Top 10 Website To Help Learn Coding Online Free ~ Not To Miss Out

If you are brand new to the coding and web development field, it makes sense to learn to code online for free. With Coding knowledge and skill, students can develop and create new dimensions to their education irrespective of any subjects. The science subjects as well as art subjects like history, civics, or any language subject will become more relevant. If kids want to learn coding, lots of opportunities are there.

By using online resources, you can learn to code very easily. You can explore what you like and do not want before spending money on a coding or course package. If you have learned enough free coding to find that way, you should focus your enthusiasm to keep learning how to code more effectively online.

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Nevertheless, too many resources for free coding lessons and books are available online. The big question is that among all the free resources, which are the best resources to learn to code online free?

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Few ideas about “how can you learn coding online free?”

The first question comes to our mind is What is Coding?“. Coding is a language with some commands for computer to perform a specific program. Below are a few ideas and tools to get you on the right foot if you begin your coding journey.

It is no longer a challenging job to learn coding on today’s planet. Since you are all aware that access to the internet is now easy, it is available online around the clock, so tutorials are much more online available to us.

If your love is to learn to program or learn to code, you can learn from many resources available online. You don’t need to know to code for the IT sector.

You have to stay focus for a few months with it to learn to code, then practice every day, and you’ll be pro in programming.

First of all, we can see some free websites that have the latest programming posts and tutorials.

List of 10 best websites to learn coding online free

Well, to save your time, I did some research! Here I provide a list of the 10 best websites to learn free code, from basic tutorials to intensive online coding courses. I broke these education and training resources based on a topic to make things easier for you.


Coursera is one of the best ways to learn free code with its qualified and flexible training opportunities. The platform is a massive online library where actual university professors teach classes. All courses are free, but you can pay for a “Coursera validated certificate” to complete the courses (prices between $40 and $120). The charge for certification also often provides access to the resources which are not available on the free versions.

Several free courses are available here, such as:

  • JAVA
  • C++
  • HTML & CSS
  • PYTHON and many more



It is a highly skilled resource, where you can learn online free how to cod. EdX is an open-source higher education program run by MIT and Harvard. The website offers more than 600 significant courses in the category “computer science,” which teach different coding languages. Currently, over five million students learn coding online for free.

The platform is divided into a variety of specific programming categories. You can find the most interest in the “computer science” category because you are here to learn how to code.

You will find here tutorials that teach you languages and skills such as:

  • C++
  • C#
  • Python
  • SQL
  • Mobile app development and many more

Although they have paid courses, free courses are enough for learning the basics of coding.

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Real-world skills. Real-world experts. And a really good sale. See what you can save.
Udemy offers thousands of courses on the internet
. There are many paid courses available on the website, but there are still plenty of free. Also, you can always find discounts and free versions of paid systems with coupons and specials.

Real-world skills. Real-world experts. And a really good sale. See what you can save.
There are plenty of development courses to teach you things like:

  • Mobile app development
  • Ecommerce web portal development
  • Game app development
  • Any coding language

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     Free Code Camp

Free Coding Camp is a real-life coding environment. It allows you to learn code by participating in various challenges. You will have access to tutorials and courses to complete any challenge.

You can apply it in the real world by developing businesses and non-profit coding if you have any expertise. Some of the required languages and skills:

  • JavaScript
  • CSS3
  • JS
  • Databases
  • HTML and many more

Another good thing is that they have an online community of coding learners. You can always communicate with them and share your thought. Also, you can challenge them on any task.

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BitDegree provides a lot of beginner courses, from programming to developing games. They give free online classes and competitions. Game-based techniques contribute to the success and interaction of the study process.

You have to pick and start learning your language. The programming languages are a variety of, but the most common ones are underlined below:

  • PHP
  • HTML
  • JavaScript
  • CSS and many more

BitDegree offers transparent rewards and a program of accomplishments. These rewards assist companies in attracting technical skills and evaluating progress in the course. This course is unique.
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Codewars teach you several challenges in your desired programming language. Such challenges are based on martial arts, as every challenge is kata.

Each task aims to improve your existing know-how with a specific programming language or to learn a new one from the start.

The difficulties get harder and harder as you progress through each kata. Once a problem is over, you will see how the answer stacks up. They will teach you numerous techniques for resolving specific issues of growth.

Many of the languages with Codewars that you can know to include:

  • Ruby
  • Python
  • SQL
  • Java and many more

     Free Code Camp

Free Code Camp is about building real-life links and building a network inside programming learning. It offers the opportunity to learn coding by participating in different challenges. You will have access to tutorials and courses for programming to complete every difficulty.

Once you have certain skills, you can apply this to the real world by constructing available for sale projects and coding for non-profit organizations. Some of the following languages and skills are:

  • Javascript
  • Databases
  • CSS3
  • JS and many more

There is a shared forum for other people who know next to you. You also have the option to meet other coders living or exchanging knowledge in your city.

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You will see instantly that has numerous languages that you can learn to program. After you have selected the course, you will first be sent to a list of tutorials where you can filter the course according to your preferences.

You may choose which language you want to teach, either free or charged, as well as a beginner or advanced.

A few of their best courses and tutorials are:

  • JavaScript and Java
  • Data Structures and Algorithms
  • C and C++
  • Python and many more also has a forum with tips on different coding languages. They also give answers to questions raised by their users.

     Code Avengers

Code Avengers uses a fun and collaborative approach to coding and programming. Several workshops are available to help you code pages, applications, and even games. There are many courses.

Every course on the site takes 12 hours and is available in various languages. Besides, there is a group of programming experts to help you.

You can learn languages and skills such as:

  • Python
  • Javascript
  • CSS
  • HTML and many more

They give the learners a 7day free trial period to understand the capability before going into the actual courses.

    Google Android Training

Is it not a better idea to learn code and obtain Google’s Developers Certification? Google Developers Training Team has created such a course by their experts’ team.

You can check out coding tutorials, guides, and best practices to build your web knowledge with Web fundamentals. Google also offers tools such as Chrome DevTools, Lighthouse, Workbox, etc., to promote analysis.

Since the platform is targeted to intermediate and advanced developers, you want to understand the basics before beginning.

Include programs:

  • Web development
  • Firebase
  • Machine learning
  • Android development and many more

You can also participate in other programs. To do that, you have to join the community. 

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Another way of learning is watching YouTube videos

It is easier and more enjoyable to learn anything via videos instead of learning only by theory. We can say that the moving image makes us excited and that we capture it quicker than to read.

Several places can provide free programming tutorials. We’ll see the best video tutorial from Udacity, Bit degree, for learners, and you can download their videos on your desktop. Know also- HOW TO DEVELOP YOUR SKILL USING UDACITY FREE COURSES?

These free tutorials are either as good or better than those that you would pay for. Tutorials on the same subject from different creators can be handy.

A list of few video channels are given below

  • Traversy Media
  • Derek Banas
  • academy
  • Dev Tips
  • FunFunFunction
  • LevelUpTuts
  • The Net Ninja

You can watch this tutorial video to learn to code online in a free, more accessible way.

Programming books can also help you a great deal to learn coding online for free. Many books are available online and offline, so if you want these books to be free to read. You can download the books from google.

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To learn the code, high-paid tuition, buy expensive books or get paid tutorials are unnecessary. There are many more things to make your programming perfect. You can do many more online. Plan, follow the instructions, create small projects and then go to the grand scheme.

Learn code through practice and practice. Gain insight into the fundamentals of long-term benefits, code by hand, ask pro-coders for help and find more online resources. Follow the simple tips to know- HOW TO LEARN CODING EASILY? 

Failure is the pillar of success. Just don’t read the sample code and be willing to attempt to fix mistakes. Code Happily!!!

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