Is Kaplan MCAT Really the Best among All MCAT Prep Courses ~ Know The Truth

When you plan to get into your chosen medical school, finding the appropriate MCAT online material is significant! Many believe that Kaplan test prep offers probably the best MCAT prep courses and guarantee a higher score .

So, is Kaplan MCAT practice tests and online resources the best among the rest? Let’s find out the truth in this post below.

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An Overview of Kaplan and Its Favourability

Kaplan presents in-depth and easy-to-comprehend MCAT prep courses for respective students. Its course learning also comes with an appreciative degree of flexibility. You get lovely online courses for working individuals. Plus, you also get one-on-one learning programs with a person tutoring complete attention to you to help you clear your MCAT test day with flying colors.


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Some Standout Features of Kaplan MCAT Prep Course
  • 16 full-length practice tests featuring 10,000+practice questions to work with
  • Available in both live and online self-paced course formats
  • Guarantee of high MCAT scores of 510-515! Also, free re-enrollment if you not happy with the results
  • Comes in 7-subject specific MCAT review prep book 2020-21 (**)

(**) These books reflect the most recent, accurate, and testable materials for students wanting to score big in their MCAT exams. They even come in fresh layouts, thus making it more intuitive and easy for reviewing.

Kaplan’s MCAT prep book series ranks among the best study resources in the present market. Each book dedicates resources and lucid guides on all major subjects, which include in an MCAT exam. Those subjects include behavioral sciences, organic chemistry, biochemistry, physics, mathematics, etc.

Plus, every book will feature over 350 practice questions to test your knowledge and further polish your knowledge. These texts also incorporate colorful 3D illustrations and clear charts, diagrams, and graphs for students’ proper understanding.

In addition to all these, students can even customize Kaplan MCAT courses and test preps as per their likings. And to their joy, they will find no shortages of course offerings from the MCAT channel and its prep textbooks.

That is what makes Kaplan and its MCAT prep resources so wonderful and helpful to so many students across the planet.

Other Hallmarks of Kaplan MCAT Prep Courses

It currently labels as among the premier MCAT course providers in the region. However, students need to spend a bit extra for its programs compared to other MCAT course providers in the area.

But owing to its success rate, market reputation, online and in-person classes, along with its in-depth coaching programs- it all seems worth it! Their private tutors know the ins-and-outs of MCAT programs. And using their experience, they will give sound advice to achieve an impressive test score.

Every One of Kaplan’s MCAT Courses Will Feature Each of These Following –

  • In-depth and quality guidance from all available MCAT course tutors
  • Over 700 hours of test practice and MCAT subject guidance and instructions
  • A well-crafted Q-bank which consists of MCQs from all four different categories of MCAT! This Q-bank is as per the AAMC practice test for respective students. And working with them will provide a perfect mock experience of the actual test.
  • All 8 of the best Kaplan MCAT course books are available on the market.

The Kaplan Process of Prepping Pupils

Kaplan MCAT courses and prep tests focus only on one thing- help students score big in their crunch time. Using the MCAT practice tests, students can get an initial reading of their present knowledge baseline.

Plus, Kaplan also presents those students with their smart reports, which map out areas in which they are strong and weak. Depending on their respective baseline, students can work accordingly to hone their knowledge and overcome their super-quick time flaws.

So, that does prove beneficial to students wanting to score big, away.

Besides, Kaplan MCAT prep courses present a more traditional classroom-like learning experience. The resources you have consist of all 8 AAMC practice mock exams and 11 Kaplan-crafted mock test papers. Along with that, they also have the Q-bank featuring over 10,000 questions with explanations to study with.

For best preparation, check once the list of 10 best MCAT book followed by rankers.

What Else Kaplan offers?

Besides these, Kaplan students also get online access to 130 hours of in-depth and all-inclusive lecture recordings from its wonderful tutors. This proves useful for students who are slow learners and need a bit of extra assistance.

The whole program will roughly have 54 hours of classroom instruction and 32 tests in its 24-course sessions. For that, students will need to go over to their nearby Kaplan MCAT course center every week at a particular date. And that course would easily continue for 3½ months.

To help you know your progress, you can take 5 practice exams, which include this course after you complete each section. That will make you aware of how well and quickly you are progressing.

Kaplan’s Online MCAT Course Preparation Also Include These Perks

  • Access to a remarkable collection of study resources, practice tests, smart reports, and Q-banks anytime you want
  • Easy log-in to live lectures for all 24 sessions throughout the 3½ months
  • Clear access to reviewing materials and interact with instructors using email if you have any questions concerning a course subject or topic

What Students with MCAT Success Think of Kaplan’s MCAT Practice & Reviewing Materials?

With a 75-year-old history in offering quality education, Kaplan continues to help students score big over countless standard examinations. So it comes as no surprise why it has a strong reputation among so many MCAT students across the world.

And by taking the past as prologue, the Kaplan prep resources are an apt encyclopedia on its various topics.

Whether Kaplan MCAT is the BEST in the country is still inconclusive. However, countless students from the past have gotten MCAT success using its course resources and test practices.

And here’s What Points They Conjointly Point out about Kaplan MCAT 

  • Their course preps consist of the end of chapter outlines, which briefly summarize the chapter for quick recapitulation. This proves particularly useful during those last 1-2 weeks of revision.
  • Students will find ample details on all its essential conceptual topics. Their textbooks also consist of lucid glossaries and tables of content to make it easy for students to find a specific concept or terminology in a snap.
  • Even potentially tough to grasp organic chemistry topics, biochemistry is lucid enough to follow for even slow students. And as for the CARS section, everything appears broken down properly for candidates to understand effectively.
  • An important thing here worth mentioning is its concept checks. Even though chapters may not appear in MCAT MCQ-pattern, they train students to recall information via easy identification of concepts. And believe it or not, this skill does prove very beneficial for honing knowledge and scoring big at their MCAT examinations.

What Entails As A Good Score in MCAT Exams?

To get into the most medical colleges around the sphere, securing impressive MCAT scores is non-negotiable. So, what entails a good score in MCAT? To secure a good score, please follow this method.

Ideally, students should check the minimum scores of that med college before applying. And though that doesn’t make it any easier for them to score those marks, it gives them a baseline to touch anyhow.

MCAT consists of 4 sections. And in each area, students manage to score 118-132, with the median score being 125. The total score range that students more often achieve is 472-528, with 500 being the median score.

That’s pretty much where students have to be at.

Fortunately, the creators of Kaplan prep courses are well aware of these parameters. Crafting in-depth course resources and apt mock test papers to test their knowledge on each core subject matter adequately makes it easier for their students to accomplish those scores. Students can analyze their strengths and weaknesses in this course.

So…Wanna Score Big In MCAT? Kaplan Does Deserve Your Time & Attention!

Again to establish whether Kaplan MCAT is the best course prep platform for aspiring students is challenging. There are other equally good online MCAT course prep platforms available. And they too are enjoying their degree of success among its respective students.

The crucial thing to know here is there is nothing known as the best. All MCAT education platforms like khan academy and its prep courses have their share of pros and cons.

However, Kaplan MCAT is undoubtedly one of many top course prep platforms for students to hone their knowledge and give themselves a great chance to score big.

And only on that accord, it most certainly deserves the time and attention of all aspiring candidates wanting to crack their MCAT and enroll in their chosen medical college.

Learn more by visiting its official website. Or, if you wish to call and speak directly, you can use the 1-800-kap test number.