Is The Manhattan GMAT Prep Good For Test Takers?

Adjusting to the ever evolving GMAT test is quite a challenge for test takers. Manhattan GMAT Prep is happy to help aspirants to secure the top GMAT percentiles with every latest update. They provide world’s leading GMAT instructors to the students. Aspirants get the best knowledgeable resources from Manhattan GMAT prep books.

What is GMAT?

GMAT or the Graduate Management Admission Test is mainly a CAT or computer adaptive test which features questions of

  • Quantitative reasoning
  • Verbal reasoning
  • Analytical writing
  • And Integrated reasoning

This GMAT is a mandatory exam which students wanting to enrol into a business school graduate management program like an MBA program.

  • As per the 2019 report, there are approximately over 200,000 students who take the GMAT test.
  • Moreover, this mandatory admission test takes place at 650 different test centres across 114 countries across the sphere.

Is GMAT Tough?

This is a very common question which every potential test taker wants to know. Truth be told, like any competitive exam, the GMAT too comes with its unique set of challenges. In fact, since this is a CAT, it will feature increasingly tougher questions to its students as they progress through a section. The same applies for its other sectional questions too!

Perhaps, this is what makes GMAT such a tricky exam to crack. However, it is by no means impossible.

This is especially since students can always use the Manhattan GMAT practice questions to understand the question type, recognise their strengths and weaknesses and improve on their baseline GMAT score.

This post will discuss more on the adequacy of Manhattan prep course for respective test takers.

So, continue reading!

What Makes the Manhattan GMAT Prep Courses So Good?


  • The Manhattan GMAT courses consist of lots of practice tests and questions to work with. And the best part of them is that they appear in the exact format as in the real GMAT papers.

By working with them during your prep schedule; you can easily familiarize yourself with what style of GMAT questions you can expect in each of its sections. Knowing the test format beforehand is an important aspect of your test prep.

With the use of Manhattan GMAT prep courses, you can practice as much as you can till

  • You completely get comfortable with the paper pattern
  • The type of questions
  • And the best ways to solve them without taking too much time
  • The Manhattan GMAT review helps maximize your study time. It reinforces your skills via a combination of practice exercises, online mock test papers, practicing papers similar to the real test and in-class lessons from top GMAT instructors.

Get to Know Some Important Facts About GMAT Online Exam

Speciality of Exercises of each chapter

Each of these exercises intends to help you determine your key areas of improvement and introduce different coursework with the next-level of difficulty to make you ready for anything. In addition, you can even test their mastery over different GMAT sections using easily accessible online problems featuring questions from all sections.

Furthermore, each GMAT course lesson will feature the following aspects.

  • Review-orient fundamental GMAT course concepts via proper skill-enhancing exercises
  • Real-time test taking strategies from instructors and useful tips and tricks to apply concepts to both online mock test samples as well as for the real test
  • An overview of GMAT latest changes, topic progressions (from the easy to the toughest) and sorted out effective GMAT prep for students to follow and achieve improvements in their scores. In fact, you may even come across a 5 stimulated GMAT mock test arrangement to properly gauge your performance as you get closer to the big day!
  • In addition to these- the Manhattan GMAT prep guide also includes studying tips, ways to stick to it and achieve optimal preparation for the big day.

Students will get real-time suggestions on when to take the test and to properly carve out enough time for preparing everything!

FOR TEST TAKERS – Feel Free to Use The Manhattan Prep Complete GMAT Strategy Guide!

Hailing as the official GMAT guide, the Manhattan GMAT (10 book) bundle is perfect for you to acquire substantial learning and develop their skills, problem solving abilities and strategic thinking capabilities.

This GMAT bundle consists of 1-year subscription of countless practice tests and online study resources.

It Also Features In-Depth Coverage Of Each Of The Following Concepts.

  • Reading Comprehension
  • Fractions, Decimals, and Percents; Algebra
  • Number Properties
  • Word Problems; Geometry
  • Sentence Correction
  • Critical Reasoning
  • Integrated Reasoning and Essay


  • This special Manhattan GMAT prep guide provides attention to each section, thus allowing you in-depth understanding of all content spectrum
  • The book is crafted by top-GMAT scorers and appropriately mirrors the in-tutor prep courses which are recognized very highly throughout
  • This 10 book bundle also features access to 6 long-length CAT mock tests which recreate the actual test-day conditions for students. And working with them is certainly one effective way to get comfortable with the format and structure ahead of the real thing.
  • Furthermore, students will even get answer hints and solving techniques mentioned to refer and adapt accordingly for similar question types.

FINAL VERDICT – Manhattan GMAT Prep Guide Is Indeed Useful For Test Takers!

If you must know, there is no secret formula to succeed in your GMAT. And neither are there any magical test-prep guides which guarantee sure-shot success.

Rather, the effort you put down in preparing for the course is what determines your success. Considering the vast amount of GMAT prep guides available, each of them are good and useful in their respective way.

And keeping this generalized notion in mind, the same can be said for Manhattan GMAT prep guide.

That said, it has most certainly aided countless test-takers get their desired GMAT scores. And if you choose to study with it and work hard throughout your study schedule, then success will come to you as well.

(Special Mentioning)

You should also think of taking up online GMAT classes to further enhance your knowledge and improve your chances of getting your dream score.

After all, every little bit of help can make a potential difference in the end.

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