How Using Kaplan GRE Prep Proves Beneficial For You?

Regardless of whether you want to want to take up a Ph.D. in Psychology or MA in Literature, you need to do well in your GRE. And the best way to do that is by using self-guiding prep books, practice sets, and private tutoring from Kaplan.

Kaplan GRE prep offers on-demand video tutorials for GRE test prep along with a suitable study plan to help you study at your own pace anytime and from anywhere.

The GRE or Graduate Records Examination is tough to crack for even the most competent and resourceful of students.

Kaplan understands this conundrum very well. And as a means to aid students in their quest to secure their target GRE percentiles, it offers expert guidance and lives tutor-led video lessons on its GRE channel– all 6-days a week! In addition to this, you can also seek extra concept clarifications, get strategies, and on-demand answers to tricky sectional questions in real-time.

So whether you’re struggling with algebra or lack depth of knowledge in vocabulary, Kaplan GRE prep even offers you 40-hours of online instruction(s), online resources, and comprehensive coverage on everything you need.

DIGGING DEEPER INTO Self-Guiding Kaplan GRE Prep To Give You That Decisive Edge!

To give you a decisive edge over others, Kaplan offers you two self-guide GRE prep courses – Self-Guide Course & Self-Guide Course Plus!

How These Kaplan GRE Prep Courses Benefit You?

  • It offers you around 180 hours of online instruction and practice questions to work with
  • 40+hours of recorded and exclusive live lessons on its GRE channel
  • Real-time exam experience to familiarize you with its MCQ question type format


  • You get self-pacing GRE video guidance along with content review and test strategies
  • On-demand lessons for your customized curriculum
  • 7 computer-based full-length practice test
  • A customized Q bank incorporating 2500 GRE question(s)
  • The most popular and up-to-date GRE prep books
  • And comprehensive coverage of all crucial GRE syllabus including –
  • Quantitative Strategies And Methods
  • Arithmetic And Number Properties
  • Algebra, Formulas, And Ratios
  • Geometry
  • Short Verbal
  • Statistics, Probability, And Counting Methods
  • Reading Comprehension And Reasoning
  • Issue Essay And Argument Essay
  • And a chance to work with the best GRE tutors who have GRE scores in the 90th percentile themselves.

If you have any problem regarding the GRE sign up, then check here  ⇒ Signing Up For The GRE – YOUR GUIDE TO REGISTERING!

MORE REASONS HOW KAPLAN Proves To Be A Good GRE Prep Option!

  • The Kaplan GRE prep offers live hours of online lectures allow students to ask their questions just as they would in an in-person classroom. In addition, it also presents you with a 3-hour bonus of one-to-one-tutoring for math modules and other intricate syllabus concepts.
  • The Kaplan GRE prep delivers you robust training packages featuring live online courses (between 10-40 hours). However, in-person tutoring may not be available at all times. So, the wise move would be to dial-up 1-800-KAP TEST to know about its availability (& price range).
  • The Kaplan GRE prep course also provides you diagnostic exams in which feature Quantitative Reasoning, Verbal Reasoning, and Analytical Writing. Through these tests, you can easily evaluate your weaknesses, strengths, and look to improve on those troubling areas. Plus, through the Kaplan diagnostic test, you will also get a clear picture of your baseline GRE score.

Do you have any financial problem? You can also try out for the GRE fee waiver option. That will be a great help for you.

Student’s Opinion –

In words of some students who were or still are part of its GRE prep course opine –

“This is one of the best aspects of the Kaplan GRE preparation, which students will find most beneficial. With the scope of working with 2500+ GRE questions, you can familiarize yourself with what types of questions to expect.

Through these papers, students can pace themselves and get hands-on experience to know exactly how it feels to take the GRE test.

Getting started with the GRE preparation is always the toughest aspect.  But with Kaplan and its mock practise test papers, fellow students can jump-start their preparation path and topple the GRE hurdle with total confidence.”

And, all this wasn’t enough; Kaplan also offers you a suite of hard copy course materials.

They include as –

  • Practice paper ⇒                          GRE Premier: Course Book Edition
  • Math Practice ⇒                           GRE Math Workbook
  • Verbal Reasoning Practice ⇒    GRE Verbal Workbook
  • Test Prep Book ⇒                          GRE Pocket Reference

And so on…! Each of these offline course materials encompasses accurate content of the GRE syllabus to help you prepare with confidence.

  • In case you’re still not sure about Kaplan’s GRE prep, they also provide a risk-free test demo option. That’s correct!

This Trial Option Includes Access To –

  • Numerous study resources with comprehensive coverage
  • On-demand math and verbal lessons from top-shelf GRE tutors around
  • Complete explanations and answers to allow a step-by-step understanding of approaching GRE questions
  • Short quizzes that help you learn and polish realistic GRE questions
  • Finally, Kaplan also includes an interactive boot camp, an online teacher-led seminar that allows students to review key content and pick-up strategies to answer questions quickly.

Another way of putting it is that if you have doubts regarding any question, you will find a competent team of tutors willing to answer all your questions through private chat!

THE VERDICT – Will Using Kaplan GRE Prep Prove Beneficial For You?

To be fair, there are other GRE prep options around other than Kaplan that are equally good! And like Kaplan includes so many beneficial features and inclusions to help you ace your GRE, other top names also aid students equally well. You can also look at the Khan Academy GRE resources.

Whether Kaplan GRE Prep Is Good For You Or Not Is A Matter Of Perspective!

It is one trustworthy name in test preps for over 8 decades. And presently, it does rank as among the top educational platforms around the globe. It is somewhat pricier to its other competitors in the market and its customer service most certainly needs improvements.

But all in all, it is a very RELIABLE source through which you can kick-start your GRE preparation. And its abundance of study resources and real-time exam experience help boost your self-confidence considerably for the test day.

All these good points certainly make it worth your consideration for your GRE preparation. So you should definitely give it a try!