Top 10 High Salary Liberal Arts Degree Jobs Waiting for YOU

In this present world, where students with STEM skills – (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) are high on demand, you may think your liberal arts degree may not fetch you a good job. In truth, quick problem solving, verbal communication skills, and teamwork are good liberal arts education hallmarks. And each of these parameters plays a crucial role in procuring high-paying liberal arts degree jobs for your career.

In other words, liberal arts students will find a wide range of career paths to walk on. In full support of this, the NACE or (National Association of Colleges and Employers) points out the basic salary for liberal arts majors increasing to $40,000 per annum.

That’s not all; the NACE also indicates lots of lucrative career opportunities, be it in start-up firms or notable enterprises. They seek knowledgeable candidates for different projects needing everything from social metrics, content, foreign language, graphical illustrations, etc. And whoever matches their specific criteria can expect a handsome compensation for their services along with impressive career growth in the industry.

List of High Paying  Liberal Arts Degree Jobs

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics– here are a few high salary liberal arts degree jobs for you in the respective job market


The key responsibilities – A marketing manager’s role is to create programs and content to draw new customers and promote customer loyalty for their organization. A marketing manager also monitors the latest industry trends, evaluates top competitors, and sets up team goals.

Students will require quality interpersonal skills and a positive mindset to meet their daily tasks. A liberal arts degree program should provide students with the necessary skills for the job. However, they need to put extensive efforts to reach the pinnacle in their career.

 The mean salary expectations – $140,660 per annum


The key responsibilities – Candidates aspiring to become economists, will need to possess intense research and analysis skills. Their job roles will include plenty of modeling, data analyzing, and number crunching. With all these, an economist will also have to develop unique theoretical concepts to resolve issues in pricing, advertising, marketing design, forecasting, and to evaluate programs.

This is another one of those top liberal arts degree jobs for lucrative career-seekers. And along with an impressive pay-out, this post also offers scope to grow in the industry. However, the level of competition is extremely intense in this industry, and thus one has to put in a lot of effort to make it count.

The mean salary expectations – $102,230 per annum


The key responsibilities – Aspiring candidates need proper geological and archaeological training to conduct testing of archaeological ruins. They will have to conduct the recovery of artifacts/human remains catalog and test them, though the learning level is challenging, and one has to be dedicated.

They get the opportunity to work on behalf of a museum or university. Plus, they may even need to note their discovery (with accurate details) and continue researching them further.

The mean salary expectations – $40,000 – $171,000 per annum


The key responsibilities – As a human resource specialist, the key responsibilities include recruiting, motivating, training, and retaining the best candidates for the firm. Besides these job roles, they also have to prepare recruits for leadership roles and function with executive management.

A human resource specialist also develops benefit plans, policies, and compensations. And to be successful in this job role, one needs a Bachelor/Master’s degree in human resources/labor relation/behavioral or social sciences.

The mean salary expectation – $41,000- &72,000 per annum


The key responsibilities – A sales representative’s role is to introduce, promote, and sell products/services using compelling conversations with the customer. They also have to interact with customers via cold calling, maintain positive relationships with them, and resolve customer problems and complaints to improve their overall service satisfaction.

But that’s not all. Companies want their sales representatives to properly analyze the market territory, keep track of the sales, status reports, and coordinate everything with the sales team department. They aim to constantly improve through customer feedback and achieve the set sales target within its schedule.

A sales rep’s role is another one of the top-paying liberal arts degree jobs for aspiring candidates. Plus, one gets the opportunity to function as a sales rep in a wide variety of industries- be it nationally or internationally!

The mean salary expectations – $58,510 –$83,980


The key responsibilities – Being a technical writer means preparing articles, books, blogs, PDFs, stories for journals, newspapers, magazines, televisions, and more. Other than these key roles, a technical writer may also function as a reporter, interviewer. They will also have to pen down facts and regularly generate compelling content for website products and services, advertisements, and other info-media channels.

The demand for quality technical writers is always high. Market forecasters point out their demand will increase by 11% in 2021-2028! This is wonderful news for candidates who aspire to become technical writers. However, to succeed in this demanding job role, candidates with English Majors in journalism or communications/Master’s Degree in fine arts.

A technical writer’s role will be one of the most sought after liberal arts degree jobs for aspiring candidates.

The mean salary expectation – $58,000 –$67,000 per annum


The key responsibilities – As a broadcast news analyst, you will have to accumulate news feeds from different sources and present them engagingly. With that, you will also need to develop lead-ins for other reporters, interview special guests, and even conduct discussions.

As a broadcast news analyst, you will get the scope to work in printing publications, radio, or television broadcasting centers. Students with a degree in liberal arts program(s) can apply for this job role without hesitation.

The mean salary expectation –$89,270 per annum

   08. Fundraiser

Fundraisers plan activities and promotions to generate funds for an agency and other forms of donations. They can also design and increase understanding of an organization’s job, priorities, and financial requirements. They mainly work for a non-profit organization to raise funds.

The key responsibilities- Fundraiser’s main aim is to raise funds. First of all, they have to find potential donors. They create a noticeable fundraising message that catches the eye of potential donors. Through digital advertising, they arrange donation campaigns or events and collect the donor’s record. Finally, contact donors. Sometimes they have to analyze past fundraising events.

There are mainly four types of fundraisers, namely Annual campaign fundraisers, Capital campaign fundraisers, Major-gifts fundraisers, and Planned-giving fundraisers.

For this job, candidates require a bachelor’s degree with verbal competent and organizational abilities. Generally, bachelor degrees in public relations, journalism, communication, English, or business are typically favored by employers.

The mean salary expectations – $55,000

 09. Teacher

This is another job for liberal arts majors. A teacher prepares the curriculum and educates students at all stages. Their responsibilities include homework assignments, arrange a regular test, and analyze progress. Teachers have to teach in a range of subjects and have meaningful lesson plans for students.

The key responsibilities- Create and publish teaching materials, including notes, assessments, and tasks. Take classes in a healthy and constructive atmosphere to ensure that all students learn. Organize interactive lectures and presentations. Communicate regularly with parents and update the progress of the students. Prepare periodical report cards.

A teacher requires a minimum bachelor’s degree in any subject with B.Ed. Degree. Liberal arts programs provide teachers with the skills to pass subject tests. Graduate-level teacher applicants earn higher institutional ranking pay.

The mean salary expectations – $45,000 to $50,000.

 10. Social Worker

Social workers assist people in overcoming their daily life problems. Clinical social workers also identify and manage behavioral, conduct, and emotional problems.

The key responsibilities- Identify those in need of support and neighborhoods. Help people adapt to life changes and problems, including disease, divorce, and poverty. Resolve issues such as child abuse and crises in mental health.

While some social workers require a degree, but clinical social workers need a master’s degree and a 2-year clinical supervision experience after graduation. They must have a good public image.

The mean salary expectations – $35,000 to $55,000.

Kick Start Your Prosperous Career with These Job Options

If you’re having trouble finding a great job with a liberal arts degree, then these top paying career options are worth checking out. They not only pay handsomely but offer you tremendous scope to grow and make a steady livelihood.

Hopefully, this post was useful. More posts are coming up. So stay tuned!