How to Use Khan Academy GRE Resources for Best Result?

Having an advanced degree will provide you with many openings. For that, you have to enter a renowned graduate school for an advanced degree like business or law – or explore your choices. It’s an intelligent step to show schools your best, and you can do that with the GRE ® General Exam! Khan Academy GRE preparation course helps you a lot in that aspect.

Simply put – The GRE General Test or Graduate Record Examination stands as one of the world’s largest and important valuation programs for graduate admittances. 

Over ½ a million students across 1000+ test centres sit for the GRE each year. And each of them strives to secure impressive scores to get acceptance in numerous graduate programs for Masters and Doctorate degrees across the sphere.

The ETS or Educational Testing Service sets up this unique exam. Plus, according to the US News & World Report, The Financial Times, and Bloomberg Business Week, over 1200 business colleges and top MBA programs consider and accept GRE scores in students before their admission. 

Here we discuss more on why you should take up the GRE test. And how you best use Khan Academy GRE study resources to get the best results!

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Why Should You Consider Taking The GRE Test?

The whole point of the GRE is to accurately measure students’ preparedness for their chosen grad school. Also, the test determine their potential for success.

So, in addition to being a mandatory college/university exam for getting admission to any graduate programs/MBA or even PhD. This exam is also important for securing a merit-based scholarship from their respective college. Furthermore, most notable Law and Business schools, along with other divisions associating with those schools/colleges, consider GRE scores important for determining the admission eligibility of students.

Khan Academy GRE


How Does Khan Academy Help With GRE Preparation?

As you diligently prepare for your quantitative reasoning section for your GRE examination, Khan Academy presents you with plenty of free resources, video tutorials, practice questions, and practice test papers. Besides, Khan Academy also provides an abundance of lucid explanations on the key concepts of the Quantitative Reasoning Measure of the GRE.

  • Its respective students will find specific videos relevant to each section. All these video tutorials will consist of a step-by-step explanation to assist students in understanding the process of solving each problem.
  • What’s more, their info-rich video tutorials properly organize each of its particular topics to make it easy for students. Thus, students can find whatever topic they’re studying. This proves particularly useful for students who strengthen a specific skill or subject area. 
  • When looking for the GRE general exam, often, students may come across a topic which is difficult to comprehend by just reading explanations. What they require is an extra bit of assistance of a different angle to explaining those intricate concepts. Fortunately, Khan Academy video tutorials will guide students through the whole complex idea with real-time visual explanations. 

Khan Academy GRE Exam Resources Which Students Can Use For both Quantitative & Verbal Reasoning

i. Starting With Quantitative Reasoning

Khan Academy GRE test prep features a host of quantitative reasoning practice questions and relevant information videos for students to test the depth of their knowledge in the following –

  • Geometry – Lines and angles, triangles, quadrilaterals, polygons, three-dimensional figures, and circles 
  • Arithmetic – Integers, Fractions, Decimals, Robots and Exponents, Ratio, Real numbers, Percent
  • Algebra – Operations with algebraic expressions, solving linear equations, functions, applications, solving quadratic equations, rules of exponents, solving linear inequalities, functions of the graph, and coordinate geometry
  • Data Analysis – Graphical methods of describing data, counting techniques, numerical methods for describing data, probability, data interpretation examples, distributions of data, random variables along with probability distributions

And so on.

Khan Academy GRE study resources thoroughly cover all math topics which feature on the quantitative section (as you can see above). This proves very convenient for students. Since, they can get their information simply by clicking on whichever subject video or its sub-section tutorial they want.

ii. Focusing on Verbal Reasoning 

KHAN ACADEMY GRE study resources on verbal reasoning help students evaluate their skills in the following –

  • Summarizing texts and written excerpts
  • Finding out important points and massage in every text
  • Properly comprehending the true meaning of sentences, passages, even phrases/words

And so on.

This Test Section Consists Of Such Types Of Questions For Students To Deal With.

  • A reading comprehension section is there. From that, students will have to figure out the big picture as well as certain specific details as per questions
  • Those questions will feature short stanzas consisting of numerous blanks. A list of probable words will be present. Students will have to pick the right one to fill in the blanks.
  • Moreover, these mock practice papers will also consist of sentence equivalent- or a sentence featuring one blank and six probable answers to pick. Students will need to choose a couple that fits into and produces a sentence with either the same or a similar meaning.

In addition to introducing students to the verbal reasoning section format and type of questions, Khan Academy also features a special reading section for students to go through. To find the video, they will have to visit the Khan Academy website.

Those reading tutorials will explain students to assess and identify the structure, meaning, and intention of those passages. Much to their delight, students will come across two videos each for four major topics. 

–         Social science 

–         English Literature

–         Science 

–         History

With each topic consisting of 2 videos each, students will adequately learn the proper ways of analysing and comprehending different writing types. Plus, it will aid them to promptly read passages, exploring the core viewpoints, and extracting the main ideas.

Such practice videos prove to be the perfect way for students to prepare themselves for their GRE test. These walk-through tutorials will teach them how to approach passages. Also, students get the information of a particular question as quickly as possible. And by practising it constantly, it makes them more confident to tackle this tricky section without worrying about time running out.


So, Khan Academy GRE study resources prove very helpful to students, particularly to build their conceptual knowledge during their initial preparation. They even provide superior quality videos that help students learn better to written study resources.

That said, there is no rule saying a student can only procure the best results through Khan Academy’s GRE resources. There are other GRE prep official materials and practice test papers for them to use. Several GRE prep texts are also great resources for students to use. Some of them also feature samples of actual GRE test papers for students to accustom themselves.

For all students looking to secure top GRE test results, the appropriate tip is to use all Khan Academy’s GRE resources, videos, and practice tests. Plus, in conjunction with these, also use both official and unofficial practise tests, prep textbooks, and vocabulary resources to strengthen your depth of English knowledge.

Preparing with all these quality resources will give you the best chance to succeed in your GRE test. Thus, you can secure admission for your chosen graduation/Master’s/Doctorate easily.

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