Top 10 Loans for College Students in The USA to Fulfil Your Dream Career

Are you interested in federal student loans or private loans? Do you need guidance for your application? You will get all the required information and guidelines for several useful loans for college students in this article.

Whether you are going to take lessons online or visit the college physically, you will have to manage some ways to pay your college costs. Though Federal loans are the most common and affordable one, sometimes they are not enough for covering your course, and you need to apply for private loans for college. The student must know about the common and useful loans and their details to select the suitable one. Here we will discuss the top 10 such loans for college students in this article. 

Why does College Student need loans?

More than 70% of students in the USA need to borrow a loan to pay their fees at the undergraduate level. Very few of them need the money as a cost of attendance as they have missed the classes. But for most of the students, this aid is much required for completing their studies. 

The US government knows the situation and the need for student loans, so they have come up with federal student aid. Students who have completed the quota for the federal loan have to apply for private loans. They can apply for loans for college for parents as students may be unable to fulfil the eligibility. 

Why choose private student loans for College?

Experts mention that a Federal student loan is the best feasible option for students to cover their college fees. But if you have exhausted the options of a Federal loan, you only have the option of private student loans for college. You need to analyse the loans; the private lending organizations provide comparatively before making a decision. 

You can take the student loans that the private lenders provide in the following circumstances- 

  • You have already exhausted the option of applying to the FAFSA aid, which informs if you are eligible for further loans or not. 
  • Your loan limit has already been borrowed in both subsidized and unsubsidized federal loans. 
  • It would be best to have a co-signer and a good credit score for approval of private loans. If you have them, you can go ahead with the loan applications
  • You are only looking to borrow a specific amount easily and fast. 

Private lending organizations, including banks, provide better options to borrowers. You can apply for a loan as a student, or loans for college parents are also available. You have to fulfil all the eligibility criteria and ensure that you are capable enough to return the money.970x250_trinka_tagline If you have any doubt over loan application procedure, then check “How to apply for student loans?

Top 10 private student loans in the USA

As a US citizen, you have various options available in the section of private loans for college students. Here we discuss some of the private student loans for easy understanding and choice. 

  • Ascent Credit-based co-signed a student loan 

This loan is a perfect choice for students looking for educational loans and co-signers with good credit score. The lender approves the loan based on the applicant’s good credit score (minimum 540) and the co-signed. If you have both of these, you can easily apply. You can also have both fixed and variable interest rates for repaying the amount. 

*** They also provide earn money for students by referring a friend. After assigning with their referral program, a student gets his own referral link. Through his link if any friend gets approval for loan, then you will earn some commission. In these way you can benefitted in two ways from this program.***

  • Sallie Mae Private Student loan 

Sallie Mae is one of the renowned private loan lending companies in the USA. You need to have a minimum credit score of 600+ to get instant approval for a student loan. Both floating and fixed interest rates are available for you to choose from. 

This organisation mainly provides four types of loan program-

  • Undergraduate student loans
  • Career training student loans
  • Graduate student loans
  • Parent loans

Students have to apply for loan, will get the benefit through out the school year. These loans cover all the study expenses required like- tuition, fees, books, housing, meals, travel, electronic gadgets ( tab/laptop) and other also.

  • College AVE Student loan

This is considered one of the best options students can get from private undergraduate loans available in the market. You also get both fixed and floating interest rates to choose from, and the minimum credit score must be 600+. 

The loan procedure is very easy, smooth and user friendly. Students get the access the tools and resources that will help them to analyse and decide about paying college fees. With the flexible repayment options, students can repay their loans depending on their financial situation.

  • Discover Private student loan

The Discover loan company assures the students of no maximum amount. You can apply for any amount required for your college fees through this loan that allows for fixed and variable interest rates. Both parents and students can apply for this, considered as the best loans for college. No data regarding minimum credit score is mentioned yet.

  • Earnest Private Student loan 

Among the various loans for college, Earnest is a lender organization that requires a credit score of 650 minimum to apply for the loan. You can apply with a co-signer for the loan. This also has the option of choosing from the variable and fixed interest rate. 

  • Education Loan finance 

This is another among the loans for college students who approve of the student application if you have a minimum credit score of 680. You also get the option of both fixed and variable rates. Due to continuous changes, the variable rates may increase with time and condition. So, the students must go for fixed rates for safety. 

  • SoFi Private Student loan 

This is another option in parent loans for college. No minimum credit score is not mentioned in their advertisement. But you can get other opportunities, and with your parents, the loan will be approved easily as an applicant. 

  • Common Bond Private student loan 

Apply for this private loan with a minimum credit score of 660. You will get the chance to choose between fixed rates and floating rates. You will also need to provide all the required personal information. 

  • Custom Choice Loan 

You have the opportunity to apply for this private student loan with just a minimum credit score of 625. The maximum amount has a limit of $500. 000. If you are looking for a specific amount, you can apply for this. 

  • U fi Loans 

Nelnet offers this loan and refinancing to the students and parents both for coverage of education. Your loan amount and other personal details must be mentioned in the application. You should also provide details of your co-signer for the application too. 
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How private and federal student loans differ?

Both federal and private student loans are dedicated to helping the students. But the main difference among both of them is the purpose. The Government is trying to help intelligent and deserving students with monetary help, and the private lenders are making more money while providing you loans at a higher interest rate. 

So, you get the free application for federal, and you have to fill up a form to know the eligibility and the type of loan you can have. For private ones, you need to apply with a good credit score. The process of application for federal student is much easier as the eligibility is limited to only your results that the school certified. But you can get a private loan with a poor report card if you have a good credit score and a co-signer to take the responsibility. 

How to repay the loan amount to the lender?

You must not forget that you will have to pay both the capital amount and the interest while repaying. In most private banks, the option of income based repayment is in practice. You get to return the money as per your earning. If you cannot repay within the stipulated time, you can take options like refinancing to make your repayment period longer. You can get more ideas about repayment plans from the consultants.

Being a college student, you can try to do some jobs online. That will help you to repay the loans. Read –Top 13 Remote Jobs for College Students ~Check Out The List. You can try anyone of these idea!


You have multiple options to choose from for covering your college fees at the undergraduate level. You must go through the details before applying for the loan and must provide all the documents required for approval. Federal loan is always available for the students. 

But if you have already used the options, all the private loans for college students are available. If you still need more money to finance the course, you can apply for personal loans also. If you have other queries, you can mention them in the comment section, and we will reach you with the answers.