Top 10 Junior Web Developer Jobs for a Bright Future

Many of you may ask – Is the field of web development a good career choice for me in 2021 and beyond? The next question comes to our mind “Is there plenty of opportunities for junior web developer jobs ?

Well, truth be told, the field of web development continues to grow rapidly. And with the US Bureau Of Labor Statistics aptly projecting a 13% growth between the years 2018-2029, there will be plenty of job opportunities in the United States for all aspiring to take this career path. Furthermore, this demand will be driven by the increasing popularity of e-commerce businesses and mobile devices.

However, having sound knowledge of basic programming languages like JavaScript, PHP, and Python isn’t enough for junior developers. With a surge in demand and countless potential candidates waiting in line, one will have to be innovative in dealing with web applications and possess the ability to think out-of-the-box for creating web pages.

Front-end developers will also need to have know-how on popular present-day frameworks like Vue and React. As for back-end developers, they will need to have knowledge in Express and Node.js, which is quite popular in today’s time.

Even presently, there are quite a lot of high-paying junior web developer jobs needing individuals with such quality web development skills.

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List of top 10 job opportunities as junior web developer

And if you’ve made up your mind, then here, you will learn about 10 junior web developer jobs to apply for the foreign-based company of software developers.

So, follow closely!

     1. JavaScript Developer

Are you seeking a full front end web developer? Go for the role of a Java Script junior web developer.

However, to be successful, you will need a strong foundation in HTML and CSS. Besides, you will also have to spend lots of time working with JavaScript and JavaScript libraries (like jQuery).

There is a high demand for skilful JavaScript Developers (both entry-level and experienced) as per the US BLS. Top-level companies are looking for candidates who can meet their day-to-day tasks with total proficiency.

This only proves that the prospects are very favourable for candidates seeking junior web developer jobs and looking forward to developing web ranks.

Furthermore, its average salary is around $68,000.

     2. Front-End Developer

Next on our list of entry-level web developer positions is that of a full-time front-end developer. Individuals will need sound web development skills and 1-2 years of experience working with HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and so on.

In addition to this, having an in-depth understanding of UX and designing principles are also mandatory.

Furthermore, its average salary is around $64,000 (give or take). And this makes it another top-paying junior web developer jobs for career-seekers to consider choosing.

     3. PHP/WordPress Developer

Moving on in our high-paying junior web developer jobs is the role of a PHP/WordPress Developer. And to be successful, candidates will need sound knowledge in using one of the most popular CMS and the language.

Furthermore, its common job roles include –

  • API integration
  • Plugins
  • Themes

And so on.

The average salary will be $66,000$68,000. However, salary differentiation will happen due to the candidate’s overall experience, skills, and employment place.

That said, top-level firms are willing to pay handsomely to entry-level candidates who can work under pressure and consistently deliver.

So, this certainly makes it another one of those top-paying junior web developer jobs for career-seekers to consider.

     4. Ruby or Rails Developer

Among all search terms for high-paying junior web developer jobs, this one is certainly very lucrative. And for candidates to be successful, they will need sound knowledge in Ruby or Rails framework.

Their key responsibilities will include – designing custom websites, databases, web apps, and so on.

Moreover, its average salary will be $97,000. As per the US BLS, this is one job role which is very much in demand presently. And with time, this will only rise.

So, candidates who are thinking of taking up this career path have plenty of reasons to be ecstatic.

     5. Junior iOS Developer

Another common job alert among candidates is that of a junior iOS developer. Their key responsibilities will be as follows –

  • Developing iOS and macOS apps
  • Cloud sync and cross-platform using their technical knowledge
  • Maintaining apps and website along with adding new features as per instructions

And so on.

Besides, the average salary will be around $57,000 (give or take) depending on the location and the quality and quantity of work experience.

     6. Junior Mobile App Developer

This includes as among those top-paying job ads based web services for lucrative career-seekers. Aspiring candidates will need to develop cutting-edge and highly intuitive mobile apps for devices of all shapes, sizes, and OS.

What’s more, they will require every shade of mobile app development skill- ranging from the framework, design to different languages and so on.

Plus, a junior mobile app developer’s average salary will be around $71,000 (possibly more depending on the location and experience).

     7. UI-User Interface Designer

Of the top-paying junior web developer jobs for career-seekers, the role of a User Interface Designer is also very alluring. Their main role features honing and perfecting the appearance and feel of a website or an application.

Furthermore, they even use similar tools of web designers. And using it, they create captivating graphics, branding, interfaces, and other aspects which support the end-product

User interaction designer average salary: $81,000$87,000 (give or take).

     8. UX-User Experience Designer

Put – a UX designer is the crucial link between the developer and the designer. And that’s what makes it another one of those high-paying junior web developer jobs to consider.

Candidates applying for this lucrative job role will need to research and analyse users along with their behaviour. And accordingly, they have to develop innovative prototypes and mock UI designs with whatever findings they can muster.

This will all help achieve the perfect UI for the optimal site and mobile application experience.

Furthermore, an entry-level UI designer’s average salary depends on the location and the experience an individual possesses. But still, they can expect to receive $80,000 (give or take as their annual median salary).

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     9. Junior System Developer

The role of an entry system developer is also something that job hunters can apply for. Its key responsibilities entail as follows –

  • Maintaining and even enhancing existing bespoke systems. This includes UI/UX, back-end, database, and so on
  • Developing new systems as per different requirements
  • Liaising with assignment stakeholders and external business partners when the need arises
  • Managing workload effectively to ensure accurate and timely delivery of work
  • Complying with company policies and regulations in which also includes FCA and GDPR

Plus, candidates can also expect an annual median salary of $58,931. However, this may increase depending on the candidate’s overall skill and experience and employment place.

     10. Junior QA Analyst

Lastly, those searching for junior web developer jobs for a bright future can even go for an entry-level QA analyst role.

To be eligible for this rather high-paying post, candidates will need to be tech-savvy and need to conduct quality tests to test and push each app or software’s limits. Besides, they will also need to document every quality test and comprehensively analyse their test results.

However, this is not all. Different firms and locations may even include other –relating responsibilities to meet their vivid clients’ requirements. For that, the average salary will also vary from employment and the specific responsibilities that individuals will have to meet regularly.

Still, individuals can expect an average salary range of $57,000$68,980.


The field of web development is rather vast. These above roles displayed here are job ads that match your query and give you ample scope for growth.

However, just having proper course training and sound knowledge about web development is not enough. According to the US Bureau of Labour, the demand for quality and proficient web developers is rising.

To be eligible for such high-paying junior web development jobs, aspiring candidates will also need to have at least 6-12 months of real-time experience.

This field is certainly an exciting one where candidates are responsible for ensuring continuous development and support of existing systems. Besides, they even have to develop and implement newer cutting-edge systems for both websites and applications.

Fortunately, there are plenty of online web development course programs that respective students can enrol for.
In fact, for those who are planning to take this career path, here are a handful of notable online course providers that they can choose from.

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Hopefully, this post has given you the answers you were looking for as a junior software developer. Take note that each job’s salaries are taken as an average from various popular job sites and may vary from company-to-company. To know the exact salary, you have to go to the job site’s exact job title.

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