself, you will go one step ahead in professional development.

8. Movement of your Own Body

To experience the full benefit of physical activity, you have to take part in exercises. Studies proved that physical activity could improve creativity, sharpen your ability to think, decrease your stress level. If you want to feel more motivated and stay energized then hot the gym, go for a run, or join a dance class or dance in your bedroom.

9. Work in 8 minutes power burst 

Eight minutes seems a brief period. But it’s long enough to allow you to get into the swing of a particular task. When you are beginning a specific study, then set an alarm of eight minutes and tell yourself “I am going to focus on this in this 8 minutes– so no distraction “the beauty of this strategy is that after this 8 minutes you get the energy and motivation to keep going on and realize that “it’s not so bad.” This technique helps to increase energy and motivation for a student.

If you’re struggling with a project, it can help to imagine the result and how you’ll feel once you accomplish it. Athletes also use this technique to help them remain focused and inspired on their goals.

Final words-

Is there the impetus for hacking? These studies based on psychology and neuroscience suggest that you either place your mind or find a simple way to better your mind and body without technology. This study would also help improve a student’s enthusiasm and motivation. The learning activities will increase significantly.

Then take a break and try to improve your motivation by following one of these nine tricks. All of these strategies must be applied. You are inspired by a learning capacity that is crucial to your long-term success if you can cause motivation and behave according to your will.